Solar Being: The Process is Underway

Dear brothers of this beautiful planet! I am Animan. The Solar Being.

I am not here today alone, there is a large team of solar beings next to me, and at this moment, all of us are emanating much Love and much Light for the inhabitants of this planet. Your planet is flooded, totally flooded by the light of the Central Sun of Alcyon. The frequencies become stronger and stronger. So what is the point of each of us emanating more energy?

Your planet is immense and it needs to be cleansed, it needs to be uplifted. All the energy that comes from Alcyon is absorbed by your planet, for your own ascension process, for the cleansing of your oceans. Not a physical cleansing, as you imagine, but the cleansing of all the negativity that you have cast into these places; the cleansing of your soil, the cleansing of your air.

Of course, the light of Alcyon is very powerful, and it reaches every inhabitant of this planet as well. But what is more immense? In relation to you, your planet is immeasurable, it is very large, so all the Light that arrives passes through each one of you and penetrates the surface of your planet, enveloping the entire earth’s crust in a big ball of bright Light.So when each of us releases our own energy onto the planet, it’s an energy that doesn’t penetrate the surface of the planet, it stays on the surface and with that, it manages to form another layer of light within the larger layer, but a layer of little height because you are not that tall.

So it’s as if a big wave of energy is going around the whole surface of the planet, embracing every human being. So it is important, yes, that we do this work.

We are very light beings, we are very powerful beings, and we don’t need to be thousands or millions of beings to cause this action on your surface. Each one of us is capable of covering a very big piece of the earth’s surface of your planet. Remember, you are not in the oceans, you are only on the earth, and you are not everywhere. So yes, we can attack every inhabited spot on this planet with Light. Not only us, there are many teams from many places in the universe, who are here for the same purpose.

And why don’t you feel the result of this Light? I could say that the result is there, that everyone is being changed in their own way, everyone is awakening in their own way. There is not one awakening, all at the same level, some awaken faster, others take longer, and all of this is very dependent on the habits and customs that each being walks on this planet. The more contaminated a body, the more contaminated a heart, the more difficult is the awakening. Because that being does not let go of the pleasures and ephemeral things that the Third Dimension offers.

But many are feeling the change. Many don’t understand, don’t understand why they suddenly start thinking differently. Like a warmth in the chest, a feeling of goodness, of love without size that almost doesn’t fit inside the chest, and they wonder why they are feeling this. They don’t understand, they don’t comment, because they are afraid of other people’s opinions, of being called crazy, and they may even get some not very pleasant reactions from those around them.

So many beings are living this process in a very isolated, sad way, I would even say, because they would really like to shout to the world how happy they are feeling with so much love in their hearts. But they keep quiet, they cancel themselves out for fear of what might come around. We have talked a lot about the “Great Awakening”. This “Great Awakening” will in fact be the knowledge of all, of this whole process, and then those who today are overwhelmed, sad, afraid to shout, to speak out, will be able to run out and shout at will, without being called crazy. Because everyone will know, everyone will know that the Light has arrived on the planet, everyone will know that there is no more place for lies, for enslavement, for manipulation.

On this day all this will end, it will end because the truths will come out. But don’t expect everything to come out all at once either. We can say that if this happened it would not be good for the planet, because it would be chaos in everyone’s hearts. So it is necessary that things come gradually, little by little, so that each person gets used to the idea, so that each human being understands exactly what we are showing, so that there is no wave of revolt and attempts to silence our voice, in an abrupt and violent way.

Everything will happen gradually. This was the way found by your Masters, by those who are leading this great process, so that there is no violent reaction, nor a disastrous one in the minds of all of you. Love is the driving force of this whole process, and every action is tested thousands of times on the time lines, so that the least possible reaction is found. It is an exhausting job, of great planning, but with all the Light that comes to this planet, it is being done successfully.

Every step that has been taken up to this point, has been a victory, has been a necessary step, and the result has been exactly as planned. So everything is already happening. Don’t expect everything to come all at once. The changes are already happening. You don’t know about it, because the manipulation doesn’t allow the news to flow, but it is already happening. Some leaders of your planet are no longer who they were, they are already our representatives, you just don’t know it. But you will know, soon enough.Many will be surprised, many will revolt, many will say: “Oh, I knew it”, because they feel in their hearts that it is not a Being of Light there, it is one of the representatives of those who manipulated the human race here. But they are being changed little by little, without fanfare, without wars, without anybody noticing. And when we get to the end, there will be no reaction whatsoever, because everyone will have been exchanged, and without any kind of retaliation against any inhabitant of this planet.

Nobody knows who has been exchanged, nobody knows who is no longer a representative. Remember, those who are still on its surface, are not souls of those who came here. They are puppets, they are manipulated souls, because the great souls are gone; there are very few left, still here, originating from those people who came here. The rest still suffer the influence and the manipulation, so they don’t have the ability to look at the other and realize that they have been changed or not.

Only the originals have this ability, and they are being very well observed and led to what we want. Your planet is almost free, and all that is needed is to change human minds. Minds that have been accustomed to the customs and pleasures that were presented to them, and that will understand that they were not for their own good. But those who want to remain this way will leave the planet.

All this I have said here will not happen overnight, it will be a long process. The cleansing of the planet will not happen quickly; cleansing I speak of, of the inhabitants of the planet who do not want to follow the path of Light. Because the cleansing of those who manipulated, yes, it is being done, and it will be over very soon, there will be no more representatives of them here, they will all have been removed.

So just trust in the work of the Light. Nothing appears, nothing happens, as many say, because you don’t want to see it. Because if you want to see the truth, just open your heart and ask, “Show me the truth of what is happening!” And be assured that it will come to each of you.

**Channel: Vania Rodriguez

**Translation to English by


12 Replies to “Solar Being: The Process is Underway”

  1. Mikkel Kaastrup

    Alcyone, the Central Sun, is the brightest star in the Constellation of the Pleiades, see
    Other astronomical sources: and tells us that “Alcyone is located at around 440 light-years / 136 parsecs away from the Sun. The blue-white star has around 6 solar masses, or 600% the sun’s mass. When it comes to its radius, Alcyone has 9.3 solar radii or 930% the Sun’s radius. Thus, Alcyone is more than 10 times the size of the Sun.”
    This is a BIG star, guys. All stars are huge cosmic beings, but a star the size of Alcyone is clearly more powerful than our own Sun. So if beings from this star are here to help the Earth, that means we are getting POWERFUL help. Thank and praise God, for we need that. That Alcyone is the Central Star of a huge area has always been taught in Theosophy. This message was so wonderful and uplifting, I’ve saved it – and spent some time contacting this wonderful solar being.

  2. Douglas A James

    Alcyone central sun…each solar system orbits around this central sun…makes perfect sense we orbit around our local sun.. whatever you call it…life started closer to the central sun…earth is on the outter rim of the galaxy …last to be liberated.. souls are birthed via central sun…new age is really just forgotten truth …not new …it’s ancient teachings attacked by modern draconian archon created religions that convinced people of sin and eternal hell…now that’s new age BS…

  3. Namiskuukkeli

    Elena Danaan : ALCYONE CENTRAL SUN is a nonsense. Alcyone is a very young star in the Pleiades cluster, approximately 440 light-years from us. It is in fact a very near distance, and it is located in the same galactic arm as we are. The Pleiades are a neighbor star cluster that have formed within the last 100 million years. It is very young, if we consider that our solar system was formed about 4.6 billion years ago and our galaxy 13.6 billion years ago. So no, the star Alcyone is not at the center of the galaxy, and we are not either revolving around it. The center of our galaxy is a crowded place: a black hole weighing 4 million times as much as our Sun is surrounded by millions of stars whipping around it at breakneck speeds. This extreme environment is bathed in intense ultraviolet light and X-ray radiation. Yet much of this activity is hidden from our view, obscured by vast swaths of interstellar dust. So to resume: the “Alcyone Central Sun” myth is another New Age invention.

    1. Louis

      First, we have the souls from Alcyone star system incarnated into human bodies, think about this: How could it be possible to have Alcyone starseed without Alcyone energy embodies here? Second, Central Sun is a metaphor, it means 5th dimensional sun. We humans are multidimensional, our 5th dimensional self, is Pleiadian self, who is the central star in Pleades? en? Third, You probabely learnt the knowledge that we are seeded by Pleiadians long time ago. How could you say you dont have Alcyone energy with the fact that Alcyone energy is fully influencing everthing there? Last, Elena and other channelers have their own versions of reality, there are other reality that can prove Alcyone is the Central Sun. Be open-minded. There are much older suns resolving very young stars because their former star gets supernova, which changed older suns’ orbit.

    2. Mutoidi

      So are you saying that the Great Mayan Culture were ‘wrong’ in their understandings?

      They refer to our Galactic Centre as ‘The Great Central Sun’.

      They refer to Alcyon(e) as ‘The Central Sun’ – because our entire Solar System (our local Sun & all it’s Planets, including Earth) DO orbit Alcyon(e) – approximately once every 26,000 years!

      On December 21st 2012, our planet, our Sun, Alcyon(e), and the Galactic Centre were all in direct alignment – Conjunct.
      This only happens once every 26,000 years – which is therefore technically, one ‘year’ for our own Sun.

      That alignment initiated the closing of one great cycle, and the opening of a New Cycle – the one we are beginning to experience now – and the entry of our Sun into it’s ‘6th World’ of being!

      Please enjoy it all! <3

      1. Louis

        Not wrong. All of them are simutinously existing there even if they look like contradicted. The universe is big, you cant use Earth Physics and Spirituality to measure Cosmos because other areas may follow their Physics and Spirituality. In this case, we have Alcyone energy. Mayans, African Zulus, Chinese Dragon Taoists all have their versions of understandings about Cosmos. I hope our people, when they see seemingly contradicted understandings, say ‘ yeah, right, from another perspective. Ok, fine’ then they move on. That’s the attitude to peace and harmony. We will have E.T.s Physics and Spirituality after open contact. This is just a preface and pretest to see how much we can include those different understandings, and the possibility to accept ETs version. Be open-minded.

    3. Geoff Turner

      Where do you get your information, is it NASA or a textbook?

      Why do you so fervently believe what you have written when the information you have referenced comes from untrustworthy sources?

    4. Mikkel Kaastrup

      Many spiritual people confuse spiritual reality with physical reality. You’re very right about the astronomical facts you quote. Alcyone as a central Sun is a spiritual reality that has to do with its consciousness aspect – which can only be sensed with spiritual or psychic senses. The physical senses only register the dense physical world and cannot – can never – see the consciousness within.

      1. harrrrrie

        There’s a black hole at the Milky Way center. Alcyon is our central sun because of what it is designated to do, support our sun, Earth and us.