Life Tapestry Creations: Your Gift to the Universes

Dear Ones,

Instead of believing you must do or should be something, allow yourself to flow into yourself.

Of course, flowing into yourself has long been part of your new you theme.

The difference is you are no longer fighting against the wavesYou no longer need to force yourself to be. Your current flow is so much easier than has been true in the past. As if you passed the point where the differences between what could be and what is are no longer disconnected.

You are in the flow. A flow that insists that you be you – whether that be sad, proud, angry, joyful, or peaceful. It does not matter. All that matters is allowing yourself to flow with your inner currents, including those pieces where you must address someone or something, or you will seemingly burst – only to return to stasis after the storm.

Many of you believe new you can only be displayed in love and joy and that your more unpleasant emotions should be eliminated. You have not discarded any emotions. Joy and love are now merely dominant.

You selected the earth as a home planet to experience emotions. To allow the beauty of the earth to calm your being. And to allow the seldom experienced Universal emotions of anger and fear to become part of you. Love and joy are dominant Universal themes. Themes you are returning to now that you feel comfortable with fear and anger.

By allowing yourself to integrate fear and anger into your being through eons of earth experiences, you added to the Universal capabilities. Not that you must feel fear and anger while of the earth or in any other Universal environment, but by being of the earth, you expanded the knowledge and colors of the Universes.

You likely believe the Universes would be better without fear and anger. Such is true from your current viewpoint as you attempt to eradicate those emotions from the major earth theme that has played for eons. In hindsight, you will understand the value of adding fear and anger to your paintbox of colors. For if art was only allowed colors representing love and joy, you would miss the vibrancy of grays, dark blues, brown, and other hues.

Through your eons of fear, you have added Universal dimensions that expanded all of the Universes.

Yet, no earthling is willing to forgo colors, like gray, a color so many displayed in their homes in the recent past.

Not only have you shifted yourself and the earth from fear to love and joy, but you also added Universal depth by authenticating other emotions. Broadening your palate of emotions/colors allows more intensity within every Universal entity. And you have done so despite your fears, anger, and often ongoing feeling that you have done something wrong.

It is time to celebrate you and your accomplishments.

To add depth and breadth to the Universes, you lived through your earthly fears.

Previously, the earth was a Universal destination accessed for emotional experiences. You formalized those earth emotions through eons of reviewing how multiple emotions could best fit in with the accepted Universal expressions of love and joy. And you did so by sacrificing yourself and your joy.

You tested this fear and that anger. You covered your love with hate. You stamped down your joy with depression. And so it went, eon after eon of discovering the combination that would best expand Universal emotional knowledge with touches of fear and anger. You have completed that task for yourself and, therefore, the Universes.

Do not fret. Even though you might experience deep anger or fear as you wade through some of your eons of fear and anger experiences, you will now always return to the dominant colors of joy and love. This Universal experiment is over. And the Universal color palate has greatly expanded because of your efforts.

Kudos to you all – including those who wish to remain of 3D. The Universal color palate is enhanced far beyond what you or anyone believed possible before entering the earth in the beginning. You expanded the Universes by being you lifetime after earth lifetime, including this life. Bravo and more loving accolades than you can imagine. You have gifted depth to the Universes. So be it. Amen.

**Channel: Brenda Hoffman


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