Sent on a Mission

In the grand scheme of things, what’s taking place now is just a blip. But for most of us, it seems like an endless process, because we’ve been at this for our whole lives. Quite literally, we’ve been working to shift the energy since we were young. As we grow in awareness we can see that. We were creating from the get-go.

I can look back now and see the ways I was holding the energy, even tho I didn’t know it. As a kid I definitely felt like I had come to a strange land, ended up in a strange family, and was trying my best to fit into a lot of stuff that didn’t make sense. We arrived on Earth with our high-frequency energy and the ability to do things that other people said were not possible. And yet we knew they were.

We were highly intuitive, we were super sensitive, we could fly, we could create. But until now, it wasn’t time for all that exquisite cosmic ability. We had to, as my mom used to say, hold our horses.

What a perfect expression, in that horses represent power. We were the harbingers of the new time, and we came in the ‘40s, ‘50s, ‘60s, ‘70s, ‘80s, ‘90s. More are still arriving. We came with a job to do and we went to work. We’ve been dedicated and diligent.

And a major shift is imminent.

We are so close to big things happening because of the level of the divide now between the old and the new. It’s becoming more difficult to get things done in 3D. It’s no longer our milieu.

We are so close to big things happening because of the level of the divide now between the old and the new.

In my young life, I wanted a horse, but never got one. One day, however, a horse showed up in my yard in the town where I lived. I was about 16. My prayers had been answered.

While I was out talking to the horse, my mother called our local police to let them know. “Couldn’t you at least wait an hour,” I asked her. But no, she wanted to let whoever had lost the horse know. And sure enough, about a half hour later, a middle-aged couple showed up.

By then I was riding the horse. There was no saddle or bridle, but I climbed on and was riding around our large yard. When the couple arrived, they were astonished and they just watched. The horse had never been ridden. It was their family pet, they explained.

It made me think about how horses are “broken” so that we can ride them. I never liked that idea and never believed it. How about letting a horse choose to give you a ride because it wants to? I realize now, we were broken too. We were broken so we would agree to all the nonsense of the system, and it’s taken us years to put ourselves back into wholeness. It’s time now for every living creature to move into wholeness. We are all equals. It is time to come into balance with the natural world.

We’ve worked so hard to come to this moment. Let us now hold the space for the shift. However it happens, however it looks, inside of us, we know what to do. We came with the tools. Just get ready to use them. We know how to do it, just like we knew how to ask a horse for a ride or fly or talk to the trees or get a download. We just know. It’s part of our power as divine creators sent on a mission to create a New Earth. We came with what we needed to have. And it’s inside us, ready to use.

**By Terry Andrews


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