The Telosians: Renewal of the Whole Earth Through you

We greet you dear children of the Earth. A long time ago we spoke to you about the evolution of humanity in its most beautiful and luminous state. When we say “a long time ago” it means that since time immemorial for you, we were in contact with humans, their divine beings, even if the human was not aware of what it was.

Indeed, for a very…very long time in your earthly time, we have always accompanied each incarnated soul in order to gradually make them understand who they really are and, above all, to instill in them the reason for their successive incarnations on this planet.

As you know, you have all incarnated, for eons for some of you, in order to evolve in Love and to bring this Love, the most Beautiful, the most Luminous that is to the Earth itself and to all that lives on its soil.

You can thus understand how important your conscious presence of your divinity on this planet is. Everything that you are currently seeing develop within you, this increasingly clear understanding of the divine being that you really are, is spreading energetically over the whole Earth and also over everything that lives on it, whether it be nature, animals, or minerals.

Your current evolution becomes the renewal of the whole Earth in its smallest part. Your current evolution gives life back to the Earth just as the Earth itself transmits to you what it is becoming: a being in full energetic evolution, which, contained in the galaxy, receives from the latter very powerful energies of evolution, renewal and rebirth.

As you can see, everything is linked, nothing is separate. From your earthly being to the galaxy, everything is contained in the greatest, most magnificent Energy of Life, that of our Creator. We ourselves are like you in perpetual evolution that nothing can stop because the Creative Energy evolves unceasingly, is infinite, and transmits this infinity to all that already exists of which you are.

You understand then that what you are living now, all these upheavals in you and around you, are the result of this infinite evolution. There comes a time when everything needs to be unified in Love and Pure Light. This is what you are in the process of acquiring through all kinds of disturbances that are occurring in and around you.

It is, as we have already told you, the Purification, the Great Purification that affects the whole Earth, every continent and every human being. But this Purification is also taking place at the galactic level. For you this is quite incomprehensible but it is so. There is a repercussion of this Purification from the whole of your universe, towards your galaxy, towards the Earth and towards yourselves.

It is important to understand that the Immense Creator Universe is also “cleansing” itself of that which can hinder its continual evolution. Of course, we know that you do not really understand how Life beyond your earthly veil works, but know that the Immense Creator Universe contains you, gives you life and cannot evolve in growing Love without you evolving in the same way.

We wanted to help you understand why you have been experiencing so many disturbances of all kinds for the past few years on earth and especially this year. It is good to understand that everything is connected, as we keep repeating, that what happens in the farthest reaches of all the universes has an impact on your life on earth and on your planet Earth.

We know that this message will make you ask many questions about the immensity of Life, of the Great Life, the One towards which you are moving more and more: the Great Life of Pure Light, of Pure Love, of Peace and Serenity that you call so much in your thoughts and in your hearts.

Accompanying you with all our Love we wish you to live in Peace consciousness this beautiful journey towards Pure Light.

We love you.

**Channel: Marie Josée Andichou


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