Daily 777 for 9/28/2022

The Starseeds on Earth marvel at the “ascended masters”, and the higher dimensional beings. But it is they, the higher dimensional beings, ascended masters, the angelic realms, that stand on the edge of their seats watching you in awe, and wondering where does your power come from to be able to maneuver through and withstand the hardships of the third dimensional reality. ~Kejraj

6 Replies to “Daily 777 for 9/28/2022”

  1. Jeanmarie Trice

    Many here, including myself, have been deemed “insane” by family members. Knowing that y’all are up there watching each of us in this process of Awakening is encouraging and gives me hope that one moment in time… I will feel strong living arms holding me. It’s been tong since a deep sincere hug has been felt around these shoulders and heart. I am looking forward to meeting you face to face, soul to soul, with Love, Compassion to heal all that lives and btreathes on Earth. It’s past time for a fantastically amazing family reunion!

  2. Kat

    This 3d is tough, I say I’m sorry all the time to these Beings of Light helping us because I’m always calling on them, I’m sure I bug them lol. I am in awe of these wonderful Divine Light Beings that are always with me. Thank you for your messages

  3. Kim

    Thank you for the uplifting comment. I have moments of struggle, most especially resolving guilt when I do not follow my intuition/internal knowing; I get angry with myself. I find it interesting that I have less struggle resolving guilt from ego-based mistakes/poor choices.