Operation 4th Universe Part 10-1

Among the first operations with Monads was their recovery from infertility and the rebuilding of the entire Monadic Tree. What are these phenomena? And why these ops were the first priority?

As DNI narrated earlier (see- Operation in Germany, Part 2, and in Our Monad, Part 1), the development of the Monad is in many ways similar to human evolution. The Monad springs up as a result of the fusion and fertilization of two Foundations in their highest manifestation, is conceived and born by the Female Androgynous Logos of the Universe.

The act of creation occurs similarly with the birth of many small fish from the eggs. Fertilized and hatched eggs – the embryos of future Monads – ripen in the womb of the mother, after which it erupts outwards. The birth is not a single one, but in a group. This is how Monadic Families (Streams) appear.

There are 108 such Families in our Local Universe. Of these, 107 are evolutionary Monads, and one – 108th Monadic Stream – is created. How do they differ?

Evolutionary Monads developed from simple to complex. First, they manifest in the form of an atom, and then successively pass through all levels and worlds: mineral, vegetable, animal, human.

After the level of the Perfect Man, such Monads continue their evolution in energy form in Planetary, Stellar, Galactic, Metagalactic, Universal and other Logos. All these levels have a lot of intermediate hierarchical steps. Our Monads are now about halfway along this path.

Created Monads (108th Stream) are born ALREADY perfect, as an ideal androgyne. Their minimum evolutionary task is to stay at that level, to prevent degradation and loss of their higher qualities.

The Monads of Creation are embodied as Perfect People who have never been atoms, plants or animals, and may become Stars in the future.

There is another category of Monads, whose representatives are called The Chosen Ones in the Bible. These are 144,000 Monads, born in the Pleroma (see Part 10).

Like humans, Monads come into being, grow up, reach reproductive age, maturity, and aging, although, under the latter, we understand different thing.

The human Monads (like Perfect Man) were created by the Source as an equal helper in building worlds and life. Its idea was realized through Monad-generation or Monad-singling out.

This means that all human Monads, except born in the Pleroma and the 108th (Monads of Creation), had to give birth to their Monads upon reaching reproductive age. And representatives of the 108th Stream must produce entire Monadic Families.

Former Black Co-Creator of the Local Universe thwarted these plans. In an effort to capture the Pleroma, to depose its Supreme Hierarchs and the Absolute, he committed another grave crime: the sterilization of the Monads of Creation (108th Stream). As a result, they have completely lost the ability to give birth not only to new Families, but even to individual Monads.

The same fate befell the evolutionary Monads. Black Co-Creator deprived them of reproducibility in another, no less insidious way. Imagine a sown field that has been stopped watering and completely isolated from the Sun. In such conditions, can the grains germinate and yield a harvest?

That’s what Black Co-Creator did. With the help of karma, he cut off the human Monads from the Source’s Light, Its Life-Giving Energy of Love.

Gigantic volumes of accumulated and radiated karma, like a thick dense veil, have been blocking the Light of the Source for thousands of years. Monads couldn’t mature in such conditions, and did not reach reproductive age. It’s similar to a forty-year-older, who cannot give birth to kids because his body is still in childhood age.

This situation was very painful for the Absolute and Co-Creators: it derailed their Divine Evolutionary Plan. Human Monads were doomed to gradual extinction, although in the distant, by earthly standards, future. It’s as if children suddenly stopped being born on Earth, and eventually all of humanity would disappear.

Not only for the 4th, but also for the current Local Universe, this was a completely unacceptable. It became absurd after the return of Black Co-Creator to the Light Side and the restoration of his former status in the Pleroma.

For the healing of human Monads from infertility, a comprehensive plan was developed. In addition to removing the remnants of accumulated karma, which blocks access to the Light of the Source and the Absolute, a separate op aimed at the treatment of the Monads’ core.

It was a very risky operation. In case of failure, it could lead to the Monad’s death. Therefore, Co-Creators decided, first, to test it on volunteers. They were 12 members of the ground team, who, by the way, are representatives of different Monadic Families. At that time, Lightwarriors had a bad idea in what they would participate, but having a very strong motivation, they agreed.

During the op, which lasted seven days, Co-Creators implanted the Absolute’s Primary Cell Matrix into the core of the Lightwarriors’ Monads. This Matrix, known as the Flower of Life, brought each Monad (its nucleus and manifestation bodies) into an ideal state, restoring their reproductivity.

For the whole week, Lightwarriors couldn’t get out of bed, because all their Life Energy was spent on continuing the operation. They barely maintained the vital activity of their physical body.

There were surprises. A spiral-shaped firmware, blocking the reproductive function, was found in the core of the Monads. An analogue of IUD. The implant was immediately removed and the infertility of the Monad was completely cured.

The surprises didn’t end there.

The experiment involved Monads and their carriers, which were cosmic dipoles (unified Feminine and Masculine Foundations). Therefore, the natural course of events was mutual fertilization at the Spiritual level by the causal and heart aspects of dipole Monads.

The maturation (gestation) of new Monads in the female dipole maternal Monad occurred very quickly, since its reproductive resources have never been used. And the next step was a triumph – the birth of the first human Monads in Earth’s history not directly by the Source’s Act of Creation, but from Its Creations – Monads cured of infertility.

More importantly, not individual Monads appeared, but an entire Family. It received the 144th serial number. That’s how many Monadic Streams have to be in the Local Universe at the moment. Due to artificial infertility, there were only 108 of them. This means that in the near future the number of Monads needed to fill 36 Families, born or created.

Now, the new Monads are under the supervision of Co-Creators, but receive the Life Energy exclusively from (through) their parents, incarnated on Earth. Not long ago, few could believe in such a thing, even Higher Light Hierarchs. That proves once again the Divine origin of Man and his truly unlimited capabilities when he is in unity and creates with the Source.

In the course of the events described above, a unique evolutionary experience was gained. Lightwarriors could observe the Great Mystery of the new Monads’ Creation.

In addition, the group got unique knowledge about the higher nature of the Flower of Life Matrix, which is the graphic code of the ideal Monad. During the experiment described above, Co-Creators installed it into the Lightwarriors’ Monads. As it turned out, the previous Matrix had distortions, put by Archons.

By the way, the well-known drawing of Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man is actually a Mandala of a Perfect Man. In the holographic version, on the one side, it depicts a man, and on the other, a woman, as a unity of the creative Foundations of the Universe.

The next operation of Co-Creators was the rebuilding of the Monadic Tree, which embedded all Light, Gray and Dark Monads, although it was created solely to maintain the life of human Monads. This hierarchical structure did not even have a permanent connection to a Single Source of Life Energy in the Local Universe.

The op’s objective was the Absolutization (bringing to Perfection) of all human Monads. At the first stage, it was planned to transform some Monads to the level of born in the Pleroma (Perfect Man) and others to the Pleroma-like (Absolute Man).

Co-Creators instructed the head of the ground team to prepare the first group, and his deputy – the second. Then, both Monadic Streams are combined into a new Single Monadic Tree, to which new Families will be added as they come into being.

The old Tree was “cut down by the root”. At the same time, the Pleroma’s Hierarchs shared responsibility for the “orphaned” Monadic streams care, which were left without the energy of their parents – Black Co-Creator and many of his Hierarchs who switched to the Light Side.

All these Monads were mortal, since they couldn’t generate by their core the Monadic Light, the highest Life Energy. In this, they differed from the immortals, which provide selves with energy on their own, because vital synthesis is going on in its nuclei.

Now, the Pleroma’s Hierarchs supply energy to the mortal Monads. For that, Co-Creators use a temporary dipole Logos, which core consists of their particles, and reconnected the patronized Monadic Streams to it. Support will continue until their Absolutization. How will this happen in practice?

This operation is also divided into stages. For the Absolutization of the Monad, it needs to have a single manifestation body. Most of them are primitive and consist of physical, etheric, astral, mental, karmic (causal) and several Monadic bodies. In fact, this is the extreme phase of the decay, followed by Monad’s self-destruction.

Even the highest human Monads during the incarnation on our planet eventually loose Radiant and Causal bodies, which degenerates into an astral-mental structure. Of course, this is “helped” by 3D Earth. During the Cosmic Night and endless space wars, a its Single Radiant Body disintegrated into an astral-mental form.

The scheme of man’s Absolutization, regardless of his Monad version, looks like this. First, his astral-mental structure is transformed, replaced by a Single Light Body.

In parallel, a person has to completely free self from all karma and form a Single Radiant Body. Simultaneously, the core of his Causal Body is rebooted, where karma accumulated earlier.

The next step is a short-term folding of both Bodies into a Monad, reloading and unfolding, but in a new evolutionary quality, with a single Subtle and Causal Body.

But man is still imperfect, because karma still rests in his Monad. And the Monad itself is imperfect, and some species are mortal. Its transformation is the next, last, stage of Absolutization and Ascension.

The efficiency of the vital energy of the Monad, which has the astral-mental structure of the manifestation body, is from 25 to 40%; of its Light Body – from 70 to 90%; and of single manifestation body – 99-100%.

A person with an astral and mental body loses from 60 to 75% of his Monadic energy, because it couldn’t reach in full his physical corpus. With a Radiant structure, the loss is reduced to 10-30%, and with a single manifestation body – from 1% to zero.

At the same time, there are two types of the latter: of orb type and a cellular spherical one. In the first case, the loss of the Life Energy emitted by the Monad is zero, and in the second, it fluctuates within 1% due to a slight “friction” between the cells.

A person of the degrading Fifth Race has a defective astral-mental structure. The men of new, Sixth Race have two, a Light and Radiant Bodies; and in Seventh Race people will get a single manifestation body.

Similarly, the number of helices of the DNA Matrix differs. A person of the Fifth Race has 2 active of them, of the Sixth – 6, and of the Seventh – 12. But it was like that before. Recently, the DNA Matrix was transformed first to a 24-helical version, and then was Absolutized to a 144-strands Pleroma-like pattern.

Co-Creators rearrange DNA according to the following scheme. In the semi-Radiant state of the physical corpus, 6 spirals are activated; in men with a Radiant Body – 12 spirals; with a Radiant Causal Body – 24; with a Radiant Monadic Body – 144.

Since the current, 3rd Local Universe is coming to an end, and the next, 4th, is being prepared, the Pleroma Supreme Hierarchs decided to accelerate the earthlings’ evolution and, if possible, to accelerate the transition to the Sixth Race. It is only an intermediate between the outgoing Fifth Race and the Perfect Seventh.

For that purpose, Co-Creators tested a new DNA program for the framing of Monad’s single manifestation body in a cellular spherical form. Lightwarriors were again in the role of test subjects.

The main load was taken over by the leader of the ground team, who took a tested program into his 3D body. At the same time, the ability of his Monad to steadily emit Absolutized Light, as the Hierarchs of the Pleroma do, was checked.

The experiment lasted whole night, during which the Monad was artificially brought to the Absolutized state, and was left this way to see if it itself, without external help, could hold on to this level.

The miracle did not happen. Under conditions of 3D Earth, after a few hours, the synthesis of Absolutized Light stopped and “faded” to a stable emanation of a Monadic Pleroma-like glow.

A few days later, the experiment was repeated. Unfortunately, a new attempt wasn’t crowned with success as well. The Lightwarrior’s Monad couldn’t withstand extremely high frequencies and began to disintegrate. For the team head, it threatened a slow, painful death.

Immediately, his group members came to the rescue. By their Monads, they pumped the Life Energy into the Lightwarrior’s Monadic core, stopping its dying. Almost simultaneously, the Pleroma’s Supreme Hierarchs intervened, who quickly restored the Monad to its normal state.

Despite the failure, the test provided the most valuable material for analysis and became an important preparation for the next operation – the creation of an Absolute-like human Monad.

**By Lev