Re-evaluation, Re-invent

With the immense shifts which are happening in acceleration upward motions now, so much will be churned up, which will need out attention, so that we will finally master the collective lessons, and now see what went wrong in the Old Earth, and now will need to re-invent the new, without repeating the wrongs of the past.

I see this as the highest degrees of Soul Mastery, for even as you re-evaluate what you need to finally let go of and to now embrace in a new and much higher dimensional state, you are mastering the lessons for the collective.

Nowhere will this come the fore, and our relationships with others, and more than this, our relationships with Mother Earth herself, and all sentient beings living upon her, within her, visible and invisible, and this includes all the Kingdoms, the animal, bird, plant, Trees, mineral and elementals kingdoms, the ocean kingdoms – all life and life forms, visible and invisible.

As our own consciousness rises, we can now communicate with all these kingdoms, whereas before we could not, mainly because we had sunk lower than the animals, and forgotten how to listen to their messages, and to communicate with them, except for those who lived near the earth, and who still retained these abilities. Here I think of the San Bushmen, who communicated with all Beings, and indeed respected them, as their DNA indeed is the oldest of all human species and goes back to more than 200,000 years.

So often the so-called civilized, looked down on these people, for they believed them to be primitive, but in so being, they were merely ignorant of the fact, that they were the one’s who had lost their own ability to communicate with all these kingdoms, and thus simply could not appreciate just how lost they had indeed become!

I have found in the last few years, when I started to communicate with the Animals, and Trees, Rocks, etc. and Mother Earth, that I started to feel and see, and experience things at a much higher and deeper levels. My inner hearing increased, and my abilities to tune into the landscapes, and to “read” it. I started to communicate with the Inner Earth People, the Agarthans, and Intergalactic, as easily as I communicated with the animals, birds, plants, trees, rocks, dolphins, whales, land, crystals, etc.

It has opened many dimensional existences to me, and the fact that all is multi-dimensional! One cannot access these, unless one is tuned in. Literally.

For all is energy, and all energy emits vibrational frequency band, and thus our own antennas (spinal columns and third eye and heart centers and guts) need to the TUNED in, and only then can we truly see, and hear.

It takes a silence and deep listening, and it also means to allow yourself to be stretched into All and Everything. As long as the mind is closed, and the heart is shut down, the ego mind will overrule, all which the other centers are tuning into, because the mind cannot stretch that far, but the heart and soul can!

The New Earth Human is fully tuned in and open and more than this, is fully heart-centered in the state of love, and inner contentment, joy, and thus ever present and open to see and feel the UNITY which exists between all and everything and everyone. The truth is that there never was any separation, nor divisions, except that which was manmade and man created!

If you look at the animal kingdom you will find that all have their role and place within the wide scale of things. The same with the trees, and plants and echoed with the minerals and all kingdoms. The whole wheels of life are perfect and nothing is missing. It is when man starts interfering with these wheels of life, that things start to go awry and destruction occurs, because then one starts going against Divine Laws of Creation, instead of flowing with and within them! One can co-create fluidly and miraculously, once one understands and applies the Great Cosmic Laws, and utilize such for in harmony and in the highest and best ways, for the highest good of all.

We all now are going to find ourselves needing to be stretched in all directions, and this includes all that we are, in order to find the wholeness within and live this, not only within ourselves but within the greater whole! This includes all of life and life forms, as the New Earth embraces unity consciousness and thus all is one!

All starts at soul levels and within the heart of Unconditional Love, and multi-dimensional communication, which is tuned in to all and everything, and knows that all is ONE.

**By Judith Kusel