Operation 4th Universe Part 10-2

The operation of the Pleroma’s Supreme Hierarchs to create an Absolute-like human Monad to populate the future, 4th Local Universe turned out to be extremely difficult.

The main obstacle was that this op directly depended on the results of many other works, tests and experiments that were conducted in parallel with energy flows, matter, the structure of the Universe, the Pleroma and its inhabitants, etc. (see Parts 1-10-1).

The fierce space war currently underway in the Local Universe, including our Galaxy, the Solar System and Earth, also creates enormous difficulties. This war on the Subtle and physical plane was unleashed by the Dark and the Gray races, which have no place in the new, 4th Universe, but are desperately trying to survive in the present one.

This, of course, will not stop the construction of our new space house. Work on the project doesn’t stop for a minute, as well as the search for the best options for its settlement by new residents, that is, by us. To do this, our physical corpus is transforming at the atomic, molecular and DNA level, Subtle Bodies and Monads are changing at the quantum plane.

Since we and our Monads are multidimensional, enter or come into contact with the Pleroma (not to mention other Universes), the tests of upgrading and Absolutization of our higher structures continue in this abode of Co-Creators.

Such an experiment was a new testing of the maximum possible interpenetration of the Primary Feminine and Masculine Foundations into each other, as well as to clarify its most optimal grade.

Co-Creators faced a very difficult task, because everything they do in the existing Universe, not in a laboratory, and a mistake could lead to unpredictable consequences. But the desired results were extremely important for the Absolutization of our Monads.

This time the test subjects were two Pleroma’s Supreme Beings, carriers of Primary Feminine and Masculine Foundations. During the first experiments, Co-Creators brought the level (coefficient) of their interpenetration to 33%, then to 49%, and after that to 50% and 51%.

Then it seemed like an absolute maximum. However, the work continued, and a sensational result was obtained: the interpenetration of Primary Foundations into each other reached 99%!

But the experiment had to be stopped urgently. When this coefficient was reached, the Pleroma began to split and dissolve. Neither Absolutized Reality nor Foundations carriers could withstand 100% interpenetration.

As one of the Keepers of the Primary Foundations (Elemetals) on 3D Earth, the leaders of the ground team also participated in the experiment.

At its peak, the condition of the Lightwarriors deteriorated sharply, and the disintegration of their Monads began. This moment coincided with the achievement of 99% interpenetration and the beginning of the dissolution of the Pleroma. That’s when the test was immediately terminated.

Co-Creators first reduced transfusion to 97.8%, stable for the Pleroma and Absolutized Monads, but at the same time 3D was extremely unstable. Therefore, the interosculation of Primary Foundations has been reduced to 97%. This level is a new constant of our Local Universe, as long as there is a three-dimensional reality in its current form and format.

On the Higher Planes of Creation, the coefficient of 97% corresponds to the state of the Absolute. When the Foundations interpenetrate into each other at such level, the Absolute begins to manifest Self in our world of form. This level, to one degree or another, is accessible to everyone in any dimension, including on the three-dimensional Earth. The main prerequisite – to have enough Love energy in the core.

The most interesting thing is that, unlike the level of the Primary Differentiated Foundations of the Absolute, at the sub-level below, the abode of two pairs of dipole Co-Creators, the interpenetration of Foundations is 100%, thanks to constantly maintained a state of Absolute Love, the Light of the Absolute.

Co-Creators continued to search for the best scenario for the Absolutization of human Monads. The closest to this level are the Monads of the two leaders of the ground team. It was on their dipoles that a new crash test was conducted. Its purpose was to determine the strength of the Absolutized Monad under the most extreme events during the transition from the 3rd to the 4th Local Universe.

As a tool (reagent), the Pleroma’s Hierarchs used Absolute Anti-Force – the most powerful energy that exists and theoretically can be in our Universe. To do this, they modeled the Crystal that the Dark Archons used in the past.

Technically, the Crystal is a Matrix of Foundations Unity and Harmony (Yin-Yang), into which the demonic aspect of the former Black Co-Creator was implanted. His wave DNA was an information program, and the Yin-Yang Matrix was used as an Absolute Superpower, especially during dipole synthesis, when Foundations are accelerated to a state of fusion and loss of differentiation in this reactor.

Of course, the Absolute Anti-Force, modeled by Co-Creators, was weaker than its previous version, since it was impossible to put the power of intention and desire into it. For this, it was necessary to allow the Pleroma’s Supreme Hierarchs, for example, to curse someone from the bottom of their hearts. And that is complete nonsense.

Precisely such an implant, in its accelerated state, Co-Creators introduced for a crash test into the Monads of Lightwarrior and his dipole part, Lightwarrioress, to examine their Absolutized Monads.

The result was terrifying. The Lightwarrioress’ Monad was literally torn to pieces. It was a complete fiasco that crossed out all the searches for the optimal Absolutization of the human Monad.

The fact is that the Lightwarrioress’ Monad is perfect in all respects. It can process any amount of any karma in any volume. But it turned out that when the highest karma of the fallen Co-Creator got into it, her Monad, instead of processing, simply reflexively dumped karma on its manifestation body, that is, the human corpus.

Here’s how it affected Lightwarrioress. At the moment of karma dumping, milkweed poison somehow fantastically got into her eye, which a strong jet sprayed into her face from a plucked petal. Tears welled up from the intense pain. Lightwarrior had to take her to the hospital urgently, as she could lose sight from the burn of poison.

Prompt washing and a bunch of energy symbols injected into her eye field helped. With this pain, Lightwarrioress suffered for several more days, but not ceased to process the karma dropped by her own Monad.

The test showed that in terms of immunity to highest karma, such a version of the Monad turned out to be completely imperfect. And what about the rest of the crash test results?

Fortunately, they were much better. After her Monad splitting into small parts, then, it self-assembled and self-repaired, and in a different, higher quality. It began to generate new Absolutized Light. Currently, Co-Creators are comprehensively exploring and studying its substance.

At the same time, they continued to test Lightwarrior. His crash test wasn’t in such a brutal format as that of Lightwarrioress. His Monad was only required to prevent the accumulation of Monadic karma. For that, Co-Creators injected a significant dose of a similar negative substance into it.

But it was not even remotely comparable to the Black Hierarch’s super-karma, which the Lightwarrioress Monad got.

It was an absolute weapon of the fallen Co-Creator, capable, like a virus, of easily penetrating into any Monad and Intelligence form. So he turned some human Monads into zombies filled with powerful karmic explosives.

With their help, he torpedoed the Monads of the Higher Light Hierarchs, and in the future planned to destroy his Pleromic parents. On the Subtle Plane, Black Co-Creator conducted many f fiendish experiments on human Monads. On Earth, they were continued by the Nazis and the current Satanists in the highest elite. Superweapons in the form of zombie Monads are still actively used today…

Lightwarrior’s Monad could annihilate the karma introduced into it without any problems. The result of this crash test confirmed that his Absolutized Monad is quite stable at its level and has reliable anti-karmic protection.

The tests did not end there. In the following, Co-Creators took into account the discovered shortcomings and imperfections of the Monads, associated with its reflex dumping of karma from self to its manifestation bodies. To Absolutize human Monads, it was necessary to “teach” them to automatically annihilate any negative substance.

And a new prototype of such a Monad was created. Its main difference from all the previous ones is that it carries 100% Feminine and 100% Masculine Foundations. Its other difference is in a fundamentally new sacred configuration. When Co-Creators showed the ground team what the Mandala of the New Absolutized Human Monad looks like, Lightwarriors were fascinated.

Its sacred geometry allows to quickly annihilating any karmic substance in any volume WITHOUT INCREASING THE SYNTHESIS OF ABSOLUTIZED LIGHT BY THE MONAD’S CORE. That is, karma is processed completely non-energy-intensive. For the first time in the Local Universe, Co-Creators could put this into practice.

This miracle is achieved by a multitude of mutually reinforcing reflections and refractions of the Absolutized Light in the Crystals that make up the Monad’s Body.

It’s a crown of Perfect Creation – a 144,000-facet Crystal in which all facets intersect at certain angles, amplifying and refracting the vibration of the Monadic core. Previously, there was nothing like that in the Monad’s structure.

Now it consists of 144,000 crystals, each of which has 144,000 facets, and each of which is a separate Monadic cell representing a micro-copy of the Monad’s nucleus. In its structure, it is very similar to the structure of the Pleroma Absolutized Eon’s core, but still not identical to it.

Another main feature of the Absolute-like Monad is that it provides direct and permanent ACCESS TO THE ABSOLUTE. That is, it can freely ascend into the Absolute and remain in It, without losing its differentiation and without dissolving into It. This greatest achievement is also due to the perfect configuration of the Monad.

When it ascends into the Absolute, Monad’s core, itself, without external help, accelerates to extreme vibrations and synthesis of Absolute Light. And the same thing happens with each of the 144,000 cells of the Monad, which are a micro-copy of its nucleus.

Then, due to mutual amplification and resonance between them (both among themselves and with the core of the Monad), super-vibration is achieved, which easily raises the Monad into the Absolute. Naturally, before this, the folding of a Monad’s single manifestation body takes place.

After staying in the Absolute, the reverse process occurs. This is a controlled Ascension, when a person can freely enter and stay in the Absolute. Of course, this requires a constant stay in Absolute Love and not having karma.

In a physical 3D body it is much more difficult and harder. During such Ascension to the Absolute, Lightwarrioress, despite of all her super capabilities, almost did not come to her senses for several days, and her heart was off the scale from super vibrations.

Today, it is difficult for many to achieve such a state on their own. They need the Highest help and guidance. But still, everything depends on the people themselves, their inner work, first of all, whether their Monad can be Absolutized.

To this end, Co-Creators conducted two new experiments on the transformation of an ordinary Monad into an Absolutized one. During the test, the core was artificially torn out of the Lightwarrioress’ former Monad and implanted into an Absolute-like Monadic Body to see whether they could get along with each other. The result was partially satisfactory, but not in full.

The Lightwarrior’s test was different. In his Monad, Co-Creators introduced segments of the Absolutized Monad. They wanted to bring it to a state, when the critical mass is reached, the old Monadic body will self-replace with a new one, and further self-loading of the core.

During the experiment, which lasted about a week, Lightwarrior had a wildly painful and stabbing heart, on the verge of an infarct. And the last phase was exorbitant, plunging him into a comatose state…Fortunately, everything ended well.

All these experiments have shown that the tested schemes are not suitable for mass use. Some radical technology is needed. Its search continued.

**By Lev


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