Jeshua: The Big Bang Part 2

JJK: The “boil” will burst! (See THE BIG BANG 1) I understand it like this: While deeper and deeper abysses open up, more and more people will rise and not only demand a new, a just system based on peace and unity, but will unhinge it themselves. Shock will be accompanied by wonder!

JESUS CHRIST: Thus it happens that inherent in every terror is healing. Yes, mankind is rising and will continue to rise.

What can already be seen today, and so far applies only to a minority, will grow into an unimaginably powerful movement – this is now maturing. What you have seen so far in resistance, disobedience and courage, in the revolutionary spirit of freedom movements and in rebellion, was only the beginning.

For this change to succeed, it needs wide-awake people who take action. It is necessary to actively participate in the process of ascension – because this change leads to ascension – and to help shape it. This process, in which more and more people step into action, is now initiated.

Passivity is no longer an option! Only the sages and saints, who were born for a life in seclusion, perform their service to mankind in this way. Beyond that all humans are called to come into action and visibly or invisibly, audibly or quietly stand up for the new life.

The old goes down with a loud roar and you promote this process best by doing the necessary at the right time at the right place inspired by your soul.

Let your soul guide you, for it is guided by God. In this way, you will always be the light and point out the light to your fellow human beings at the right moment.

Will many people die?
JJK: As the energy for the “big bang” builds up, how are the energy crises, wars, pandemics and the like shaping up. There are still great fears being stirred up here. Will the masses continue to be moved and controlled with this? What will happen now to those who have undergone the Corona gene therapy? Will many die or is there hope?

JESUS CHRIST: As long as the beast of infamy is not completely defeated, it lashes out and it spreads fear and terror – and as long as the individual human being stares spellbound, like the rabbit before the blow, at this scene, he remains in the game and is part of the distortions.

The safe place outside this scene can only be taken by the one who is aware of the scene. The consciousness work in this respect is therefore still of the greatest importance!

Each person happens according to his will and according to the needs of his soul. Experiences want to be savored up to the complete saturation. Developments must be completed before the next higher stage of spiritual involution can be climbed.

Yes, great groups of people are taken from this world! They go in harmony with their souls, because they do not want to participate in this ascent.

They were only guests in this play, spectators and not actors who wanted to take an active part in it or to shape the scenes. They will share this experience at another time on another earth. The people ascending today will be their Ascended Masters in a distant future.

Will many people be healed by Corona Therapy?
JJK: Will many people be healed by the Corona Therapy? I am thinking especially of those who were inoculated against their will, such as parents who had themselves injected in order to be allowed to visit their own children in hospital, or people who wanted to say goodbye to dying people, but without the injection were not allowed to enter either a nursing home or a hospital. For a time, people could not even cross borders without vaccination. People were separated from each other and this led many to undergo this “therapy”.

What is the procedure or distinction here? Who receives the grace of healing and who remains exempt?

JESUS CHRIST: The divine laws obey the divine order of love. Every human being, who was induced to this bodily injury out of love and not out of fear of his own demise, will find all possibilities of healing – on this world or on the other world: To these souls it will be well done and good! Those people, however, who wanted to preserve their own life by this intervention, will lose it.

This is how it happens! This is how it is – today and all the time!

We conclude our today’s meeting in the light of the truth.

My love is with those who are waiting for me.
My love is with you.

**Channel: Jahn J Kassl

**Translation to English by


3 Replies to “Jeshua: The Big Bang Part 2”

  1. harrrrrie

    And what is this ? This is a quote from the article, “My love is with those who are waiting for me.”
    I love Jesus like I love everyone else, but I’m not waiting for Jesus. What does this quote mean?
    This definitely doesn’t sound like something Jesus would say.
    The Jesus I know loves everyone, regardless if they are waiting for him or not.

  2. harrrrrie

    Again I disagree on a couple points. We all have a life plan. I chose to be vaccinated. I was desperate to be vaccinated so I could live and not catch covid, and so I would not pass covid on to my friends and relatives. I believe that most doses of the vaccine were made inert by cocreators. If you were destined, according to your life plan to receive the inert vaccine you will not get sick from it. Simple as that. I also decided I was not going to get sick from the vaccine nor was I going catch covid. I decided to stay healthy. I take a lot of vitamins C and D3 and I don’t even catch colds.

    Quote from this article, “Those people, however, who wanted to preserve their own life by this intervention, will lose it.” How can Jesus say something like this that is so scary and damning? Just because millions if not billions of people wanted to save their lives, they are destined to die a death from a sickness induced by a vaccine?

    We aren’t damned to this sickness from the vaccine. We have a lot of loving to do and helping others and healing our Earth. We are going to stay healthy and serve those in need and ascend right along with Gaia.

    I don’t believe this is Jesus speaking. Perhaps Jahn misunderstood what Jesus was saying.

    Sorry Jahn. But thank you for the article, none the less. If anything it reaffirms my conviction that we are great beings with great things to do for humanity and Earth.

    Just keep on loving folks.
    Thank you everyone.

  3. spiritual924

    Nobody can take your free will from you. Nobody coerced you to do anything in this life. You choose. You must take responsibility for Self and stand tall. If you Know your Higher Self as God then why would you do anything in coercion? Impossible indeed. 💜