Jeshua: The Big Bang Part 1

JJK: Since one week I am on vacation with my family in Paros, the beautiful island in the Aegean Sea. All of a sudden today I feel weakened and somehow not quite with myself; emotionally sensitive like a “butterfly child”, wrapped in absorbent cotton and somewhat numb. For me, this is an unmistakable sign that a message is about to arrive and that I am just being tuned in to it. On the pleasantly shaded terrace of our accommodation, with a view of the roaring sea, I begin to write …

JESUS CHRIST: Be carried in my love, as all mankind is carried in my love.

The days are approaching when the high-ranking dark powers will fall and descend into the kingdom of darkness. The days of radical upheaval are approaching, the days when the system of injustice will explode, erode and implode – a big bang (1) that is necessary because humanity needs to be shaken awake.

JJK: After all, isn’t what we are currently experiencing WAKE-UP enough: Corona. Transhumanism, economic crisis, wars?

JESUS CHRIST: Enough for those who have eyes and can think with their hearts, too little for those who still need to wake up now for this game to end.

Everything happens in the order of God. God is the ordering authority who now intervenes directly in what is happening on earth. Humanity will overcome chaos, it will be led out of the valley of darkness and tread the path of light.

JJK: THE BIG BANG – what is it and when does it take place?

JESUS CHRIST: The exposure of the evilness of dark entities will hit the whole humanity like a shock wave. Committed misdeeds and future plans of this lightless brood will be revealed in one fell swoop. In this way, what seemed to be of permanent existence will be destroyed at one stroke.

He who has eyes will see, and he who has ears will hear. Nothing that was planned inhuman for the future has a future after the big bang! The humanity wins the upper hand and new life is breathed into the souls.

24 months

When? In the course of the next 24 months! The process of revelations is already underway, increasing month by month and reaching ever greater proportions. Everything is moving towards the big bang.

The boil of injustice and the ulcer of inhumanity must burst open so that the healing of wounded human hearts can begin.

JJK: Some people might be afraid of this now? In some messages – which I have received myself, but also in those I read on the net – there is talk of the “event” of “disclosures” or of “revelations”. While some people can hardly wait for it, other people develop a lot of fears about such announcements.

JESUS CHRIST: Fears that dissolve as soon as the dimension of healing and the light behind it become visible.

JJK: How to prepare for it?

JESUS CHRIST: With God in your heart and armed with the truth – taking your place, full of confidence and devotion. Everything else happens!

Heaven on earth has dawned, for the hellish goings-on are being nourished by fewer and fewer people – and those who are yet to awaken will awaken, for they will be given the awakening experience. Beloved, honored and protected beyond all measure are you, beloved people.


I am in the midst of you.

**Channel: Jahn J Kassl

**Translation to English by


2 Replies to “Jeshua: The Big Bang Part 1”

  1. harrrrrie

    This was supposed to happen in the 60s and the dark prevented it. Trouble is that we fed the dark and kept them strong.
    I think with the exposure of the dark, we will stop feeding them the dark energy, we will be committed to more and more positivity and the event/big bang/flash will happen within a couple years. I’ve been feeling this. All kinds of strange things are going to happen and so much of the dark will be revealed. It’s already started.

    Love, light, peace and happiness will be the norm. I can feel it.

    Thank you Jeshua, Jahn, Era of Light and everyone.