Mastery, The Responsible use of Power

Beloved Ones!

The human consciousness is beginning to shed its veils, for the time of learning here on Earth is coming to an end. As has been said so many times, such learning would not be possible if the consciousness were at the original frequency of the soul, i.e. at the same level as before it incarnated here for the first time.

There are so many possibilities within a World of Trials and Atonements! But today we will address only one of them, probably the most important: MAESTRIA.

Lately, more and more incarnates are becoming aware of the existence of the Ascended Masters. Remember that the White Brotherhood is only a small part of these Masters. There are, therefore, infinite other ranks, which are not yet shown, because those of the White Brotherhood work directly in helping humanity on Earth.

Ascended Masters are souls who have passed through successive incarnations here on Earth, and made their ascension before the Planetary Transition, that is, before Planet Earth passed into a World of Regeneration, which corresponds to the Fifth Dimension.

So, all those who have completed their learning in recent times, no longer need to reincarnate here, but some of them have decided to continue on the Earth Plane, in order to help those who still need to learn here, like all those incarnated today. These Masters are part of a legion called Ascended Masters of the Great White Brotherhood.

What most incarnates don’t know yet is that all those who came to experience duality on this Planet Earth, when they reach the frequency of the Fifth Dimension, make their ascension, and also become Ascended Masters. You will be one of them too!

Even those who will have to leave Earth now when they disincarnate, because they are not in the necessary frequency for the New Earth, will continue their evolution in other Worlds of Trials and Expiation, until they reach the 5D frequency, and they will also make the ascension, becoming Masters like those who have already done it, or are doing it now in these times of Transition.

The Ascended Master has nothing more to learn in a Third Dimensional World, but can choose whether to inhabit the higher Worlds, or to assist those who are not yet ready for ascension.
This premise gives you the choice when ascending in these final times of transition. You can either enjoy life on New Earth, or assist the exiled humans by going to one of the Planets to which those not yet in the 5D frequency will be taken.

As has been said here many times before, most will want a taste of the New Planetary Home they helped to build, at least for a time. However, you will have a free will of choice, should you wish to accompany family and friends who will not be able to inhabit the New Earth.

All those who ascend, and are therefore in 5D, will know where those who remain in 3D will be. The opposite is not possible, and this you all know, for you need only look at today. You don’t know where your family members who have already ascended are. The 3D consciousness cannot see or understand what is in 5D and above.

Ascension is to ascend; it is to rise. This you already know. But today I will leave here the message of how to become an Ascended Master. To sum it up in one sentence, MASTERY IS THE RESPONSIBLE USE OF POWER. The Ascended Master gains this status, when he achieves MAESTRY.

The responsible use of power is the key that opens the doors of ascension. When the soul decides to experience a school in the Third Dimension, it does not lose its power. It just forgets everything, including that it can do everything. As was said in the last channeling session: the soul came to bring Light and to create in duality, sometimes in Light, sometimes in shadow.

In its experiences in duality, the soul needs to make good use of its power, even if it doesn’t even remember it has it. Most of the time, the incarnate believes that power is to be in charge all the time. This is not true. You never, at any time, ceased to have power. In every minute during a lifetime as an incarnate, you have always had the power of decision.

No matter the position, the function or the social status; you always have your power. The big mistake was to believe that others can do more than you. Especially within certain hierarchies as known on earth.
Whether you are a president, a director, a sector boss, an employee, a street sweeper, a self-employed worker, or a housewife, just to name a few examples, in each function you are sovereign in your decisions, therefore, you are exercising your power.

Many believe that the other is more powerful just because he or she has a higher position. This is a big mistake, because what changes is only the responsibility. When the position is higher within what we believe to be status, it is nothing more than an increase in responsibility, consistent with the function.

MASTERY IS THE RESPONSIBLE USE OF POWER. Within successive reincarnations, everyone has had the opportunity to hold different positions, both those of greater responsibility and those of lesser responsibility. And that is precisely where each one has shown whether he is already qualified to be an Ascended Master or not. It doesn’t matter what position you are in today. This is only the one that shows the result of all the learning within the hundreds of incarnations.

If you don’t take responsibility within your function today, you didn’t know how to use it when you had higher positions. And if this still occurs, then you are not ready to ascend, that is, you have not yet achieved Mastery. You cannot be an Ascended Master yet.

Even the one who has no job, position or any important task, can practice his Mastery on a daily basis, within idleness. How he uses water, necessary resources such as food, the destination of his household waste, his way of living with others, his interest in ethical or unethical things, his speech, his opinions, in short, what he defends or what he encourages. His energetic frequency will tell him if he is using his Mastery responsibly.

To agree with that which is ethical and moral, is to positively exercise Mastery. Even though everyone has heard the famous phrase: “You want to know a person, give him power”, now you know that you don’t even have to give a high position to know someone. You can get to know the other person just by observing. Even a simple word can show who has achieved Mastery or not. All this is being allowed now, at the End of a Cycle, when much of humanity is going to ascend.

We still have some years to go before Mastery is actually adjusted in each consciousness. But time is pressing! We can already feel this acceleration, and nothing will stop what is coming. A New Earth is on the horizon, and ALL WHO ARE USING MASTERY WITH RESPONSIBILITY, will rise into the frequencies of the Fifth Dimension. You are here to become an Ascended Master. Take advantage of this incredible opportunity you have been allowed.

I am Vital Frosi and my mission is enlightenment!


**By Vital Frosi


One Reply to “Mastery, The Responsible use of Power”

  1. harrrrrie

    It’s difficult for me too get behind this posting.
    Creator said all of humanity will ascend to the 5th, whether they are alive or have passed on. If they have passed on then they will ascend in their light body. If their destiny is to live some more lives in a 3D body on a 3D planet, it is to learn lessons. But their light bodies will be in 5D.
    Actually our souls have already ascended beyond 5D many, many lifetimes before this. We are all Spiritual Masters, coming from many different universes and backgrounds. It was the major criteria required by Creator in order for S/He to allow us to live on Earth. What’s happening here is that Creator has created Earth with the 10 positive energies and the 4 negative energies. Creator wanted to see how negativity could be put to good use. Creator and everyone found that there are benefits to small amounts of negative energy from this ‘experiment’ and 2% or less negative energy will be passed on to the rest of our universe and all other universes that want to use it. No other planet ever has taken part in an experiment like this, and to ensure it would succeed, Creator asked for Spiritual Masters to live on this Earth and learn everything, create and solve problems and we receive many benefits for agreeing to attend this Earth School. Also part of this experiment was for Earth humanity to ascend to the 5D while incarnated, as this has never been done before either. Because here on Earth up till now, we were not aware of a 5D life as we were ‘veiled’ in 3D, we will also eventually remember all our other lives, our backgrounds, where we were created, etc. We will find that each one of us is a very, very strong and accomplished light being. Some of us are angels, planets, comets, Masters, Creators, stars, gods, dragons, fairies, galaxies, star systems, beings living in 20D or 100D. It’s incredible all the things we will find out about ourselves, our universe and all the universes.
    As said earlier we are and will receive many benefits for agreeing to live on Earth during 3D and to ascend while incarnated. One of the benefits is that after millions or billions of years of learning everything we can, we Earth humans will meld/combine all our souls together and become a Creator. My feelings are it will be millions not billions of years because our Creator is also going to give us all the knowledge that our S/He has. When we become a Creator, we agreed we will take over running this universe, so Creator can go on to Her’s/His next project. This has never been done before either.

    No other being in this universe has had to endure the 3D hardship we have had to endure, because we are the only human beings and this is the only planet with the 4 negative energies. Just landing on this planet with the negative energy is more than most beings can tolerate. Not only did we have to tolerate it, we had to survive and solve all the ensuing problems. As we all know it was more than some could bear. And with our adopting the negative thinking it became unbearable for many and everyone committed atrocities and suicide in various lives. This is why we are held in such high esteem by our universe. We are ‘super’ humans. We have had as many as a thousand lives on this planet and we have graduated.

    Many will wonder why we need to ascend to 5D if we are already ascended souls/light beings. It is because we are ascending not only to 5D but also to 7D, 9D and so on in a body that has the 4 negative energies. Eventually, we will only have 2% or less negative energies in our bodies like the rest of the universe. Also, Earth will eventually turn the negative energies into positive energy and have 2% or less negativity like the rest of the universe.

    BTW, Earth and all other beings on this planet were also required to be spiritual masters and highly evolved in order to withstand the negative energy.
    And because there are billions of spiritual masters in this universe and all universes they desire to come to Earth to experience this existence. Creator will continue to allow more souls to come here to be humans on Earth, as well as atoms, water, rocks, plants, animals, gases, etc. But, Creator is turning away more than S/He is allowing to come here. To experience our beautiful Earth and our beautiful future is the most desired experience in all of history and all the universes. When this becomes common knowledge we will finally realize how special and blessed we are. Instead of thinking of yourself as a powerless and flawed human being, realize you are one of the greatest souls to ever exist. Your future will be spectacular and divine and you will be able to do everything. You will be able to create all that has never existed, let alone never even been thought of.

    Excuse me, I’m rambling here but it is so incredibly interesting. Our ascension to 5D, which is ensured, was no easy feat. Four other human civilizations attempted it and failed. So be very, very proud of yourselves and be very grateful to all of us here and Earth, and to all the beings who are guiding us. We are all playing our part.

    Also, our Creator likes variety. To help with our learning, Creator asked beings from all the planets in our universe to come here to contribute to the variety that we see here. Before we leave Earth around the year 7200, we will have knowledge of everyone here and everyone from the past years who have gone extinct. This explains why we have had so many different animals, plants, environments and so on during our many billions of years of existence.
    Before we leave Earth to live on other planets, we will clean up Earth and turn her into a true Garden of Eden, of course with Earth’s help. She will become a vacation destination to all the sentient beings here as well as other universes. She will also have scientists visit to study all the plants, animals, minerals, etc because there is no planet like her. Earth humans and other beings who are not native to Earth will not be allowed to live here, but they can visit.

    Our Creator needed to get permission from the Council of Creators to create this planet, Earth School, us humans and incorporate the 4 negative energies. If the negativity had spread to other star systems, Earth and everyone here would have to be uncreated. The 2% that I mentioned will be a very controlled dispersal and it is ensured it will not expand to greater than 2%.

    Because the use of a very tiny amount of negativity is desired by other Creators, they are following our Creator’s example and creating their own universes with a school planet and a group of beings to become a Creator some day. Our Creator is considered one of the top 5 Creators of all time!

    (We have much to look forward to folks.)