The Arcturian Council: We Will Come

The transmission that must come forward is to tell you that we, The Arcturians, will be landing shortly. We are hovering so close, but to make landfall we need two things. The first is for your government to deny us. We need them to blatantly say spaceships will not land on Earth. We need them to declare that we do not exist. Upon doing so the energy shifts. The American people will feel at ease; we are safe now. Right now, there is a fright; the aliens are going to abduct us. If we were to arrive, instant fear. We need there to be no threat perceived. When the airways open up to less fear, we can enter without causing hysteria.  For the second item is for Mother Earth to provide the chosen location. Mother Earth will stir things up, and that will be our clue that the location is ready for a visit. There will be an area of your country that has devastation and that will be a target to us.  We would choose that location for the most media coverage. All eyes will be upon that area and cameras will be rolling. The reason we are making such a grand entrance is to provide to the people the opportunity to see first hand our existence. No sweeping it under the rug. We are making a statement this time. We are coming to your planet; we have our reasons.

Our arrival will initiate a new way of thinking. What was once thought the main source of news will be washed away.  In its place will be our broadcasts.  We will provide to the people real facts in real time. We have the technology more advanced than on Earth. Will we be shot down? There will be attempts that will fail.  It will be portrayed as a plot against humans. Believe us when we say they are running the plot. We are being true.  We do not fear the government. The government fears us.  We will spread truths, we will be allies.

Don’t wait for the day to come, looking to the sky.  We cannot predict when this will happen. The exact timing is left to factors we do not control. The right scenario will play out; fear is less, media coverage is great. Our plan for arriving is to set up new command centers. To create news outlets that showcase the truth. For your personal welfare don’t stay up looking for us.  It will happen when it happens. The right combination of circumstances will bring us to your Earth. Sleep tight at night you will not miss this event.

It is our time to keep planning for this eye-opening occurrence that will occur upon your Earth.  The energy on your planet currently is one of depression and we would like to uplift the population to new ways of thinking.  The energy we possess will brighten your days.  We will be a healing presence upon your world.  You mustn’t loose sleep with counting the days, you must just live your life in a pleasurable existence, always thinking positive and dreaming big dreams.  The light you each carry will not dim with our arrival.  The light will merge into a big grid that signifies the start of the transformation.  It signifies spirits joining as one and it signifies a new era.  Our arrival will trigger in people their faith in the government or their faith in God.  Have they been deceived or have they know the truth.

As the Arcturian Council it is our duty to spread the light.  It is our duty to provide truth in this age of lies.  You will be guided where you should be during that time.  For some they will be scared but there are enough open-minded individuals that will keep the world in balance.  Stay strong, do your part by being honest, and energetic, and moving forward with your goals.  Our journey to Earth will come and you will witness new freedoms.  We are all one and together we will see this through.  We are the Arcturian Council, our light never stops shinning.  We will come for you for a better world, our promise.

**Channel: Krista Energeticleigh


5 Replies to “The Arcturian Council: We Will Come”

  1. Howie Church

    I elect to be an emissary between you and humanity. Pick me, please! That is my wish and dream, and I would absolutely love that opportunity. You are most welcome!

  2. harrrrrie

    The Arcturians are at such a high frequency and vibration that’s its possible the Galactic Federation is not worried or concerned with the goings on of the Arcturians. The Arcturians can be trusted to not damage ETs good will or cause riots here.

    It makes me wonder though. There is the Directive of no interference of Earth until the Federation decides when and how. Disclosure will definitely be a type of interference. There are many of us who think it’s long over due and will welcome new friendships with the Galactic community. I agree with everything that was said in this article. I’m just a little suspicious. Is it really the Arcturians speaking here? It doesn’t sound like them. I’ll need to give it a few days thought and see what my intuition says about this.

    If it’s true and they do land soon, every moment thereafter will be so much fun! The excitement, questions, stories, details, revelations, family connections, trips in their ships, visits to our homes. For decades and centuries we will be able to meet people on all the different planets and watch all the improvements taking place here on Earth. What wonderful opportunities for our children and for all who have this interest. The good that results from this will be never ending.

    Thank you for this jolt to my dreams.