Ufologists Claim That Alien Technology Was Discovered By Russian Army In The Arctic

Most experts who believe they will be able to reveal information on extraterrestrials are convinced that they are far beyond our reach. The Russian military, on the other hand, has “recently claimed” that alien technology exists beneath the Arctic.

Russian military claims they have found alleged alien technology under Arctic ice. The search for alien technology and sentient life has been unsuccessful for the most part. Or, at the very least, scientists claim that we haven’t been able to find it.

But how can we verify that they are correct? We are aware of a vicious defamation campaign and censorship campaign in this area. As a result, locals and visitors alike have been surprised by Russia’s alleged discovery of UFOs beneath the Arctic.

Is there alien technology under the Arctic? Russia has shown an interest in UFOs over the years, especially its president Vladimir Putin. But, the Eurasian country has not received any news. Any intelligence that is higher than human intelligence is being downplayed by authorities.

In recent years, both the United States and China have been heavily involved with this issue. However, Russia was the first country to start the “real” hunt when several of its military personnel encountered unusual conditions near the Arctic poles. Numerous military officers discovered signs that could help solve polar mysteries, while secretly exploring the territory for the Putin government. China may also have tried to hide the existence of UFOs within the Arctic.

Russian captain’s statements. Captain Prikhodko was the commander for a Russian Arctic operation and he revealed an intriguing truth. During the landscape reconnaissance, the Captain noticed many unidentifiable objects “sailing” at speeds never seen before.

These objects could move freely under the Arctic ice. As if these objects were advanced-technology submarines. His experience shows that no submarine can reach such speeds even though it has the most modern technology. Prikhodko believed it was alien technology because such vehicles require intelligence far greater than human intelligence to construct. He claimed that not only he, but also the entire platoon under him witnessed it, and that his presence was constant at all times.

Is it possible to verify or refute the Captain’s statements? It’s not possible to know exactly what lies beneath the Arctic ice. It is not possible to know the origins of these objects.

They aren’t the only ones to claim to have seen alien technology in Arctic. China also claims to have seen UFOs.



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    You can’t claim “many experts” if you don’t divulge their names. And no links to the claims about Russian military claiming something. Without links or infos this is all just hearsay.