The Arcturians: Direct Intervention of God

Is it all just a dream?

You sometimes fight a hopeless battle – so it seems – and you believe to be at the mercy of a power that you can hardly oppose.

You see how things develop for the worse and how the noose of bondage tightens more and more.

You think that there is no way out, since all your efforts are hardly fruitful, and that those who tell you about the light behind things are dreamers who are indulging in their fantasies.

You walk on this earth as principally awakened human beings, who are strongly burdened and carried along by the present events – and sometimes your courage fails you and the strength to go on dwindles.

And this is where we come in, beloved human being, we who, like you, traveled from the stars to the earth to lift the earth and lead the people from the valley to the hill.

– It is true that sometimes it can seem that your struggle is lost and that the evil deed is the new standard of human action.

– It is true that it can seem that the earth is becoming darker instead of lighter, more beautiful and more sublime.

– It is true that in the current phase of upheaval, this impression can intensify and settle in a person.

And here we come into play again! The Arcturians are among you in ever increasing numbers. On all levels we offer our services, because we too have completed our ascent into the light eons ago – under similar conditions.

We, too, had to deal with counterforces that wanted to keep us on the “ground of reality”, on the ground of the reality of that time.

The help of God

How did we achieve victory?

By remaining firm in our faith, by never giving up despite many setbacks, and by continuing until the Day of Light. We also received help and support from the universe and from God Himself. In the end, we too stood united with our brothers and sisters from the light against the forces of darkness.

Even though there were moments of despair and hopelessness again and again, victory over the manipulators was certain for us from a certain moment – and you, beloved brothers and sisters of the light, will also reach this moment shortly.

How can you recognize this moment?

Two things are decisive for it:

1.) Events in the outside, which show you that the dark entities do not get through any more with their claims to power!

2.) Events in your inside, because you will perceive that your doubts dissolve and change into new energy and certainty.

External and internal processes go hand in hand. Very soon you will not be able to be unsettled by anything or anyone. Your path will be a direct one and you will be able to use all your power and strength for the triumph of light.

Incredibly powerful event!

An unbelievably powerful event is about to happen: The transmission of cosmic light in an unimaginable amplitude to the people who are ready for it!

Unnoticed by the forces of darkness, the people whom it concerns will be lifted to a new level of knowledge. On this nothing and nobody in the creation of God has an influence and it can be neither delayed nor prevented.

The direct intervention of God is imminent, because you have taken the path of healing. Now help is given to you from the source of all life which is God.

Power of God you will be lifted up, so that you can lift up the world – and equipped with the power of God perishes what is consecrated to the death, and it lives what shall live in eternity.

We, the Arcturians, are the escort for this transfer of God’s energy to man. For we too were once granted this gift.

The perception of man is permanently changed and the new reality comes into being. This spiritual process is a miracle and brings about the miracles that are announced to you.

This is not a dream, it is reality – NOW.


**Channel: Jahn J Kassl


3 Replies to “The Arcturians: Direct Intervention of God”

  1. Douglas A James

    Won’t it impact all beings though the dark ones will literally die off anyone who can’t handle the light won’t make it I have read many times…the energies can’t select people it hits all of earth .. why the dark want to go inside the earth and try to avoid it…

    It’s amazing and close …thank you Source !!