Tunia: Questions For You

My dearest brothers and sisters,

I love you so very much. I am really happy that you continue to tune into these messages.

I feel like I’ve been talking a lot. Ideally I would like to sit down face to face with you and have you talk about anything you want. I would like to just listen to you.

While that may be possible in the future, right now this is not very practical yet. So today I would like to do the next best thing: ask you some questions.

If you want, feel free to write your answers in the comments. I, Tunia, am interested and I will read them.

Here are my questions:

One: Suppose someone forced you to start an intentional community, which is a place where people live and work together for the common good. Suppose someone forced you to start such a place. Would it be in the remote mountains, would it be near forests or would it be close to big cities? How self-sufficient would you strive to be? Would you accept anyone or only people who had a certain worldview or agreed to certain principles? What would you do if someone was being unreasonably selfish?

Two: Suppose it’s three years from now. A dear friend of yours describes you to a stranger, as you will be three years from now. What would you like that description to be like? What would you like that friend to say about what future you does on a day-to-day basis? What would you like that friend to say about what future you has accomplished in his or her life? What would you like that friend to say about how future you treats other people?

Three: Suppose you are on your death bed, surrounded by your loved ones, and you are completely satisfied with your life. You look back at your life. What things have you done and accomplished? Now look at the loved ones who are with you as you lie on your death bed. Is there a partner there? Children? Good friends? Colleagues or people from organizations you’ve started or greatly contributed to? A huge crowd? Religious people? Who is there?

I am very curious about your answers. I hope you found these questions to be of benefit to you.

I love you so very much and I hope you have a great day.


For Era of Light

**Channel: A.S.


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44 Replies to “Tunia: Questions For You”

  1. harrrrrie

    I would like to build a large laboratory or many, that will test everything for toxins and poisons that could harm anyone and anything including Earth (i.e., herbicides, BPAs, mercury, insecticides, benzene, lead, fluoride, dioxins, etc.)
    Then with the help of the people, have these poisons fazed out of production and use as quickly as possible. Our basic needs will need to be met, and so in the meantime we will need to come up with ways to produce food, clothing, shelters, education, healthcare etc without enlisting poisons into the production process or finished products. Other branches in technology could concentrate on cleaning up Earth, updating educational programs on healthy living and safe medical care, mining that is safe for Earth, starting new technologies that are clean and will benefit us as new galactic citizens such as space travel, etc.

    I would like to build factories to produce free energy machines.

    I would like to speak to experts on how to protect wild animals. I figure in order for wild animals to not be harmed, the poaching industry needs to no longer look attractive because humanity will have other means to make money, such as tourism, agriculture, arts and crafts, manufacturing, environmental protection, etc.

    Also, the biggie, globalists need to be exposed for their deliberate poisoning of Earth and stopped.

    1. harrrrrie

      I need to add:
      Thank you for asking us these questions. I appreciate being given this opportunity to put down what is important to us.

      As for the selfish person:
      I would say prayers that the selfish person will be able to see the positivity and beauty of everyone having everything they need. Also, this selfish person will be able to forgive the people who caused him/her to fear not having enough, and to adopt love, compassion and caring as a way of life.

      As for how I’m remembered, I want to feel I’m a good person who has done some good in this world and will continue.

  2. Manue

    Bonjour Tunia.
    C’est un honneur pour moi de pouvoir te répondre et échanger avec toi. Merci infiniment.
    – si je n’aime pas l’idée d’obliger quelqu’un à créer quoi que ce soit, j’aime l’idée d’une communauté autonome au maximum et partageant de valeur de joie, de création, d’entraide et de partage. La proximité d’une forêt et d’une ville écologique serait un bon emplacement. Tout est basé sur le volontariat et le libre choix. Celui qui se montrerait égoïste devrait être épaulé et accompagné pour l’aider à comprendre quelles peurs génèrent ce comportement.
    2- un ami parlant de mon futur moi dans trois ans…. mmmm j’aimerai qu’il puisse parler d’une personne simple et lumineuse, vibrant l’amour. Une guerisseuse d’âme. Un lien entre les familles galactiques de lumière et les âmes incarnées.
    3- ma vie , une vie d’amour et de paix, de douceur et de d’aide, de joie et de partage. autour de moi mes enfants mon compagnon mes amis ma famille d’ici et d’ailleurs, mes guides , des gens qui m’aimaient. Pas de grande foule mais des coeurs sincères.

    Merci merci merci

  3. Gerald Farley

    “Suppose someone forced you to start an intentional community, which is a place where people live and work together for the common good. Suppose someone forced you to start such a place. Would it be in the remote mountains, would it be near forests or would it be close to big cities? How self-sufficient would you strive to be? Would you accept anyone or only people who had a certain worldview or agreed to certain principles? What would you do if someone was being unreasonably selfish?” Hi Tunia – Thank you for your question. In 5th dimension Unity Consciousness and Beyond where we have made a Conscious Choice to accompany Our Beloved Mother Earth, everything is free will choice. No one could ever be forced to do or not do anything – ever. We are going to establish Christ Michael’s Schools, Quantum Healing Centers, Offices of Peace and Community Gardens surrounding Communities where All are Welcome. These will be fully funded throughout our planet by the St. Germaine Trust so everything will be free of charge for any who desire to participate in any aspects of these Communities. Everything that is accomplished in these Communities will be Open Source and available to all on each website of each particular Community, and thereby open to all. Most of those who we are connected with would ask themselves “Who Am I in the presence of this
    if encountered a brother or sister who was perceived as unreasonably selfish, because that would simply be a mirror for us and we would continue to perceive that entity in Love and Light.

  4. Lightworker7

    Why do you say “forced” twice? Why not just, “where would you like to live?” Forcing someone to do something against their free will is Service to Self/Power Over Others. And we humans have had enough of that on this planet! It goes against the universal Law of One that I thought higher density beings live by.



  6. Stu

    I have a question, if you are willing to answer…

    How would you express yourself towards an earth human in person? You are not tangible to us. You are merely a figment of someone else’s imagination. If you are who you claim to be Be, you will follow what I am stating. Why should I listen to you? I know I do not need to, so why are you here? Are you just here for the channeler?

    Why would I take what you are claiming to be reality, as my own? As MY reality? That’s rhetorical, because you truly can not define my reality. My point is, what purpose do you actually believe you are serving by claiming that your reality is, what is, for everyone interacting with you? Do you not see this as interference? As in, a selfish way, influencing or manipulating another’s perspective of what is actually going on?

    I am not attacking you. I am a soul, in this universe of universes, and beyond; no different that you. What gives you the right to define what direction is that which is right? Just your presence, in a world that is at the level of awareness that it is. can be deemed as interference.

    In a universe which is true, you would be able to respond to this. Otherwise, you shatter Truth, for the way it is generally defined by the majority here. Do it, if you can. It seems like the universe is just waiting for someone to “press the button”. I’d do it, given the chance. I know I can only press the button for myself though.

    I need to state that I firmly feel that, any channeled material, has very little to offer anyone but the channeler. Here (Now) is a place where angels fear to tread. We are less defined angels, and thus, more Self. Not better. We just see a higher level of truth than those who claim to be angels, or more. Self is not seeking answers. Only experience. Not another being, regardless of where they are from.

    Humans of Earth need to realize that those from other planets, or “dimensions”, are not “higher, “better” or wiser. We are the ones who Came HERE. No one measures to level of us. No one can know our way but us.

    1. jacques vincent

      In response to Stu:

      From my prespective their is a lot of unnessary wording to say not much , and you are not answering the question. In other words , what are you trying to say ?
      Our friends from another density or dimension are HERE
      to help us because we ask for . No more no less, and in this manner , you should be thankfull and greatfull.

      This is what i think sans vous faire aucun
      reproche et sans avoir aucune animosité a votre égard…

      1. popgoestheweazle

        Dear Mr. Stu:
        I must admit I got triggered by your comment and didn’t realize I was attacking you for what you said. It’s certainly none of my business what anybody is thankful for or not.
        Would you pls accept my apologies for having been so blind?

        (You can just copy&paste that dear “The Jake”. 🤝)

  7. vainer lourenço

    Bom dia minha irmã Tunia! Gratidão pelo carinho e atenção! Vou tentar ser o mais sincero e educado possível dentro da minha mentalidade ‘terráquea” como vocês nos intitulam. Infelizmente não ressoo muito com a energia Pleidiana, algo no meu ser , “vibra” que vocês se consideram superiores a outros seres, incluindo os humanos da terra. Você diz Eu Te Amo, mas infelizmente não sinto isto nos seus textos, pelo contrario, sinto um ar de superioridade, julgamento(como no texto sobre energia masculina) e energia bélica. Não estou te julgando de forma alguma e peço desculpas se assim pareça. Eu te respeito e te aceito da forma que és. De minha parte podemos avançar para um melhor entendimento. Com carinho Seu irmão de Gaia Vainer.

  8. Vainer vargas

    Bom dia minha irmã Tunia! Gratidão pelo carinho e atenção! Vou tentar ser o mais sincero e educado possível dentro da minha mentalidade ‘terráquea” como vocês nos intitulam. Infelizmente não ressoo muito com a energia Pleidiana, algo no meu ser , “vibra” que vocês se consideram superiores a outros seres, incluindo os humanos da terra. Você diz Eu Te Amo, mas infelizmente não sinto isto nos seus textos, pelo contrario, sinto um ar de superioridade, julgamento(como no texto sobre energia masculina) e energia bélica. Não estou te julgando de forma alguma e peço desculpas se assim pareça. Eu te respeito e te aceito da forma que és. De minha parte podemos avançar para um melhor entendimento. Com carinho Seu irmão de Gaia Vainer.

  9. Philippe St-Pierre Hébert

    Well, those are pretty hard questions, at least for me. I will do my best to answer them at the best i can.

    1. I highly doubt that anyone would pick a very introverted man like me to become the leader of a comunity, but if something like that actualy happens, i would take every people that has been harmed, rejected, mocked, etc, by our sorry excuse for a society to start a new life. We would break from this society to form a new one, aligned with the universe. We would be a more loving society, focused on healing all the trauma and learning a true form of spirituality. I would accept all serious people that truly desire that change, but i would be wary of those who want to belittle and judge us. It may sound a bit harsh, but i am so fed up with society’s judgment. I truly want things to change.

    2. Like i mentionned before, i am an introverted person. In fact, it has been years since i had a true friend. But i am someone that act instead of talking. I get the work done.

    3. Me on my deathbed…how many times did i want to die in this life…Ok seriously, i would look back to all the trials, the tribulations i went through and would somewhat be happy to have learned to quit following others and be my own man. Of course there are things that i regret not having in my life. But, in the end, i did my best my the conditions i had.

    Well, that pretty much all i can think of right now. I hope it helps knowing us better.

  10. Leanne

    Thank you for all your thought provoking messages and questions! I am a ‘lurker’ rather than a ‘commenter’ on this site so this is my first post to answer you :).
    1. I would love to live in an intentional community, preferably in the countryside but within a few hours travel of the city for supplies. I like the forest – most forests are warmer than the mountains here in Canada. The forest would provide well for my foraging and gardening hobbies.

    I’ve thought a lot about how to structure a community like this to be happy, diverse, inclusive, and fair. I see the community coming up with a set of basic ideals that they hold each other to (e.g. transparency, ethics, how self-reliant to be, minimum hours per month to contribute when a person is able-bodied) then internally incentivizing those behaviours.

    If someone is being selfish in the community, everyone is manifesting that so perhaps there is introspection, forgiveness work, and mediation/counselling for the affected parties. Intentional communities often struggle with the personalities in the group and ultimately dissolve, so realistically I see trial periods for new members, a ‘member committee’ vote to admit a person into the community, and a full community vote on the rare occasions that there is a person who keeps making trouble and needs to be voted out or re-affirmed as a community member.

    1. Leanne

      Questions #2 and #3 – it’s been an intense year and my answers to your questions keep changing!

      For a long time my ideal was to have a peaceful mind and to be loving, kind, and helpful to others. However, how do I really know what is most helpful to the world in each moment? How do I know what I planned to learn on this day? While being in a high vibration feels fabulous, would being only loving all day prevent me from finding something in me that should be learned/healed today?

      Recently, my focus has changed to frequently surrendering to God, asking that God’s will be done in each moment, and putting my future in His hands rather than worrying about it. This seems to create more healing and broader possibilities than the ones I can conceive of alone.

      So I would want both the friend and the people around my deathbed to say ‘she is doing / did what she came here to do’ and I will leave the details up to Him.

      Thank you again for your messages to us and these questions, and I hope that you enjoy our responses. Cheers.

  11. Ashara

    I envision a remote community of people in harmony, with nature, themselves, worlds. In a mountain valley on a river, not too far from an ocean. It is an intergalactic community, a sanctuary, a retreat, a place of astounding creativity and expansion.

  12. Scott Hilsen

    I am looking for the best path forward to true freedom, abundance and joy for everyone. I am open the possibilities that spirit will show me to move forward.
    I like the idea of a small to medium community located in nature, but logically making ourselves more independent from our existing homes seems a more practical course.

    How do I wish to be described or remembered? As a loving and supportive father and husband. As someone that gave all I had to bring peace, joy and abundance to our world, Universe and God’s Kingdom. That Mother and Father God know me as a faithful son. That I served Heaven in Christ, Life and Light to the best of my ability. I am grateful for this chance to talk with you Tunia. I wish you only the best. God bless. Scott

    I wish to pass with my family and loved ones around or nearby me. I hope that I pass peacefully.

  13. Maha

    Hello Tunia , i love you , i want to share with you that , what i want now is to stay in the almighty IAM presence

  14. ThunderAJA

    The paradise world/utopia has many wonders. People support each other with much love and making sure needs are met. Everyone lives within a quite
    comfortable home and has gardens to grow food not just for their own eating but certain things grown can be given to your neighbor visa versa.
    Can I have 3 of squash for a basket of cremini mushrooms? The earth herself is gladdened or warmed to the soul by the celebrations of what she
    helped to provide and her Children rejoice in every delicious treasure. The culinary possibilities are endless here on earth with many great cooks
    able to create delectable meals. There doesn’t need to be eating meat and there are alternatives. I suspect many earthlings will take lessons from the
    hollow earthlings/Agarthans for the future structures of self sufficiency. Which every paradise world has. Civilization is stronger with self sufficient
    sub-communities instead of centering it all in one big area and than distributing all necessities from the center. There becomes a joy and purposefulness with
    self sufficiency one describes as helping others that are helping myself. In that unique but positive type of divisiveness/separate communities is a great strength.

    Those who are selfish might be all of us to a small degree and the indulgence of such a behavior is limited. But those who live in a paradise world cannot
    bear their guilt for long. Give them what they want and more. When they realize they have too much ask for them to take only what they need. This teaches them they only needed what was reasonable to begin with and they must always face their dreaded guilt for such an act afterwards. In my current civilization this has proven a difficult lesson for many.

    When the future paradise arrives we will all become new again! and we will base are perceptions of others from that time forward. The utopia will have positive effects on society and I will rarely find any brother and sister who is too concerned about somebody else’s self image or egotistical pursuits. Love and understanding is the only way and when introduced to a stranger or the stranger is introduced to your friend (we are all friends and family in paradise) the utopian society causes every person to be a utopian person and no ill words or misconceptions need ever be concerned about.

    When you have lived a life with both positivity and negativity to high degree you will someday realize that only the positivity matters. The negative is irrelevant
    and becomes void of importance. On the bed of passing (than starting new again) one should remember all things positive and perhaps realize their is no such thing as death. One should realize that positivity in any form is the exact same potency as another positivity. They carry equal amounts of satisfaction no matter where you live and what you experienced in life and when in the moments of passing you can be more than content.

    I understand the use of the word forced as rather the sudden transition into
    a paradise world and how we would react with the situation. We would react with joy and much feasting! My brothers and sisters here on earth are going through unexpected financial crisis at this time and being faced with the realization of globalist adversaries. We are on edge and a bit sensitive.

    I wish to have a great thunderstorm over the heads of all globalists/liberals/democrats/shadow governments. It might remind them that the source, mother Gaia, and all positivity/benevolence reigns supreme.

    Take care Tunia!

  15. Raimondo Scotto di fasano

    Ciao tunia👋😀io farei tutto insieme alla natura, non c’è niente di meglio per tutta la comunità, per il resto la mia aspettativa è crescere nell’apprendimento dell’amore incondizionato,Ah scusa ma anche che fra tre anni possiamo parlare faccia a faccia 🥰🙏✨✨✨🙏👋

  16. Jacques Vincent

    From my point of view , none of this in the 5th density will apply, because what is describe here is from the 3rd density.
    — No one is forced to do anything or to be anywhere .
    — For my friend to say something about me would be would
    be what he feel about me from his heart . No more or no less .
    — For the one or ones at my funeral i really don’t care and
    what I have done in my life was what was in accordance with the mission
    that I agree with , and I was exactly where I was supposed to be.
    That is the way I see it …

      1. jacques vincent

        To Miss Lauren ,
        Most of the time when I make a comment wich is very rare , i say something spontinuously coming with
        what resonate in my heath … No fancy wording , no
        to much saying , I go directly to the point . In this regard
        you read what I realy think…

        Sorry if I made somme mistakes in writting.

        Miss Lauren , it was nice to be in touch with You…

        The Jake,

  17. Bruna

    Querida Tunia,
    no primeiro eu diria que gostaria de criar uma comunidade que incentiva crianças a trabalhar com a terra e natureza, que dará as crianças oportunidades e atividades voltadas para sua infância sem precisar pagar nada por isso. Gostaria que fosse voltado para todos, mas principalmente para as que tem poucas condições.
    No segundo gostaria que se lembrassem de mim como alguém que veio para fazer sua luz brilhar.
    No terceiro posso dizer que se conseguir realizar esse trabalho que descrevi no primeiro e trazer mais incentivo e realizações para as vidas das pessoas com certeza ficarei feliz. Desejo sempre estar rodeada dos meus filhos.

    Obrigada Tunia pela disponibilidade.

  18. Kirsten

    1. Maybe “forced” in this instance is a bit of a good word, though I don’t resonate with force in general. I do feel, even now, that I have been pushed out of society for not fitting in. I had to leave a large population center about 17 years ago because it just seemed overwhelming. As an empath I felt claustrophobic and anxious. Now I live far out in the country with only my pets. I live in the woods in the foothills of the Ozarks and I love it here because I am surrounded by nature and I can grow things. But, it is hard sometimes, without any help or human companionship. I would like to be completely self-sufficient (off grid) and have other humans around to help me build a sustainable community – a community that lives in harmony with nature and isn’t too crowded. As long as people are kind and love each other, I don’t care what their other beliefs are. It seems to me the great thing about people is that they are individuals and they all have a different perspective – that comes in handy when there are problems to solve.

    2. I would like to be described, three years from now, and even now, as a wise woman – someone who has done their inner work and brings love, peace, and compassion – someone who is kind to the trees and the animals as well as humans, Someone who is in tune with nature and who helps everyone in my sphere. I am a writer, and I hope to be a recognized author in three years. Also, I am a teacher of yoga and meditation and dance, but I want to graduate to master teacher. Someone who has made a positive difference and likes to share my flashlight to illuminate the path.

    3. The thing I wish most to accomplish is to help the earth and all of her creatures great and small to ascend smoothly and gracefully. I don’t have children, other than my many students and pets, but I would like to see a partner at my deathbed and to know that I have helped as best I can in every situation.

    Much love to all.

  19. Max


    First, I don’t think anyone can force you. In 5D and beyond, you would be following your heart and that would be by choice and you consenting to such. However, there are occasions where you can be forced by circumstances and this can be a “good thing”.

    Personally, I always believe in serving others and so being in a community where the emphasis is on serving is ideal and there should be certain ground rules in place so that all in the Community can work harmoniously. Despite living in a big City, my preference would be to live in a Countryside atmosphere where I can serve and neighboring a major City, so that I may assist wherever there is need.

    Second, I would be happy that more and more of my 5D nature would have kicked in and I would be described in a good light with more and more of my divine qualities becoming more visible to others.

    Third, I would like to be in the presence of GOD himself, and with all my loved ones surrounding me. Telling them all about my soon-to-be transition and where I am heading! Asking them to be happy and celebrate my transition! Taking the hand of GOD and moving on….

  20. popgoestheweazle

    Dear Tunia:
    Your questions can only be answered with counter-questions:
    1. Why did you create a negative scenario by asking “If you were FORCED to…”?… and since you used that word twice one can’t even believe it’s a matter of inaccurate translation.

    Please understand that we are VERY skeptical “by nature” when it comes to words or rather what they are capable of, especially at this late point in time. Wouldn’t you agree that everybody (like David) answering that question with good intention automatically agrees to a future where FORCING is again a possibility?

    And would you pls explain what you chose that word FOR since it wasn’t needed at all for the questions context? 🤔

    (Question 2 and 3 btw contain that same pattern… just in case you don’t know…)

  21. EraOfLight Post author

    Some of you may have misunderstood Tunia’s first question. There’s no negative intention behind it. I think Tunia knows that many of us will in a way be ‘forced’ to relocate due to the different situations unfolding on Earth. Being placed in new areas where we are perhaps needed more.

    1. Finn

      Understood, thanks for the clarification. Renewed answer to question number one would be starting a community where there would be sufficiently good water and good earth and good sunshine and good fertilizing animals and good people with a good heart, – and if anyone would have a bad day with a bad attitude then they would need to be led by examples of unconditional love until they felt good about themselves again.

  22. Star_struck

    1. Someone force you? Anything that is forced upon will not go right if it didn’t come from the heart there will be problems. However, since I have been raising my frequency I would match the vibration of an intentional community. For someone who is selfish, they need to be loved or have some trauma of lacked in the past. Hold space and send love.
    2. Sweet, caring, loving, inspirational and divine feminine.
    3. My children and my soul tribe
    Tunia, These are great questions to think about in the future of who we desire to be in a love based society.😊🥰

  23. Finn

    One : Why would I or anyone be FORCED to anything ?!?

    Two : He made all the difference in the lives of so many of us.

    Three : It actually doesn’t matter very much.

  24. Saphire

    Forced is Cabal! 3D! Not LOVE or LIGHT!!! Should be on this site! Tuna is Facebook trash!!!

    1. unionylibertad

      The latter part of your answer is an opinion and not of Love…I believe these questions are asked to make us think and be prepare for might come and be able to handle it in the best and highest way possible…

  25. David

    Hi Tunia, love to you, for me it would be:

    One: Rural, countryside, possibly near a forest, as self sufficient as possible, I am vegetarian so I may only tend and look after animals. I wood accept all, but there would potentially be rules around love, kindness and fairness to all. If one was selfish, I would try hard to highlight there behaviour to them and strive to see another way.

    Two: He was fair, decent, worked hard and was tolerant and loving. He had a good sense of humour and volunteers to help others and bring out the best in them. Strong intuition made him produce results, and stopped others from doing mis-guided things.

    Three: I have accomplished many results, and in turn stopped humanity hurting itself and bad things from happening, my close family would be there, I would tell them that this is just a change of energy, we are just moving on. To show love always and keep moving forward, and that we are all one.

    For all you do, and the difference you make Tunia, everyday, thank you x

    1. Vicki

      I’m not sure about being forced but it would be by a forest and if someone was greedy I would ask them why they felt that way. I hope my friend would describe me as a teacher. And on my death bed I hope they have a big party because I am out of here.

  26. Bill

    It sucks when you can’t really relate to these questions when they all have to do with relating to others. I’m not being snarky it really does suck.

    I’m pretty much treated like an outcast with 90% of the people I’ve interacted with. Even on common ground the reasons behind why we are interested or like something is always so vastly different. So, you end up being alone because nobody is interested in what you have to say, and the only thing you can do is be strong for yourself.

    1. Vicki

      1 I hope I’m not forced but it would be by a forest and totally self sufficient . If someone was greedy I would ask why they are fearful.2 I hope my friends would describe me as a teacher . 3 on my death bed I want a big party to celebrate my graduation out of here.

      1. Alicia Tippit

        I like your #3 answer! I too will want a big party for my “graduation out of here”.

    2. Saphire

      Tunia, I find you a waste of time! Bid Red Flag!!!! FORCED!!!!
      Sounds like the Current Cabal Matrix!!! your more like a gossip Facebook person, that is very 3D! You feel more like the enemy trying to infiltrate our minds!!! All those questions are useless ! This planet is 5D bound!!!

  27. Diana

    1. I do not like to be forced.
    2. I want to describe me as a person who enjoy simple, harmonious life at the country side with my family, growing flowers in my garden, spend time in mountains, woods, loves trees and is in love with the blue sky and the white clouds, just as I am in the preasent time.
    3. My family.

  28. Tylette Crosby

    Thanks. Time. Is. Pass. Life. On. This. Planet we are. Put on. What. A. Test. That’s.shit we. Human. Are. Tried. If v this. Mess. I. Am. A warrior my. Life in. Past. Have. Save. This planet. Is. Full. Of. Non. Humans this. Got too. Go fuck up