The Pleiadian Collective: Awakening In Increments

Friends Of Light! From The Glory Of Timelessness, We Greet You With Great Love! Moving And Expanding In Consciousness, You Will Ultimately Realize That You Are No Longer Dreaming!

You Will Have Clarity That You Have Indeed Awakened! The Sense Of Separating From The Circumstances That Once Brought Pain And Confusion Will At Last Bring Clarity As You Establish And Realize A Separation From The Illusion That You Once Considered To Be Your Life.

You Are None Of The Issues That Seemed So Real In The Nightmares That Almost Took You Out! And Until The Final Grand Shift Of The Ages, The Question Of Choice Will Be To Leave The Illusion And Continue To Follow Truth And Light! You Always Have A Choice!

The Path Of Light Will Always Beckon To You! In The Shifting In Increments And Allowing Expansion Of Consciousness, You Are Ever Joining With The Collective Of Being! The Stronger The Connection To Starseeds Of Light, The Greater The Experience Of Peace Will Be.

In This Place Of Knowing, You Have Been Given A Split Second Glimpse Of Your Own Sacred Essence As The Silence Within The Cyclone. This Experience Will Be Remembered And Will Call To You On The Remainder Of Your Journey To SHEEN.

You Are Not In This Movie, Unless You Choose To Perceive Yourself To Be. You Are In Fact, Watching It. And The Seemingly Unrelenting Circumstances That Have You In Their Grasp, Are In Fact,

Illusory Aspects That You Have Created To Instill Certain Levels Of Awareness And Understanding. Each Blow To Your Pride, Each Disappointing Outcome, Is No More Than An Instrument Of Your Own Will To Mirror Yourself When This Is Most Needed.

You Have Scripted Yourself The Opportunity To See Yourself In Action And Then See Beyond It. For Beyond What You Can Fathom In These Moments, Is The Paradise Of Your Origin!

It Is The Place We Call Home As We Sit With You In Timelessness And Smile At All The Actions And Reactions That Only Brought You Back To Yourself. Back To Your Friends And Family! Your Return To Perfect Love In A Vessel Of Light!

You Are The Majestic Ones And We Honor Your Endeavors In Your Journey Of Infinite Light! We Are The PLEIADIAN COLLECTIVE! Let’s Light The Sky As ONE! In Love We Rise!

**Received by Judith


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