Hakann: Addictions

My dearest brothers and sisters,

This is Hakann speaking. I love you and I am happy to be able to answer more questions.

Today I am joined by several other Pleiadian wise men and women. We have received a very important question and hence we will answer this as a group. That’s why I will be using the word “we” instead of “I” today.

The question comes from Georgia and it boils down to: how can I deal with an addiction?

Here is our answer. It can feel awful to be addicted. It can involve elements of shame, of feeling worthless, of not feeling strong enough, of feeling terrible if you don’t give in to your addiction but also terrible if you do. Addictions can narrow your perspective, it can isolate you and it can generate feelings of hopelessness. You have all our love and sympathy.

First of all, from our perspective: most people on Earth are addicted. Most Earthlings would struggle if they were told the following: “for one week: don’t drink coffee, don’t drink alcohol, don’t use drugs, don’t watch television, don’t play video games, don’t use social media, don’t watch porn, don’t watch mainstream news, don’t consume content that is aimed at making you feel that a group of other people are bad or evil or stupid.”

So from our perspective, the vast majority of Earthlings are addicted to something. It’s just that some addictions are considered “normal” and hence aren’t considered addictions, even if sometimes they are still very damaging.

I am not saying this to shame Earthlings. Frankly, Earth is such a harsh world that we are not surprised that most Earthlings are addicted to something. If we took the average Pleiadian soul and had them be born on Earth, probably that person would become addicted to something too.

What we are saying is that if you happen to be addicted to something that is not socially acceptable, then yes, it would be good to work on yourself. However, most other people are addicted to something. They just happen to be addicted to things that are socially acceptable.

That said, some addictions certainly are more unhealthy than others.

If you have an addiction, we would advise you to go to a psychologist. This is doubly true if the addiction is to something very severe, like hard drugs. But not everyone has access to one, so we will also offer our perspective.

We think that addictions are fed by old trauma or by a lack of direction or meaning or social contact.

If someone is happy, is part of a community and has a meaningful life, then they will not likely become addicted, even if they ingest things or engage in activities that can lead to addictions.

There is a somewhat well-known Earth experiment that shows this. This experiment is called Rat Park. It shows that if you give caged rats the choice between water and morphine solution, then they will consume a whole lot of morphine solution. So caged animals will consume a lot of drugs.

However, another group of rats were placed in a fun environment, one in which they could explore and play and have sex. The rats in this so-called Rat Park preferred water to morphine solution.

The Rat Park experiment shows that in most cases, the fundamental problem is a lack of meaning, a lack of community, a lack of love and a lack of being properly rewarded and appreciated and seen for the things you do.

Let’s say that we are talking about an addiction that may be severe but is not as severe as a hard drug addiction. For example, let’s say that some person has a junk food addiction and they’re not able to stay away from junk food, no matter how hard they try.

In this case, we recommend that this person focuses not on resisting their junk food addiction, but focuses on trying to build a better life and surrounding themselves with good people instead. And we recommend that the people around them don’t focus on telling them to not eat junk food but instead on spending time with them and giving them love.

If a person who is addicted to junk food keeps spending all their willpower on resisting junk food, then they will probably decrease their junk food consumption a bit, but they may not be able to build better routines because they’re spending all their willpower on staying away from junk food. In our view, it’s better if they only expend some willpower on resisting junk food and spending the rest of their willpower on improving their life. Even if that means that temporarily they will eat more junk food.

For example, it would be good to build better routines, especially routines that give you joy or pleasure or energy once you have set them up. It’s better to move at a pace that feels workable, rather than trying to do everything at once and then failing after a few days.

In time, this will make the addiction not seem as appealing anymore.

Indeed, another Rat Park experiment shows the effectiveness of this solution. In this experiment, rats were kept in cages and fed morphine solution for nearly two months. Then those addicted rats were let loose in the very pleasant Rat Park. And when offered the choice, those rats chose to drink water instead of the morphine solution. They did have some withdrawal symptoms, but when placed in a better environment, the drugs were simply no longer appealing to them.

So if the addiction is not something like hard drugs, then we recommend spending only a moderate amount of willpower on staying away from the addiction and spending the rest of your willpower on improving your life. This may not help immediately, but in time, you will simply not feel drawn to your addiction anymore.

That is the most important advice that we have. What might also be helpful is knowing that while you’re addicted or while you’re suffering from mental trauma, it may seem endless. It may seem like you’ll be addicted and traumatized for the rest of your life. But this is certainly not always the case. This is just your ego being negative, this doesn’t necessarily reflect reality. The channeler also had a period of several years where he thought he’d never feel happy again, and now he frequently feels great.

Also, if you are addicted, it may seem like all you are is your addiction. This is not true. You still have other character traits, other qualities, other things you are good at, other things that people appreciate about you. You are more than your addiction. You are appreciated and you are loved.

I would recommend Tunia’s message called: “How to Heal.” A lot of that information is helpful for people with addictions, both in terms of dealing with so-called “negative emotions” as they arise and also potentially when dealing with old trauma. That message also contains two kinds of alternative healers that may be able to help you.

We also recommend Tunia’s message titled “The ET diet”, because a lot of people eat too few carbohydrates and would feel much better psychologically if they simply ate enough carbs. It will actually shock some people just how big a difference this makes. Not all, but some psychological issues can literally be solved just by eating enough carbs.

We hope this helps. We love you very much. And we also want to thank you for being on Earth at this time. We know it is hard, but if you are receiving this message then you are very likely a Lightworker, and the presence of Light workers on Earth helps a ton. The liberation of Earth could not happen without the presence of Light workers. We are very grateful for your service.

Your star brother,

For Era of Light

**Channel: A.S.


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5 Replies to “Hakann: Addictions”

  1. Pamela Cox

    Cell phone/wireless is the biggest addiction out there and is worse than crack, as now the children are even addicts. But everyone keeps pushing them, using them, etc., and the children emulate what they see, and now they are doomed!

  2. Pamela Cox

    Cell phone/wireless techno is the new crack and the biggest addiction on the planet. All by design, as the cell phone is how they will do it all, and everyone should have learned that with covid, but they didn’t, as they all still own them. Never owned one myself, and grateful for it.

  3. Kirsten

    Thank you, Hakann, this is some of the best addiction advice I have ever seen.

    I can attest that this approach actually does work. I have been addicted to marijuana for many years, and I tried many times to stop, but found that I was spending my days thinking about how I couldn’t smoke weed and dreaming about it at night. It actually stressed me to wake up in the morning and know I couldn’t smoke weed that day. Eventually, I stopped trying to quit and instead always dedicated my “weed time” to meditation and spiritual growth. I also kept doing all my other spiritual practices. One day I just decided I felt really good and I didn’t need to smoke any that day. That led to another day and another. After about a week, I smoked some and discovered that it actually lowered my vibration, which made me not want to smoke it so much.

    These days I do still smoke it, but very rarely, usually when I’m socializing with others or every once in a while when I have a really bad day. Most of the time I don’t even think about it, and I really appreciate how much better my aura feels and how much better my lungs function, so that keeps me from wanting to smoke it all the time.