The Fall of the Archons

These dark forces with a very dark agenda took control of Earth and took humanity hostage. They created a virtual reality control system in which humanity could not escape which is the current system we’re in as of now.

On the physical plane, control and enslavement is maintained thru the Orion Babylonian financial system, based on debt enslavement and mass programming through the media. They keep us in a closed loop system, a low vibrational state of consciousness. A frequency controlled prison!

This Matrix is controlled by beings referred to as Archons who refuse to connect back to Source. These beings lack empathy for humanity, Earth and everything else for that matter. They are the top tier of the pyramid incarnated in human vessels.

The Trinity of the global stranglehold on this planet is the Vatican which is the hub of worship of these psychopathic Archons, London which funnels money to keep their control of Earth continuing and Washington DC has been nothing but the Military arm of these psychos destructive agenda.

The occult connection between the Vatican in Rome, the Royal Crown in London and Washington DC will be known. The European crown owns the United States Federal Reserve System and it’s monetary disbursements. The legitimacy of the Royal Crown will be scrutinized and ultimately brought down.

How the hell can unappointed, unelected, unqualified so called Elite bloodlines have privileged access and ownership of vast amounts of invisible wealth and influence?! The role of the European Royal family’s illegal Shadow banking will be exposed.

We are seeing document leaks, legal interventions and inside disclosures which will bring about public outrage. We are currently seeing this happening. All around the world national leaders and regimes which have political, corporate or legal connections to the anti-constitutional American government in Washington DC will be removed from power.

Right now, in our current reality we are watching the fall of these Archons. Hence, the extreme chaotic conditions on our planet as of now, it is literally a fight between the Light and the Dark! It all connects back to these beings. Again, in the end, this will all be apparent to everyone that everything connects off world.

**By Teri Wade


2 Replies to “The Fall of the Archons”

  1. Rosy

    Simply identify each and every Archon and take them off planet earth. There done 👍 The great awakening will start a new civilization. The rest of humanity will take a juicy red pill 🤣 and than we will live happily ever after merging with our hollow earth brothers and sisters. We will also visit and interact with the galactic federation of light. But if this fails to happen I would sure like to know why not? Could everyone on this earth be the problem? Maybe this is just a school for discipline.