How Can You Know Truths?

People often resonate with the metaphysical truths that I write about and have an inner sense that these concepts are accurate and valid. Then, as we are all imbued with the divine quality of curiosity, they ask HOW I could know about these things.

My lifelong primary interest has been to pursue metaphysical truths and that has led me to sift through endless reams of material, distilling it down with the help of my daily meditations into its underlying, simple truths.

At the end of each search, I am often surprised at how the deepest metaphysical truths turn out to be simple ones, as if to display the Creator’s elegance in the design of the universe.

What I have learned when pursuing insights is that curiosity opens the door, but you have to wait for the answer to arrive unbidden. What this means is that, when you want an answer, your conscious mind will leap into the vacuum and provide one, but it just won’t be the right one! Wisdom comes from the all-knowing higher consciousness within, not from an obliging and creative physical brain. So, I learned to ask for an answer, then wait by switching to other thoughts or other work, knowing that the answer will, sooner or later, pop up into my awareness by surprise.

For example, in last week’s article I wrote that, after ascension into 4D, 25% of our body cells will be formed by etheric (not physical electric) energy. Later, thinking about it, I was unsettled, as if something wasn’t quite right, so I asked for clarification. After a time, I received a mental picture of atoms moving apart instead of clustering together. This reminded me of the ORMES discoveries reported by David Hudson in the 1990s.

In his efforts to identify unknown elements that he found in Arizona soil, Hudson observed that the mystery powder would sometimes go both weightless and invisible! What he had isolated were monatomic (or mono-atomic) elements with their energy levels boosted into a state higher than normal physical elements. In other words, they were physical atoms charged with etheric energy.

The elements were being boosted up into an etheric (and therefore invisible) state, then falling back closer to regular physicality, once again becoming visible and regaining physical weight.

As the etheric energy content of a collection of molecules increases, the atoms tend to separate away from each other, becoming single atoms rather than clumps of atoms gathered as molecules. In their higher energy state, they became monatomic.

The mental picture I received had reminded me of that principle. What it meant was that my original statement was not accurate. We won’t have, as I originally stated, 25% etheric body cells and 75% electric ones. What we will have will be 100% high-energy cells – electric-based physical cells in a higher state thanks to a healthy infusion of etheric life energy.

Sure, it’s a minor difference to what I originally wrote, but finding the most accurate principle is what I do for fun!

Sometimes, in my search for metaphysical insights, I get a free ride. Insights that quietly drift into my mind that seem like my own thoughts, but something feels different and I can sense that a higher being, such as an ascended master, is the helpful source. Perhaps they know that I’ll pass new ideas along to other seekers, so they keep feeding me hints as soon as I’m ready to grasp the next concept.

On one occasion the information was delivered in a very direct way. At the time, I was pondering the biggest mystery of metaphysical philosophy of all time. It goes like this: If God is perfect in all ways, why did It create a universe in which to involve Itself into infinite forms of imperfection in order to then evolve Itself back to that which It already had… a state of perfection?

In other words, WHY was the universe created?

That question has been a brain teaser for thousands of years and, that day in 2007, I received the answer directly from the visiting spirit of a yoga master. He had passed on from this world some years before and doggedly pursued that very question into ever-higher realms until he found the answer.

I included the long and complicated story of this revelation in my e-book, Spiritual Metaphysics: Answers to the Great Mysteries of Life along with a wide collection of formerly-secret metaphysical principles which will empower you to master the experiences of life in this world.

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    It is strongly recommended that website owners stop collecting human information. It is extremely limited and there is no so-called truth. More is to catch a glimpse of a blind man touching an elephant. The reason is simple, because none of them is awake yet. It’s just that the vibration frequency is higher. You know what I mean, stationmaster?