Operation 4th Universe Part 10-4

How the Absolutized Reactor was built, by which Co-Creators decided to restore human Monads, split and mutilated by Black Archons (see Parts 10-2 and 10-3)?

Here is its short background.

The essential and integral part of the Reactor is the Matrix of Life. It serves for the materialization of any Intelligence form in our Local Universe.

The first Matrix was created by two Pleroma’s Supreme Hierarchs. In the current, 3rd, Universe, it was perfect and fully met the tasks for which it was developed.

However, life does not stand still. Absolute has closed Its 3rd Universe and is ckean up the space for a new, Fourth one. Everything is transformed – the Pleroma, Co-Creators, Foundations, Monads and their manifestation bodies, energies, matter to the atomic and sub-atomic level, the human organism to genes and cells.

For new Local Universe, a new Matrix of Life was needed. It was created by the same two Pleroma’s Supreme Hierarchs. In shape, its Crystal looks like a 144-petal bud.

Shortly before the operations, described in Part 10-3 (see DNI 7 October 2022), to create and manifest an Absolute Matrix of Life in our Gray eon, the Pleroma’s Supreme Hierarchs invited Lightwarrioress, who is one of the ground team leaders.

Co-Creators chose her for many reasons. She was one of the World Mother Sophia’s daughters, and later, entered the Higher Light Hierarchy on Venus.

To Earth, she came from 13D, and this is her third incarnation.

The previous one was in Atlantis.

There, she was one of the White Priestesses and was responsible for the Servophototron, which provided energy to the Fourth Race.

Lightwarrioress has an Absolutized Monad, and that permitted her to solve the most difficult tasks during many ops, narrated by DNI. Co-Creators asked her to help materialize a new Matrix on 3D Earth, because here she has a three-dimensional physical body.

After her consent, the operation started immediately. It proceeded very hard for the Lightwarrioress. Her blood pressure and pulse jumped sharply, everything began to spin, and moving to another dimension, and she lost consciousness, plunging into a coma for seven days.

At whiles, Co-Creators returned Lightwarrioress to our reality for a few minutes so that she could at least support a bit her physical body a little and drink water. At these moments, she found the strength to text her dipole half, the group leader, how bad she feels, and again fell into a coma.

Lightwarrior and the team members helped her as much as they could, although, then, they did not understand what was going on. Everyone was very worried about her.

One day, by clairvoyance, he saw how her Soul came out of her Earthly Personal Logos Matrix, and the Monad completely dissolved into the Pleroma. On our physical plane, it meant the death of the body and full ascension.

Lightwarrior could not lose his dipole half (wife), so he did the first thing that came to his mind – he returned her Soul to the Personal Logos Matrix, otherwise she would never have been able to incarnate in 3D.

But the most important thing did not happen on Earth. While the Lightwarrioress’ Monad remained in the Pleroma, Supreme Hierarchs during these seven days and nights loaded non-stop the Absolute Matrix of Life’s fragments into each atom of her Monad.

Terminated the download, Co-Creators started a new assembly of the Monad, because nothing was left of the old one, only its manifestation body in 3D. In parallel, the Absolute Matrix of Life was being assembled and materialized in the Local Universe and on Earth.

After the successful completion of this op’s part, Lightwarrioress became the first carrier and Keeper of the new Matrix, which immediately brought the first results in the Local Universe transformation.

During her Monad’s stay in the Pleroma, Co-Creators launched the prototype of an Absolutized Reactor for the restoration of human Monads.

The Matrix created with her participation was a key part of the prototype. It was built by the Pleroma’s Supreme Hierarchs, using Their Aspects and primary Feminine and Masculine Foundations.

Applying this mechanism, Co-Creators planned to restore, cure and upgrade the men’s Monad to an Absolute level. For many, this meant salvation from forced and inevitable liquidation. But before the running through the Reactor, the human Monad has to be 100% free from karma in all its manifestation bodies.

After activating the installation, through it, in a test mode, Co-Creators run and Absolutized several human Monads, complied with requirements.

The results were amazing: all Monads were fully transformed, and preserved their entire evolutionary experience. It means that from now on, no human Monad will be destroyed.

In the 4th Universe there will be only Absolute-like Monads, and everything, including Man, will be a single Continuum of the Absolute. Gradually, the boundaries between worlds and eons will be erased and leveled. The Local Universe will have an Absolute’s Single Manifestation Body.

Human structures are transformed in a similar way. Our urgent evolutionary task is to transform in such a way as to obtain a single manifestation body of our Monad. After a complete purification from karma, of course.

This inspired Co-Creators so much that they decided to immediately test the Reactor’s capabilities for upgrading planetary Monads. A few days later, they restarted the mechanism, and run through it the Earth’s Monad.

And again, the results exceeded all expectations. The Monad of our planet was successfully Absolutized. The first in the Universe!

However, it did not happen smoothly, and was accompanied with very dramatic events. At the first attempt, the Earth’s Monad still contained a little karma, so the Reactor immediately turned off. It had to carry out a cleaning operation in a hurry.

Lightwarrioress took the job on herself, as the Absolute Matrix of Life’s Keeper and carrier. And again, she had to go through the hardest energy and physical exertion.

She didn’t regain consciousness for a long time. The connection with Earth was not traced. The ground team members have exhausted all means of support.

Then, they decided to try to get their Monads into the Reactor and help Lightwarrioress from the inside. Perhaps it wasn’t the best option, but the group did not see any others and was ready for anything.

To their surprise, Co-Creators not only approved their spontaneous action, but also indicated a place from where it was possible to complete the operation – a sacred spring in one of the mountainous regions.

Lightwarriors immediately left for specified location. However, it was not easy to get there. Their old acquaintance, Yahweh, blocked their way. As previously DNI narrated, the former Dark Hierarch of Earth was deposed, interned on Saturn along with his brother Jehovah, the former ruler of the Solar System (see – Disclosure News, July 5, 2022).

The manifestation bodies of Yahweh’s Monad were destroyed, and he lost almost all of his power. Somehow, having learned about the new, Absolutized Matrix of Life, he wanted to get it and fully restore his Monad capabilities and become invulnerable.

While Lightwarriors’ driving to the sacred spring, Yahweh managed to remotely undermine one of the local hidden karmic burial grounds at the moment when the group was passing by. It was like explosion on a land mine.

A powerful wave of toxic substance hit all members of the team. They had to stop, clean up for a long time and come to their senses. Nevertheless, they still reached the place of operation.

There, Lightwarriors traced that Yahweh carried out the explosion through the earth elemental, which, unlike the other three (water, air and fire), wasn’t cleansed from karma and Absolutized.

Having completed the previously planned op with the Earth’s Monad, late in the evening, Lightwarriors dealt with not purified elemental.

At midnight, at another sacred Power Place, where the Temple of All Elementals is located, applying an Absolute Light, they launched the cleansing process, which was successfully completed the next day. Yahweh has lost the last opportunity to influence and harm our planet and humanity.

Their next op was the creation of a Single Maternal Logos for perfect human Monads.

And finally, on the events of the last week. For several days, in different countries, people again could see many Light Pillars in the night sky.

Scientific literature, as well as Wikipedia, have described and explained this atmospheric optical phenomenon in detail. But this time, its nature was different.

Searching Light Pillar: an incredible natural phenomenon – Enkey Magazine

These pillars were plasma streams, with the help of which, according to the decision of the Galactic Committee, unwanted space races were evacuated from Earth. Orbs in plasma streams are transport capsules.

Galacom sent out a notification in advance to all alien colonies on Earth demanding that they leave the planet.

More than 1,000 space ships have arrived on near-Earth orbit to take the aliens first to a transit base on Mars, and then, to a distribution hub in the Alpha Centauri system. DNI will monitor the events.

**By Lev


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