Kryon: Are You a Victim of Chance?

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

The subject of this month and even partially of last month, is timing. The timing we talk about right now is more personal than an overview. In this particular channel, I want to talk about something that is really part of your everyday life and your existence.

We have spoken many times about the energy of expectations, and about your way of thinking, both positive and negative. That subject deals with what happens when you direct consciousness toward something. We are going to talk now about timing and synchronicity.

Specifically, the energies that we want to talk about now are the attributes that bring to you that which you wish to create. Now, you can call that type of energy whatever you want to, but the way it works is very profound. It’s almost too profound for some, because they will tell you it’s impossible.

How Most People Think About Life

If you could interview most Humans on the planet about life, they will tell you that you are born here, and, if you are lucky, you survive. If you’re lucky, you won’t have accidents that may terminate your life or cripple you – if you’re lucky. Of course, if you’re not lucky, it will be the opposite, and you won’t survive. So, at some level, you are, then, a victim of chance. Most would say that this is absolutely correct. After all, why wouldn’t it be? You can’t control the future.

You may not be able to control the future, dear ones, but you can control the present. We have told you about what some call “The Law of Attraction.” It’s where you put energy in front of you somehow, so that when you arrive at that place where you put that energy of expectation or intent, you get synchronicity. Synchronicity is having something occur that changes your path. Some call it luck.

So, let’s back up and talk a little more about that. There is something on this planet around the energy of consciousness which is not necessarily esoteric. It is physical, and it is called The Field. It is a multidimensional soup of energy, where the consciousness of Human thinking and action reside as a type of field.

This entire idea, odd as it sounds, is being studied and validated at so many levels, that someday, it will have a name given to it than is much better than The Field. Additionally, the experiments determine if consciousness can affect randomness. In other words, can you create your own “Luck”? The answer has been YES!

For those who expect good things to happen and put the energy of expectation and intent into The Field, synchronicity begins to happen far too often to be called luck, and those Humans have a lot more control over their own paths.

Let me put it this way: When you travel on unknown roads, you don’t know where the potholes and rocks are or where the smooth areas are. So, in life, it’s the same. It’s like you are blindfolded, and you may trip on the rocks or step in the potholes. It’s called chance and luck.

Then I come along and tell you that, if you were to project the energy of your travel path to the smooth areas, there is some kind of energy that leads you there. That is synchronicity. Indeed, some just call synchronicity luck! “Boy, are you lucky you met that guy,” they might say. I’m going to go further. I’m going to call it created synchronicity. It wasn’t luck at all.

Sending Intent Works in Both Directions

Now, synchronicity doesn’t always have to be positive. I have discussed with you before something you cannot hear too many times: If you are always negative, if you are invested in how this planet has victimized you, and that you’ll never get ahead, you are creating your own synchronicity. You are actually custom-building energy that will take you directly into what you are verbalizing. You’re going to step into every pothole that exists. Are you getting this? Then you turn to someone else and tell them you are a victim of the planet. The truth? You ordered this from your own “menu.”

It’s Not Creating the Future

You create your present reality as you walk. You’re not necessarily creating your future. Instead, you’re creating your present. You have put in front of you the expectation of synchronicity for your NOW, and you’ve given it a positive twist. Consciousness is energy, and this has now been proven. You are now learning to use this energy, in combination with The Field. You might say, The Field is what is giving you information to have the intuition of where to go to meet the ones who are there for you. Remember that all things that are currently happening are in The Field.

“Kryon, is this positive thinking? Is this just something you hope for?”

When it comes to synchronicity, it’s not created by hoping, dear ones. We have given you information in the past that this energy of expectation is almost like ordering from a menu. If you expect benevolent things on a daily basis, they occur. Now, there are always those who doubt this and are going to say, “Well, that’s absurd because, if I have a problem and I don’t know the solution, how can I put in front of me, what I don’t know, Kryon?”

So, oh linear one, let me give you the answer to that. Here is your projection. Here is a sample of your affirmation:

As I walk forward, I will always step into that which will give me solutions to my problems.

In other words, you don’t have to put in front of you the details of absolutely everything that you’re wanting or looking for or expect. Instead, see what is best for you, which is whatever the synchronicity of the moment will bring.

Dear Spirit, let me always walk in the light.

Dear Spirit, put me in the best places I could be.

Now, there are things you can give yourself in these affirmations and intentions that people seldom think of.

Some Situations to Know About

What kind of control do you think you have with this method? Let me ask a question. Have you ever had an experience where you are about to do something, something you planned perhaps, something you looked forward to, or something you’ve expected … and you were stopped? Did you ever think this might be an answer to your intent? What if there is something better for you than what you are proceeding with?

If you were asking to create synchronicity and there is something in front of you that’s inappropriate, intuition may stop you if you’re tuned into it.

I’ll tell you what gets in the way, dear ones. It’s when you set your mind to something no matter what, and you get all kinds of esoteric signs and signals and intuition that perhaps you should wait. Do you “listen,” or do you just plow forward because you want it? Then immediately you proceed, metaphorically, to step into a pothole! I think some of you have had this experience. (Kryon smile)

It’s One of Your Greatest New Tools

We are talking about one of the greatest tools in this new energy, and it’s being enhanced all the time. Some of you who are learning how this works have had these amazing things happen more than one time. Some of you who understand how all this works are expecting things, and know the way it feels as you do it, and are using it every day.

You wake up in the morning and say: “No matter what happens to me this day, I will project the things that will solve them. I won’t know what those things are, but I will be led to be in the right place at the right time, meeting the right people, and staying attuned to the synchronicity that I need to see.”

There are also those who are starting to understand something very special: Those you meet along the way may very well have something for you, even though it doesn’t seem like it. Those you might meet along the way, who you might normally just say “hello” to and move on, may have profound information or direction for you that will change your life. So, that means that you need to examine differently situations that Spirit brings to you, because you asked for them! You simply didn’t recognize what they were.

More than synchronicity, now we’re talking about gifts that you have actually projected and asked for, which sometimes you miss. It’s all about timing. It’s a beautiful thought, is it not, that, perhaps, you, as a Human Being, have control over your life or luck?

I want you to think with me for just a moment, maybe even project your path a bit. There you sit. For some of you, this is new, and perhaps you’d like a little more of an idea of what I’m talking about. So, let’s go through it.

It’s so important that you understand that this is doable. More than doable, this is something that you can use now. It’s everyday, practical, esoteric information that works.

“Dear Spirit, I’m uncertain about my future.”

“Dear Spirit, I may have this or that wrong with me.”

Then, project how you want this to unfold: Say, “Let me project in front of me what I need for my life to be smooth.”

Do this for yourself, not for others. They must do it for themselves, since it’s “Human-specific.” But in the process, others will see in you what you have done, so it can help them as well.

“Dear Spirit, let me walk into my solutions.”

“Dear Spirit, bring me the right scenarios, and the right people, and the right relationships that I need to move forward in love.”

And – the best one we told you about many times:
“Dear Spirit, show me what I need to know.”

If you have the courage to say that, then also have the courage to dismiss the details of what you expect. What if you were expecting “A” and you got “B” instead? What if “B” was far more valuable than “A,” but you were so stuck on “A” that you went down the “A” path and you missed “B”?

These are things that you must get used to: Dismissing the details of your expectations and being okay with something better. You never know what Spirit is going to give you, especially when you’re more open to love and beauty than you even expected.

You are magnificent. God loves you so much and is so willing to take your hand and lead you right into the synchronicity that you deserve. But with free choice, your intent is KING!

You do not live in a chance-world if you choose to use this tool for a smoother path, dear ones. I would not tell you these things if they were not true. There are now many who have experienced this exact thing, and they now depend on it for their day-to-day lives.

Blessed is the Human Being who understands the power they really have over everyday life and occurrences. Relax in this, dear ones.

And so it is.


**Channel: Lee Carroll