Operation 4th Universe Part 10-5

The next operation of Pleroma’s Supreme Hierarchs was the creation of a Single Maternal Logos for ALL Monads and their Families (Streams), regardless in which cosmic races they are incarnated – Light, Gray or Dark.

Naturally, Co-Creators planned to unite into the New Logos only those Monads with completely cleansed manifestation bodies from karma.

This op required enormous preparatory work, in which the ground team was actively involved. In particular, the Co-Creators’ DNI was tested on Lightwarriors for subsequent introduction into a Single Maternal Logos.

Since it was to be linked on 3D Earth, before the op, each group member had to pass a new severe crash test. Especially tough one got Lightwarrioress, mentioned in the recent posts. To check her resilience, Co-Creators injected her with huge doses of karmic substance of different categories and concentrations, which she needed to process.

The test coincided with a very unpleasant situation – the betrayal of her best friend, who began to put a spell on her.

At one such moment, Lightwarrioress was driving. Her Monad got and processed the negative energy of the black magic strike, but the machine suffered. With the front wheel, it went into an open hatch on the road and began to twist.

All that happened in the middle of a busy city highway, there were many other cars and people nearby. Fortunately, no one was injured; the car was stopped without hitting anyone…

The most interesting thing is HOW the Lightwarrioress’ Monad behaved in this situation, and reflexively, instantly. Instead of sending all the toxic negativity back, after processing it into Absolute Light, the Monad additionally drew in and eliminated the Dark egregore through which the black magician worked.

As it turned out later, this was the scenario of the crash test, which Co-Creators staged. They wanted to make sure if Lightwarrioress and other team members are ready for the next challenging op.

As Disclosure News narrated earlier, the genitors of most human DNA and Monads in the Gray eons were Yaltabaoth and his dipole, the former Dark World Mother Lilith. And part of their DNA consisted of the former Black Co-Creator’s genome.

For the new, 4th Local Universe, human DNA and Monads are needed, completely purified from the Archons’ substance. And this is possible only if the former genome is replaced with the Absolutized DNA.

The first, on whom the Pleroma’s Hirarchs tested it, was ground team leader. They installed in his genome two pieces of that DNA with fragments of Feminine and Masculine Foundations.

He had to combine both parts into a single Absolutized version. At the same time, all genome variants previously introduced into him (Matrices of 12-, 24- and 144-helical DNA) were erased. They were used only for testing, as prep for the introduction of the new DNA in earthlings.

A toughest crash test followed. Again and again, Pleroma’s Hierarchs wanted to be sure that, by transferring a part of Selves to a person, nothing will happen to it, and it won’t be mutilated by karma, as it happened after the betrayal of the Black Co-Creator.

Now, during our transition to the 4th Local Universe, the highest responsibility is assigned to us, men, because our Monad and DNA will be carriers of the Absolute and Pleroma’s parts in all dimensions and worlds. This is a sign of the Divine trust in us and a certain risk for the Pleroma…

Under the conditions of the crash test, Lightwarrior could unfold the Absolutized DNA up to 90%. The further process stopped. As it turned out, its full-scale termination in the 3D karmic conditions is impossible.

In that situation, Pleroma’s Hierarchs have taken an unprecedented step. They removed the segment of Lightwarriors’ Monad, and replaced it with a part of their Monads.

Then, Co-Creators speeded up each atom and cell of the Lightwarrior’s Monad to a super vortex state and in this semi-dissolved state combined it with their Monads. This helped fully unfold the Absolutized DNA.

Lightwarrior withstood the op with great difficulty, on the verge of fainting. Vomiting started. His heart was racing with vibrations and pain. Blood pressure jumped sharply. So his 3D body, though completely free from karma, reacted to the fusion with a new DNA.

The test had to be stopped. It was obvious that in the current state of Earth and humanity, the mass introduction of Absolutized DNA is not yet possible. Men still generate too much karma, which poisons everything around.

Of course, not everyone is the same. To help those who continue their inner work, Yang Bao (Buddha) and Guan Yin took an unprecedented step of self-sacrifice.

By their request, on the appointed date, shortly before midnight, Lightwarriors went to one of the mountain Power Places, where the Temple of Karmic Purification is located.

Arriving at the spot, on a Subtle Plane they saw all the members of the Karma Board, who gathered around the Temple. They asked Lightwarriors to unite in a situational dipoles and tune in to Yang Bao and Guan Yin.

They used the group as conduits of access to the Personal Logos Matrices of those people who had significantly transformed through self-upgrading.

Next, Lightwarriors saw how Guan Yin and Yang Bao singled out from their Monads big segments, split them on a huge amount of parts, and through the group and every pre-selected Personal Logos Matrix, and put in men’s Causal Bodies, where karma still remained.

Lightwarriors were in shock. Before their eyes, Supreme Entities sacrificed themselves, their integrity, by one-sided aspects’ exchange with the living carriers of karma, that is, condemned themselves to prolonged captivity, so that all recipients would quickly raise vibrations and free their Causal Body and Monad from karma.

But the main attention Co-Creators focused on a Single Maternal Logos of all Monads. According to their plan, its forming consisted of several stages.

First, two Pleroma’s Supreme Hierarchs, Melchizedek, and Lightwarrioress, mentioned above, built the Logos body, using the particles of their Monads.

Then, they created Logos core by Absolute’s Heart Aspect (Soul), which they crystallized as a result of the group Ascension of their united Monads into It.

The next stage was divided into two parts. In the course of one, a single Absolute-like Monad was developed, and in parallel, a similar Absolutized one.

The former was made by the ground group head. Teaming up with three other participants, they raced their Monads up to their cores’ intense vortex, and then combined them in a dipole synthesis.

Further, they held it until the Pleroma’s Hierarchs, Melchizedek and Lightwarrioress do the same by their Absolutized Monads.

Both processes reached apogee when the Monads in the two groups half merged with each other, without loss of individuality. In this state, they singled out the placental nuclei that formed the two halves of the future united Monad’s body.

After that, Co-Creators merged both parts and started preparing the final op – the birth of an Absolute-like Monadic Logos.

To participate in this event, Lightwarriors arrived at the Pleroma’s Portal on one of the sacred peaks. There they witnessed all the details of the birth and activation of the new Logos in our Local Universe.

It took some more time to complete all the service preparations, and in a few days a Single Maternal Logos was ready to receive Monads.

One of the first was the 66th Monadic Family, whose genitor was Black Co-Creator. Nowadays, Ascended Masters and Lightwarriors could free from this Stream some of the Monads of people, who got rid of karma in their Spiritual growth. But many Monads still were in this Family Matrix captivity.

Previously, it was impossible to evacuate them. They would simply perish, being deeply rooted in the Matrix core, consisting of the fallen Hierarch’s aspects. In addition, almost every human Monad in this Stream was a haven for a demonic possessor of the highest order.

The creation of the Absolutized Single Maternal Logos has completely changed the situation. The Pleroma’s Hierarchs decided to act immediately.

At their request, Lightwarriors made a copy of this Logos by their Monads to receive all evacuated from the 66th Stream. Simultaneously, the team members had to repel numerous furious attacks of possessors, who felt their imminent death.

When all the remaining Monads were extricated, Co-Creators destroyed the Matrix core along with all its Dark contents. Then, from the Logos’ copy, they removed all the Monads, and placed them in a filtration crystal, which Guan Yin and Buddha formed by their aspects to sift off all possessors. After that, the cleansed Monads merged into their new, Single Maternal Logos. Many other are on the way.

Thus another large set of operations on preparation of space and inhabitants for the future 4th Local Universe has ended. DNI will continue to narrate the next.

**By Lev


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