The Dragons, Maji Grail Kiings, Queens Rise, Returning Truth to All

All timelines/ realities, dimensional layers, realm’s, universes, and our multidimensional Self’s have now been fully merged as ONE! As the Holy Trinity and Graillines have returned, as all 13 Tribes merge as ONE again!

The Organic Creatrix field is fully online and overwriting the artificial Matrix realities as we now fully activate 13 strands of crystalline,

physicalised silicate DNA.

We just had an M-Class Solar flare and KP4 geomagnetic instabilities for the last few hours, solar wind density is heavy as well as plenty of Cosmic and Plasma rays and waves continue to build, along with the ongoing C-Class flare baseline that has been the new normal for months now. All assisting the re-encryption of our matter world’s, bodies and multidimensional DNA and Diamond Plasma Rainbow Lightbody’s, all ready to come fully online for the Forerunners.

The most profound Heart healings and openings continue to build in intensity, breaking our Hearts ever wider open, and helping us to dissolve and alchemise the false ego Self. It’s been really difficult keeping our Hearts wide open with a lot of interference continuing to play out, as well as what seems like ongoing push backs, what feels like endless delays and holding space, especially for the Divine Masculine to fully rise. The healing of the Feminine Heart has been one of the hardest things to master. Her wounds go so deep, at times is has felt like a never ending well of sorrow and pain, even though she knows nothing has been lost and all is being transformed and that she isn’t separate from any of it. As she continues to purify it all through this alchemisation of pain into wisdom, and heartbreak into more Divine Love, HEALING and purifying ALL as she does.

This amount of pure Source Divine Love and light shining upon all is also bringing up all remaining fears and shadows. All negative entities and beings are being removed and evicted that were all the reflections of these unacknowledged collective shadow aspects and projections, including the black magic field, spells, hexes and curses, false memories and holographic overlays, inserts and implants, all that has kept us feeling separate, imprisoned, disempowered and small is being transmuted and dissolved.

The moment we’ve been waiting for so long has finally come: OUR BIG BREAKTHROUGH!

Our rewards and harvest for all the hard work we’ve been doing is finally here!


Feel into this!


CLAIM THIS! CO-CREATE THIS IN EVERY NOW, as you claim your True Self and worth! As we fully re-member who we truly are, our infinite Abundance gets projected out from deep within us now into our realities, as we no longer question ourselves, our power to manifest and co-create the realities that are beckoning from deep within us now!!

The Solar Dragons and Maji Grail King’s and Queen’s are fully rising in their power now, reclaiming their gifts and abilities, having healed our core wounds and traumas. Healing the wounded warrior, as our healed Hearts become invincible, having had endured much heartbreak and spiritual warfare.

The Cosmic Mother of Dragons has fully reclaimed all of her body parts now and is fully risen, and as she does, the 13 primary Christos/ Krystic Dragons are rising powerfully from within the Earth’s crust and caverns, fully awakening from their stasis now, also supported by activating St. Michael’s major Dragon line, which surrounds all of Earth, awakening millions of dragon eggs throughout the Earth.

The overall theme as we rebirth our One True Self is a total Metamorphosis and Transformation process of the old Human to the New Divine Angelic HUman and Cosmic beings that we are! The frequencies continue to rise and everything, every particle and wave of Creation is being purified and raised vibrationally, all is becoming more crystalline and much lighter very quickly now. Our blood, bones, fascia, skin and every cell and atom continue to shift from carbon to crystalline.

Powerful Stargate, Emerald Ray, Cosmic Diamond Heart Grid, Crystalline Core and Rose Heart Activations, are opening up our sacred Crystal Hearts ever wider to pure Divine Source Love, which is healing ALL of life back to its Original Divine Blueprints, and continuing to help us let go and release all that is not. All through the Love of the Divine Mother having fully returned to heal all of her offspring, returning all to their rightful home. Also supported by the Crystalline Core and Amoraea Heart Flame Activations, part of the Monadic merging and Divine Union completions, as the Cosmic Monad and Original 12/13 tribes unify as ONE from deep within each one of us again. Our multidimensional DNA and memories ignite and return the true history records and realities we have forgotten long ago. Our ancient future all unlocking and igniting from deep within us and the crystalline structures of Earth, our New Eden is here now! Awakening from deep within.

We’re purging our and the Planetary body of all remaining artificial intelligence materials, signals, systems, structures, networks and architecture, all holographic overlays, inserts and implants. The whole Artificial Matrix hologram is being fully dissolved along with all the inverted thought forms and beliefs it was based upon, clearing the false Akash so our true memories and history records, the Emerald Tablet’s and Halls of Amenti, can be accessed from within our own Krystal Hearts and Blueprints again.

Support your body the best you can. Allow this sacred rejuvenation, restoration, transformation and metamorphosis to happen through you now, timelessly so. It’s a LOT to balance, integrate, activate and let go of. Non judgement and non resistance are the key to making this collective purging process of all that is false and artificial, go as easy and quickly as possible for you and all. Try and relax your body and nervous system as often and fully as you can to assist the Monadic merging and integration of your higher identities into ONE.

DIVINE NEUTRALITY, LOVE and heart based discernment and boundaries, are helping us navigate through the turbulent and crazy realities that may be playing out around us. A lot of strength, courage, patience, endurance and tenacity has been required to get us to this point, as we navigate through the final purging of the false Matrix and false light realities and constructs, dissolving all remaining illusions, holographic inserts, implants and overlays, that were held in our own field, as we see clearly again!

We let go of anything that no longer serves us and has weighted us down. Liberating ourselves of any remaining fears, doubts, worries and insecurities, all based on false beliefs, as we are reclaiming our One True Self, our sovereignty, freedom, power, gifts, abilities and joy!!

I hope you can feel the New Beginnings and dawn arising now as we let go of any remaining remnants of the old realities!

A great power and urgency it arising as choice points close out and we get ready to walk the Rainbow Bridge, and quantum leap into inspired action as guided. With our Ra Center (upgraded solar plexus) being powered up after much clearing of any limiting thought forms and beliefs that have kept us feeling disempowered and in lack.

The frequency of Celebration and Ecstasy now replaces that of hesitation!

We let go of any remaining cords, hooks, any attachments to the old stories and realities, our old self, and any illusions of separation that kept us fragmented and disconnected from our true nature, from Source. The levels of interference and spiritual warfare that have played out have made this a beyond challenging journey for many of us, especially affecting the 144 and Original Twinflames. The higher our purpose and the roles we play, the greater the challenges and initiations we face. Let this knowing be your strength when facing great adversity and feelings of being and doing this alone. We truly never are, and our connection to Source sustains us throughout it all.

Divine Unions usher in full Christ and Cosmic Consciousness Embodiment of our Diamond Avatar Self, the Masculine and Feminine Christ unified as One in form. This is also clearing and exposing the false mother and father archetypes, as we are here to anchor in and hold the new Cosmic Divine Mother and Father Blueprints and Templates, that is the Cosmic Quantum Tree of Life, our 13D+ silicate DNA represent, as we fully ignite the Divine Template of the 144 plus three as ONE!

The Solar Cosmic Dragons and Maji Grail King’s and Queen’s hold the keys to unlocking our true memories and history records, holding the Emerald Tablet’s and the instruction sets for HUmanities evolutionary journey, within their Blueprints and DNA, the keys and codes for our New Eden, ready to be fully unlocked now along with our sacred Crystal Hearts opening ever wider! THEY ARE US! 🐉 All to be activated, accessed and ignites from within each one of us!

We came to dissolve and PULL THE PLUG ON THE FALSE, ARTIFICIAL MATRIX ONCE AND FOR ALL, as we fully open up to pure True Divine Love, NOW!

ALL remaining false light / imposter identities, clones, cyborgs, nanos, bots, reversals, negative and parasitic entities etc, are all being removed and purged as we do, and we’re almost fully done dusting the decks, with the final clean up and purge of the old artificial Matrix hologram and realities/ timelines completing fully now. All held within our own fields, all made up of thought forms and beliefs. All energetic remnants are being rapidly dissolved now as we let go of all that is false.

Now the time out of time has come for our Solar and Cosmic Dragon aspects to fully rise higher, and shine brighter, than ever before! RE-CLAIMING OUR FREEDOM, SOVEREIGNTY, JOY, PEACE, ABUNDANCE and UNITY ON BEHALF OF ALL! Because it is us who came to light up the world! It is us who came to be the change that makes the magic happen, to cross and be the Rainbow Bridge that leads to, merges and CO-CREATEs ALL NEW WORLD’S!!


Eternal Love,

**Ramona Lappin


7 Replies to “The Dragons, Maji Grail Kiings, Queens Rise, Returning Truth to All”

  1. tigersnack1114

    Dragon Wisdom……gratefully needed at this time!

    Denise G…I too, am now seeing all kinds of wild colors, moving shapes, etc when I just close my eyes and quiet the mind. Only take a few seconds these days, as opposed to 30-60 minutes of meditating 15-20 years ago.

    1. Denise G

      I’ve never been able to meditate, every time I would always try there would be a brick wall, an ACTUAL brick wall with no way through, over or under! Lol
      I would always daydream instead, especially when bored, just stare at a spot for a few seconds and just walk off into my own world, got me in trouble a LOT as a child!
      Try communicating with it, oh, little tip, the Aura prefers to be asked to do something instead of just told, or that could just be my personal I Am preference 🤷‍♂️
      She can actually show you images in there too, it’s wild.

      1. tigersnack1114

        I cannot do the classic meditation either, sitting Lotus.
        I must move so I do nature walks, Tai Chi or just sit in a chair and see what my mind wants to show me.

        I’ve been working on manifestation of very simple things, such as a cookie/treat or something rather common.
        The first time I tried, I DID get a good cookie unexpectedly and I had to laugh and smile…and say THANKS!

  2. Denise G

    Hi again! I’m posting a third message here hoping someone may see it and tell me what on earth is happening, I’m kinda confused at this point!
    As I was practicing with reading my Aura just now I decided to play with it some more regarding the control over it and started communicating with it by asking it questions, which to my amazement it would then answer!
    When I would ask a question that simply changing the color would not answer in a way I could understand the “smoke” consistency changed and started actually showing me outlines of things, the first one I was so shocked I have no idea what it showed me and the next ones both showed me fractals in the smoke field. I can’t understand the fractals themselves so I’m unsure what it’s showing me? Strangely the Aura seems to be its own sentient presence which I believe to be I Am, which it seemed to confirm when I asked.
    I’m new to all of this stuff so some of the basics are unknown to me, it showed me how it has a “base” color of like overall mood and then colors that I consciously or subconsciously depending on my thinking, send outward so my question is this how Auras work normally or is this something new coming on line? If anyone knows that is?
    Thank you so much for anything you can offer, I’m finding this new ability fascinating, I’ve NEVER felt LESS ALONE in my entire life and it’s truly amazing and worth every dark hole I had to go down in order to GET here!
    I’ve never felt so blessed in my entire life so trust me when I say do NOT give up because everything is finally coming online for us!!!
    Blessings to All
    Denise G

    1. popgoestheweazle

      Very interesting.
      We would call it YOUR BRICK WALL “IS COMING DOWN”. 👏😅

  3. Denise G

    Sorry, I realized I have a question if someone can answer it, I’ve had a few daydreams the last few years in which I oddly turned into a White Dragon that shoots Rainbows instead of fire, enjoyed the sensation of true freedom of flight a lot!
    My question is if that could be connected to everything happening in some way?
    Also in my previous post I should have specified I’m not sure how quick and easy this Aura thing is supposed to be to learn but I was a “daydreamer” as a kid and first 40 years of my life whenever I would get bored and the way I would do it daydreaming is similar to the reading of the Aura, I would just stare at something a few minutes and shift my world over to somewhere more interesting. Lol
    So don’t get discouraged if you try, just keep staring, even AFTER the colors start coming in cuz that’s when the REAL excitement begins and you can play with it!
    Blessings to All
    Denise G

  4. Denise G

    Thank you!!! I’m about to bust i Am SO excited!!! Two days ago I decided to try to learn how to read my Aura and it is AMAZING!!!
    I was stunned to see it come online for the first time, it actually ran through the colors one by one like it was booting up or something then I realized I could actually CHANGE the color of it with a thought and a breath, oddly the Conscious breath became almost translucent but regular breathing was done in colors by whatever I would think at the moment and it was so vibrantly beautiful!
    Then yesterday I started seeing energy outside without trying even, the sky was full of purple and turquoise energy yesterday AND I saw the ELECTRICITY moving through the POWER lines, oddly it’s white and moves in waves.
    This is so utterly amazing I actually get irritated when someone comes home and bugs me practicing! Lol
    I can’t wait til I got this down to start using to help people with, not sure but I seem to be getting some kinda messages involving healing oddly enough but I’m always game for new stuff!!!😁
    Blessing of Love and Light and Rainbows to All!!!
    Denise G