The Magnificence of Who We Are

There comes a time for all of us, when we suspect that we may be more than mere humans living in subjection to the energetics of empirical duality. We begin to question the boundaries of our consciousness. If we can look at them objectively, and even logically, we find that they are all based in some kind of fear. They are negatively polarized. Once we realize this, we can understand that our boundaries are artificially contrived in order to provide the kind of empirical experiences that humans can have.

In our true essence, we are fractals arising within the consciousness of the Creator, gathering experience and understanding for infinitely-expanding universal consciousness. Our every thought and feeling have unique vibrations, and are part of universal consciousness. We are constantly created and held in the eternal consciousness of the Creator. We are given power to create experiences through our mental and emotional actions and reactions, and we are given inner guidance in knowing beyond limitations. Fear does not exist in our inner guidance, which is rooted in unconditional love and radiant life force.

By opening ourselves and being receptive to our inner knowing in every moment, we can practice being sensitive to our feelings and every kind of prompt and realization that comes to us, apart from outer intrusions. For this we must align energetically with the vibrations of our heart, whose energy is always life-enhancing. It is the feeling of gratitude and joyful vitality. By following our inner guidance, we transform our lives, leaving all fear-based limitations behind. Our personal lives become miraculous.

As we begin this process, we must transcend our ego-consciousness, which exists entirely in the realm of limitation. It is limited to thoughts and feelings, and it does not have true knowing and understanding. Only our heart can give these to us. We can be aware of them in every moment. Although our heart is much more powerful than our brain, its power is restrained for us until we realize what it is. It is not just a physical organ. It is an etheric connection with universal consciousness. In order to realize this, we must align ourselves with the vibratory spectrum of our heart, so that we can become aware of its essence, which is also our essence, beyond our persona.

**By Kenneth Schmitt


2 Replies to “The Magnificence of Who We Are”

  1. Denise G

    Yes, my Aura is actually SENTIENT, it likes to be ASKED something first of all, not “told” and when I asked if it was I Am it answered affirmative!!!
    I feel like she’s a “she” so, she communicated through color, obviously but the most amazing bit is the things I asked her that could NOT be answered simply by color she could lighten that color til it was close to translucent and then project images IN the color!!!!!!
    She showed me fractals a couple of times and it was when I asked about my mission, what is is cuz I’m clueless, and o got the distinct impression she was saying that I was sending OUT those fractals into the air basically.
    This has been so fascinating the past few days that I actually find I get irritated when interrupted!!!😂
    Blessings to All
    Denise G