The Durham Expedition into the Truly Dark Continent

The Durham Expedition into the Truly Dark Continent

The flaming minions are really quite brilliant.

Boo hoo! Durham lost again. Boo hoo…

If you think Durham lost anything, at any stage of his work, you are living in a illusion powered by lying eyes & the inability to observe reality.

The Dachenko trial, as was Durham’s previous work on Sussmann, was a trail building expedition, not a final destination.

IMO it was totally irrelevant to the goal, and the work, if the jury was to find Dachenko guilty. In point of fact, it is easy to extrapolate circumstances wherein a guilty verdict would be a burden on future expansion of the trail built thus far by Durham.

Durham is an explorer, now turned to telling the story of what his explorations have revealed. As with all good story tellers, Durham has a sense of the rhythm & flow of both the language, and the plot.

Durham as explored the Truly Dark Continent. It is Truly Dark because the inhabitants of this Continent want no light upon it.

He has spent years landing on the shores of the TDC, setting up small camps for inland explorations; then, learning the lay of the land, Durham and his intrepid crew push back out to sea, heading to yet another promontory of the TDC, to once again land, and repeat the work of exploration.

Surveying a continent is tiring, tedious, meticulous, harrowing, demanding work. It takes time. Durham’s audience now, that is to say, the global populace, GlobalPop, has neither the inclination, nor the interest to pursue a repetition of Durhams exhausting, and exhaustive, investigation.

Thus the current strategy of ‘trial by proxy’.

Repeatedly now, Durham has placed the FBI, DOJ, and other associated ‘letter men’, at the center of the Truly Dark Continent. He has shown the world that it is possible to create a Truly Dark Continent, and here is an example of one.

Durham has done so by setting some of the minions alight. Yes, he ignites a minion in order that the flames involved would cast light into this engineered realm of shadows.

It is working. The people are seeing the FBI, and DOJ, et al, as they desperately try to retreat further from the light of their former minions flaming up brightly as Durham burns them like fat candles of corruption.

Durham is showing GlobalPop the nature of exploration. He has demonstrated that one cannot simply charge heedless into the heart of darkness, rather one must build a trail of lights along the way.

Durham lights his trail with the energy of the exposure of the part that the chosen minion in the corruption in that part of the TDC.

When he is finished with them, these lanterns of burning corruption, their fate matters not; after all, they have already provided the light necessary for all to see the trail further into the TDC.

As with all explorers, Durham and crew have to provide their own resources. They are living off the land they are exploring by exploiting what may be found there.

It is all quite riveting, though my confession must be that my attention is more on how the story is being received by GlobalPop than within the story plot as it is presented thus far.

Durham’s presentation is winning rave reviews at this point, barely into Act 1. The next act, and the identity of the next flaming minion, is being much anticipated.

Onward, onward, we urge Durham’s Expedition. Into the very heart of the Truly Dark Continent.

**By Cliff High