The Collective: Shine

Well, greetings, dear ones! We are very pleased to have this time to speak with you again today.

And in this beautiful crisp autumn air that so many people in the world—parts of it, anyway!—are experiencing now, we speak of the kind of Light coming through in these last few months of this very empowering, if challenging, year.

So that you might look out at the sky at night, and see this beautiful autumn moon, and rejoice at how crisp and clear it is.

And there was much rain a week or so ago, we realize. And many have suffered badly as a result, from the rain and the winds, from this hurricane named Ian.

Certainly, it had already affected Puerto Rico, and it affected some of the states in the United States, and other parts of the world as well.

So that one is getting two images, two experiences, at once.

And one is, that there is just this tremendous flood of Light coming into the Earth, in addition to the flood of water.

It’s easy to confuse what some people are experiencing now with what was experienced in the Great Flood, when the Earth was covered with water.

One might think, “Are we being rinsed clean once again, even though it means that some have had to leave their bodies?”

And many will have lost their homes, or their businesses, or their schools. All of this sounds very rough, and it can feel very rough, and it doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense.

But let’s look at this beautiful song [“Shine”] by this absolutely brilliant songwriter, Joni Mitchell, who really became known at a time when people were being asked to throw aside all of the various forms of hiding and lying to oneself, whether it was on an individual basis, or a group and cultural basis.

This is what the 1960s and early ‘70s brought to the world! All of you now are seeing this, not just as a cultural trend, but as a global one.

Once again, people are saying, “I want to know who I really am. My authentic self. Not who I was trained to be. I want to be that authentic self, even though it might cost me on some level, and whatever Light it is I came in to shine with, I want to shine!”

And so this lovely song [by Joni Mitchell] is titled “Shine,” by the album of the same name, and it talks about various situations—and [her description of the state of the world] may sound, yes, a bit rough at times.

It comes to several points, where the songwriter is talking about a clergy member who “threw away the vain old God / and kept Dickens and Rembrandt and Beethoven / and fresh plowed sod / Shine on good earth, good air, good water / and a safe place for kids to play . . . ”

What is it about Dickens and Rembrandt and Beethoven, and the fresh plowed Earth, that is more legitimate in their minds than the old descriptions of deity?

Of course, all of you will know that! You will know very automatically that the god that people are taught to worship in most religions is a false one.

And as humanity returns to a deeper and deeper sense of its own authenticity, and asks to know, “Who am I, really?” and “Where is my authenticity, and where is my Light, and how do I shine that?”—increasingly, the old images of the old deities will indeed be thrown away.

Later on, the songwriter adds, “Shine on the Catholic Church and the prisons that it owns / shine on all the churches / they all love less and less.”

Then she says, “Shine on a hopeful girl / in a dreamy dress.”

Because the desires of young people to fully experience life in all its beauty is one of the more Divine presences on the planet!

So naturally, religious institutions had to try to stop that.

And now all of you come forth in this era, and you’re asking to understand, “How do I shine as brightly as I can?” Even in this time when so many have lost hope, and are bracing themselves for one more disaster or another.

“Even when I have borne the brunt,” you’re feeling, “of the disintegration of all these institutions that were supposed to save us! “

How am I to shine my Light in an atmosphere in which so many call out to NESARA to save them, and so many feel it’s almost useless to hope in good things anymore.

“It’s just a matter of bumping along the road, and trying to survive the best you can!”

“Is there something obscene about wanting to be joyful and in love with life, in that sort of schema? Maybe I should just go around looking a bit dour, and a bit fed up! “

Because if we’re going to look at how many people have suffered and will suffer, then I don’t want to walk around shining full of Light as if I had no empathy for what these people go through!

Or no understanding of what I myself have been through.”

Completely understandable, dear ones, if any of you would feel this way!

And yet we say, all the more reason to shine your Light!

If you are refusing to give way to responding or reacting to outer stimuli, if you are refusing to only react to what you see happening around you, then you are one of the few who fully understand what’s really happening.

Because people will worship the media, for instance, as they once worshipped education and religion, and certain forms of social contracts, such as marriage, and felt that once inside of those institutions, they could never turn their back on them.

Now the media is the thing to which you are supposed to adhere, and follow, and worship at all costs. And the media is telling you, “Everything is falling to pieces. Don’t expect anything like Divine Justice anytime soon!”

And so you may feel like that’s the only honest way to live—to keep your eye on what they say is happening.

But we assure you, there’s bigger news than that. And that news is that the particular waves of Light coming to your planet right now are speaking to you and to everyone on a cellular level, on an intuitive level, on a soul level.

And they are informing you, dear ones: almost nothing of what you hear is actually what is happening.

In many cases, the opposite is occurring.

When you hear from these dear ones, the Faction Three White Knights [of the Ashtar Command]—when you hear of the militia who are on the ground working on behalf of the Ashtar Command, and on behalf of the higher Light coming into the planet—

You are opening a door in your Spirit and your psyche that leads you into that brilliantly lit, open space where you are finally going to see things as they really are.

And it means overcoming the influence and the persuasion and the narrowness of all of these institutions that this dear one, the songwriter, mentions, and all the others besides.

It is so, that you are being asked to “shine on good humor / on good will,” and on, as she says, “the lousy leadership licensed to kill.”

“Shine on dying soldiers in patriotic pain / shine on mass destruction in some god’s name.”

And then at the end, she comes down to “Shine on the pioneers / those seekers of mental health / craving simplicity.”

Though what is meant by that, except Peace of mind, dear ones! Peace of heart-mind.

And who are these pioneers, deciding that Peace of heart-mind is more important than what people say is happening out in the world?

Of course, they’re all of you!

And the songwriter says that these ones “traveled inward / past themselves.”

Past that conscious self, trained by one institution or another in hundreds and hundreds of Earth lives to avoid authenticity, avoid the power of the Soul, avoid the true Self, avoid the truth of anything.

You’re walking right past that falsely constructed ego-mind. And yes, you’re letting your Light shine—100 percent, you are!

Do you have to be cheerful every day in order to get that done?

No! You just have to show up!

And each day, affirming, “I AM reflecting back to everyone around me, and to every situation in my life, the power of the Light pouring in now. And that is the only truth I need to adhere to!”

From there, higher Love, higher reasoning, Divine Wisdom—it will all flow to you.

You’ve all already begun receiving these! We only encourage you to continue.

And we give thanks, dear ones—absolutely honored to be a part of this beautiful Circle, this beautiful Community.

And so as you listen to this lovely song “Shine” by this brilliant woman Joni Mitchell, who has survived so much in her life, and given so much, you will know, “Yes, that’s me! I AM also letting my Light shine.”

Wonderful, dear ones! And so we send much Love, and many blessings. Namaste!

**Channel: Caroline Oceana Ryan


2 Replies to “The Collective: Shine”

  1. tigersnack1114

    When you go out in public…..concentrate on raising your vibes and literally SHINE your light. Shine so bright that everyone will notice the Light. People will see you and have a tiny look of amazement in their eyes. They will feel better and not really know why!
    I did earlier this morning at the Farmer’s Market and other stores.
    Drifted away from shining a few times and had to refocus on positive thoughts. Still in the early stages of doing this and I often get distracted, like trying to calm the mind when it is yacking at me.