Eclipse of 10/25/2022; Love, Money, and Beauty

It will be followed on November 8, by a Lunar Eclipse in Taurus that I shall be writing more about next week.

Eclipses always mark major turning points in our lives. Closely affecting the next 6 months of lives, their repercussions last about 19 years.

This Solar Eclipse is emotionally intense. It brings into sharp focus our connection to love, money, and beauty.

Romance comes to the forefront. If we already have a partner, this eclipse requires that we reassess our needs, and clearly express our relationship values and standards. If we are still single, this eclipse could very well bring a significant Other whom we feel was our destiny to meet.

Psychic flashes of insight support our finely tuned emotions. Because we consider our personal affairs with great seriousness, our need for a solid and safe foundation, may make us want to restructure our domestic circumstances. We know what we want and no sacrifice seems too great to achieve the security we seek.

However, this incredibly passionate eclipse can also bring to the surface very dark aspects. If caught in stress, we are not above creating drama. While capable of extremes of self-control, we could also be confronted with possessivity, jealousy, revengefulness, and shocking forms of manipulation. It is essential that we acknowledge our feelings with the utmost honesty. True emotional self-analysis helps us counteract possible abuse, violent, fanatical, obsessive, and in some cases, even volcanic reactions. In some people, the lust for power could lead to insane demands followed by tantrums which cause compulsive behaviors, and nasty responses aimed at creating guilt.

Those emotional outbursts are extremely difficult, yet they serve a purpose. Especially if of late, we have felt impatient with the slow motion of our lives, drastic measures have to be taken. Intense solutions to our emotional dramas are required. We need to force situations with others and destroy all the ties that still connect us to painful aspects of our relationship past. This may mean being abrupt towards those who hinder the unfoldment of our highest destiny. This is a time of profound purification which forces us to determine exactly what kind of love life we want.

Being aware of not being so optimistic that we overlook important details, get out of touch with reality, and make fatal errors of judgement, is essential. Falling prey to blind optimism, too much indulgence, promising more than we can deliver, and misplaced sympathy towards those who appeal to our emotions is not advised.

If we stand our ground with courage, and positive energy, speak truthfully, are direct, take the initiative, and assert ourselves with self-confidence, our inner excitement, will power, and fighting spirit help us make the best of any situation. Our enthusiasm, sense of purpose, sincerity, and vigor give us all the stamina we need to start new projects and support our imagination with hard work. Opportunities are not only recognized, but they are also seized with bravery and the excitement of facing a challenge that forces us out of our comfort zone.

Fighting for what is right, being hopeful, responsive, conscious, and logical helps us build the emotional and financial security we crave. Our longing for love has every chance of being successful if we surround ourselves with beauty and people, we feel comfortable with. Our enhanced sensitivity to harmony, may lead us to developing our artistic talents, draw us to cooking, fashion, and/or decoration. Our personal and sexual magnetism is intensified by this eclipse. We feel amorous, romantic, sensual, and refined. Our cheerfulness, kindness, warmth, and tranquility, make us very popular, helping us attract the relationship we seek.

If we don’t stretch ourselves too far, avoid chasing rainbows, and are honest with our true feelings, this eclipse brings love, passion, and material gains. Enjoy its bounty!

Wishing you a powerful eclipse day!

In Loving Light.

Michelle Karén, M.A., D.F.Astrol.S.


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