The Council: Play in the Infinite Possibilities

You are radiant, gorgeous, divine, magnetic. That is what you are, and that is what you’re here to be, and that is the power you have. And anything that’s going on in your life right now, anything that’s going on in your life right now, everything that’s going on in your life right now is bringing you into new levels of your power, new levels of your consciousness that will summon the energy that is you, the energy that is your masterpiece, the energy of your most majestic creation.

Everything exists for you here and now. Play in the infinite possibilities. This experience is like nothing anywhere. You have all these dimensions of consciousness available to you. You have the experience of form. You have the experience of an elevated frequency of form. You have the experience of playing in your realms of imagination. You have the experience of every timeline here and available to you. And you get to choose. And you are worthy of it all. And everything you want and need will be there before you know you need it. It will just come.

So, say yes. Say yes to it all. Say yes to the miracles, yes to the magic, yes to the true creation, yes to the divine synchronicities, yes to the instant manifestation, yes to it all. And when you see something beautiful, remember your energy created it. When the most beautiful bird soars above you in the sky, seeing the sunshine reflecting off its wings, when you see it gazing across the horizon from its incredible viewpoint, your energy created it or you wouldn’t see it.

When you see, oh, the tallest, most beautiful tree, rooted so deeply in the ground beneath you, and you lean upon it, and you feel its strength, knowing how deeply it is connected into the Earth as it grows towards the sky, remember that it is your energy that created it, because it is. When you find the most delicious meal and you put it on a plate before you and you look down so satiated to be enjoying this delicious meal, it is your energy that created itYour energy created this all, your entire life, your entire reality, your entire being, and everything you experience, which means you can create anything, any experience you choose, because it’s your energy that creates it all and it’s all your energy and it’s all here for you and you are worthy of it all. How could you not be? The very proof that you are worthy is that you are here.

Play in the infinite possibilities that are here for you and ground all of that through your being, through your body into this now moment more present, more grounded, more clear than ever before. You’re going to feel all of the energy that is you, all of the energy that is summoned by you. You’re going to feel it flowing into you, flowing through you, flowing into your reality, flowing through these potentials and possibilities, flowing like the most powerful waterfall, flowing, rushing into you, into your life, into your experience, into your reality, into your creations, into your manifestations, into all that is you.

Allow the powerful energy that is you to flow through you into this now, into every now. Let anything, anything and everything be reminding you of how powerful you are because it’s all your energy. A powerful hurricane? That’s just a reflection of how powerful you are. Do not give your power to something outside of you. It’s showing you how powerful you are. And you want to summon and focus all of that power for joy and love and freedom and beauty and abundance and wellbeing and fun and creativity and inspiration. Let the powerful energy that is you flow through your entire experience like a rushing waterfall, flowing into your reality, more love, more joy, more peace, more harmony, more abundance, more wellbeing, more creativity, more inspiration, more excitement, more fun in every moment.

The threat of a nuclear weapon, nuclear. You’re more powerful than a nuclear weapon. It’s just reflecting to you how powerful you are. Be not afraid of anything. Do not give your power to anything. Do not entangle. Do not entangle in conspiracies. Do not give your power to anything outside of you. That is how powerful you are. A powerful burst of love exploding all over this beautiful planet, that’s how powerful you are. That’s the power you have. That’s the power that is you. And it is your energy that creates it all, and it’s all your energy.

Play in the infinite possibilities. Unleash the magic of the entire universe within you, all around you, and allow yourself into the New Earth that is here for you now. It’s here for you now. Paradise, the New Earth, it’s here for you now. Play in the infinite possibilities and let divinely perfect orchestration deliver it to you in the most divine right perfect moment that leaves nothing out.

**Channel: Sara Landon


3 Replies to “The Council: Play in the Infinite Possibilities”

  1. Lightworker

    From my personal perspective:

    Yes, “you” can create anything, but “you” includes your subconscious. If you haven’t fully healed, and 99% of people haven’t, you might be creating things from your subconscious that you might not want.

    “You” also includes your soul, and your soul may want you to experience things that are uncomfortable and painful so that you can learn lessons from this. Your soul cares much more about soul growth and less about comfort than your conscious mind does.

    I’m writing this because, well, almost everyone in the spiritual community isn’t at this moment able to manifest anything they desire. I don’t want someone to think there’s something wrong with them if they can’t either.

    Being able to manifest more is a matter of healing and of aligning your soul and your conscious mind, not visualizing really hard / really frequently.

    1. Colleen

      I agree. I read or listen to many channelled messages like this and they all amount to the same kind of things – remember who you are and you are a co creator of your own reality and you can create anything- you dont know how powerful you are etc etc etc its actually quite cruel and distracts many good hearted light workers who are going within but keeping one eye open on whats going on externally so they can help the collective.

      Its like being given an instruction manual and KNOWINGLY removing the crucial page of assembly or a few of the components and watching the person struggle – when you could have just provided the information in the first place or where to “ purchase” the missing peices separately if the decision has been made not to include them.