Being the Divine; 10/25 Solar Eclipse and New Moon

So much is taking place NOW. New levels are available for those that are ready!

This powerful New Moon/Solar Eclipse holds PARAMOUNT significance for you and your evolution.

For you to be aware of all of you! Of your every thought and every belief you hold within you; therefore, what you are functioning through. This must be self known so that the level of self responsibility required to shift into your next levels of awareness, TAKES PLACE.

The Solar Eclipse on Tuesday October 25th, 2022 at 7:48 am ADT is of lasting impact; that is, 6 months. Not only does the impact last longer it also POWERFULLY increases the energy of the new beginning NEW MOON.

The moon cycles are very significant for the deeper processes of the subconscious becoming conscious. In ancient times this was known and considered SACRED.

Any and all fear related to non truth and beliefs held within MUST be resolved and transformed through self love.

This is no joke and to take this as a self responsibility, catapults you into the higher levels of AWARENESS. Awareness of what you ARE, what processes are left for you to complete, and for you to become fully one with your DIVINE SELF CONSCIOUSLY.

This translates into observing all that passes through you.

Every thought, every breath and observing any beliefs whose time has come to be let go of completely.

Again this is no joke.

Either you are fully engaging with your own self responsible transformation or you are not. Choosing to stay with the easier path. Or choosing to evolve through being self aware.

Each being has their own frequency and interacts with the current and moment to moment frequency of the stars and planets.

YOU uniquely interact specifically based on your level, your blueprint and your level of awareness of you.

The New Moon Solar Eclipse is in Scorpio whose ruler is Pluto. Pluto is all about transformation. This is partly aligned with Venus, with a tension aspect with Jupiter.

Potential dissatisfactions may surface based on beliefs ~ this is how it should be.

In order to LET go of your external hold and beliefs within on how you THINK**** things should be, you must embrace your heart through your awareness.

Observe yourself, your thoughts.

KNOW yourself and become more loving, accepting and AWARE. The greater the fear released the greater the awareness of now and the greater the heart awareness expands.

Arriving back from Egypt, there is so much I will be sharing. The underworld, related to death and rebirth and Pluto and transformation was paramount in daily life.

The heart was weighed in the afterlife and according to that, the state of eternal bliss was either entered into or not. NOW this was also part of their everyday rituals and temple focus. To enter that NOW. To be prepared NOW.

To go deep into your fears NOW, to be reborn NOW.

As fears and beliefs are released and attachments to the external world are released, the subconscious becomes conscious and the Heart becomes the ALL that one lives through. This is full transcendence. The entering of the Fully Divine Self being. That is cosmic, that is bliss, that is eternal.

Your part in this is to be FULLY aware of your thoughts, your fears, your beliefs, so as to TRANSCEND the attachments to this old way of being. To enter BLISS NOW.

So as this powerful Solar Eclipse interacts with your unique frequency, REMEMBER, the greater the self awareness that you bring to each moment ~ the GREATER YOUR TRANSFORMATION.

Into you being Your Cosmic God Self NOW.

Not later, not after this existence.

NOW, only now.

So this Solar Eclipse, challenge yourself as the greatest gift you may give to yourself. To Observe constantly, to remove all false beliefs, to let go of attachments to the external world and how it should be to the mind, to release all fear, to see and know what it is you are functioning through.

THEN and only then, the transcendence and BEING THE DIVINE, IS ALL you will know yourself to Be. This is what this is all about. To remove all that is not the true Divine You, and To BECOME ALL THAT YOU ARE Eternally and this is all now.

Enter now, enter your breath, OBSERVE yourself.

In This Divine powerful activation, I hold you, with The Divine Council of Overseers, now and always, Love.

**By L’Aura Pleiadian