‘I Am Significantly Intrigued’: Harvard Ptofessor on UFO Study

A team of sixteen experts has been handpicked by NASA to specifically study UFO sightings.

The group includes astronomy and computer science experts as well as journalists and astronaut Scott Kelly, who once held the record for most days in space.

Avi Loeb, a professor of science at Harvard University, said there was once a stigma on the subject of UFOs but it’s about time for science to figure out what these unusual objects are.

“I about a year ago, founded the Galileo Project, where we plan to use scientific instrumentation to collect new data and figure out what we’re seeing out there,” Loeb said.

The team will begin analysis Monday, looking at data from hundreds of UFO sightings.

“I think it’s the duty of scientists to get engaged and help the government,” Loeb said. “So why would we ignore this, these observations? And let’s figure them out. And, you know, if we find that they are human-made or natural, so be it, we will move on. But if it happens to be extraterrestrial, in origin, then that will be very exciting.”

Loeb says science is based on evidence, and “we need to find more data in order to clearly infer what these objects are.”

When asked if he thinks there is other intelligent life out there, Loeb said, “I am significantly intrigued by existing data to invest a lot of my time.”

**By Tom Palmer