Energy Update; Vibe High

Beloved Ones!

There is a request from on High for incarnate humanity to keep the energy high. The moments of Planetary Transition are more and more intense and important, especially for those who wish to make the ascension of their soul.

Ascension depends on the state of consciousness of each incarnated soul. It is not the body that ascends, because it is ephemeral and lasts only for the necessary time requested by the reincarnating soul. The soul, on the other hand, always survives, because it is immortal.

A good part of humanity is now in its ascension time. The Portals are open and the passage through them depends on the vibratory frequency of each one. Remember that among so many requirements, the three most important are unconditional love, compassion, and respect.

If one of these requirements is missing, it is not possible to pass through all the Gates of Ascension. We had a Solar Eclipse yesterday. We will have a Lunar Eclipse next November 8. Such Eclipses are important both in opening Portals and in raising the frequency of each incarnate. They also facilitate the cleansing and removal of negative energies remaining here on Earth.

They are the final moments of the most impotant events that precede the Great Solar Flash. Much is already defined and has already happened behind the scenes, within the Divine Plan of Earth. Even if most don’t realize it, they are important pieces within this process. Nothing will stop what is coming, however, each incarnated soul will decide its destiny now, within the current incarnation.

Everything has already been learned, and each consciousness can decide for itself. There is not a soul alive on this planet that can claim later that it did not know the consequences of its attitudes. Everyone knows and knows very well! Even so, many prefer to postpone their ascension, because the ego and pride are still very strong within them.

We will have in the coming days, and also within a time that will not be more than a few years in the Earth calendar, the real sample of what is happening to humanity on this Planet. These are indeed the long awaited final movements. Every incarnated soul knew of these events even before they agreed to come to experience life on this Planet of Atonements and Trials.

Keep your frequency now! It will be critical to your ascension. It will also be of paramount importance to the collective, as each awakened consciousness has an anchoring and creation potential compared to a thousand unawakened consciousnesses.

Many are already vibrating so high that they can balance their energy with 50,000, 500,000, and even more people around you and the Planet. See how important you are now! Don’t underestimate your ability to maintain the energy of the collective and the Earth! Don’t waste such opportunities.

Avoid stress despite the circumstances. Avoid arguments! Don’t get into confrontation! Don’t offend and don’t judge! That would only serve to feed the energy of non-Light. Remember that only the Light creates. However, if you feed the non-Light, you will create obstacles for your own creation and that of the collective as well.

You have already gone through the necessary experiences, even if you don’t remember now. You are one step away from the completion of the walk within the Third Dimension. Don’t get stuck in the group that is not yet ready. Don’t turn back under any circumstances. Not now! The Portals of ascension await you just ahead.

Keep your Light! Keep your focus! Maintain your frequency and your vibration. Such attitudes will make it easier for you to achieve your goals. Remember this: EVERYTHING IS FREQUENCY! If you wish to achieve something higher, elevate yourself! It is the Law of Attraction. Nothing can come to you if you don’t have the frequency that can attract that something. Words are not enough; you need vibration, energy, magnetic compatibility.

In the coming days and also in the rest of this year, anchor only energies coming from the Light. It only takes a small group of awakened people who are aware of this to balance the energy of millions of people. Know the importance of all this, for you are not incarnated now for any other reason. You came to anchor the Light and help in the process of planetary Transition and Ascension of souls.

Even though no one can change the Divine Plan for Earth, you, me, and many others can make a difference, making it easier for others, even if they don’t have the same consciousness. You can transform, change, and improve everything now. But you can also contribute to more difficulties falling upon humanity.

Make your life and the lives of others easier! You are co-creator of your reality, and also, by extension, of the reality of the collective. Always focus on the intention of good! Intention is always the key that opens all doors, and now also the one that opens the Gates of Ascension. You have this key. Do not lose it and do not waste it!

I am Vital Frosi and my mission is enlightenment!

**By Vital Frosi


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  1. malissasrawtonic

    Thank You for UpLifting,
    It’s Very Difficult for some
    SoLite Forms to live in cold climates,
    My form thrives in sub tropical climate.
    I need guidance to find suitable life.