Jeshua: Expressions and Extensions of the One

Beloved, and holy, and only Child of our heavenly Father, Child of the one Source, Child of Light, divine. That is who you are. Take it deeply within the consciousness and contemplate what that means. Child of the one Source. Divine.

I am the one known as Jeshua Ben Joseph. Jesus you have called me.

And it is in great joy that I come to abide with you this evening in your timing as I have agreed to come and spend some time, your precious time, with you. For in truth, we are but One — seemingly in separate bodies, seemingly in separate geographical locations. But that is all for the drama and the fun of it, for the expression and expansion of the Holy Child.

Now, beloved ones, in this evening, we will speak of the Oneness that we are as expressions and extensions of the One. Energy going forth in what seems to be separate streams, separate streams of consciousness. And yet, beloved ones, you are — when you reach out and you do the hugs, the hearts are heart to heart, the energy is as one — and there is an upliftment that you can feel, even on the physical plane, with the love that you feel.

Now, I will speak to you of love for indeed, you are the exemplars of love. You are coming this next week to the place of seeing how much you love and how long you are loved. And it is indeed forever because everything is ongoing. There is no true end even though ones will see the body being perhaps deceased. And ones will say, “Well, that’s the end of that personage. And I don’t know where they went. But I pray to them, and I hope they’re doing well.”

And of course, you’re doing well. You’re always doing well. That is part of the Christ nature that is forever expressing. So do not worry when ones seem to say, “Well, I am going off now to have an experience in what seems to be another reality.” Wish them well and say, “You know, send me a message from time to time.” And then you will be open to receiving it hopefully. Yes.

This is what is happening truly on even this plane that seems to be so separate. You seem to be — and I use that word “seem” advisedly — you seem to be separate and yet, there are times when you pick up someone’s thought. And even before they have opened the mouth to speak, you have known, “Oh, I know what they’re going to say.” And sometimes, and quite often they do. And you pick it up, because in truth there is no separation.

Always in the stream of love, it is heightened. And you can pick it up even before perhaps the one who is thinking it thinks of the words. You know what they are going to say. And especially when you have lived with someone else for a while, you are very much turned into their train of thought and their way of speaking. And you can almost get to what they are going to say ahead of them. Exactly. Ones in love have that special connection, the stream of consciousness. Yes.

And you can do this. You do not need to be as you would call it engaged or thinking about the partnership together. You do this with your friends when you’re on the same wavelength Exactly. And that is truly what it is — a wavelength of communication. And communication when you break that word down means the common union of one. So, there is no separation.

If ones are thinking of setting a banner for me – hmm, a banner that I can hold up and will do it in the parade perhaps that, “There is no separation. All is One.” I will carry it.

(To couple in audience) Okay if I carry it to your wedding?

(audience member, “Sure, that would be wonderful!”)

That would be different. There is but one and they will look and they will say, “Yes, I can see there is one, one love with that.” And for those of you who are — how about perhaps the camera on these ones that in a week’s time, you will be married as you already are, heart to heart. Very good, thank you for being here, this evening to exhibit the human expression of love which comes from the Divinity of you. And you have said, “For a time, I will assume the body, I will assume that there could be separation.” And yet the loving mind knows. And the loving heart loves — no matter where and when.

So, each and every one of you as you are walking on the two feet and even as you have seen the loving animal — they have the loving heart. Walking on two feet, four feet, sometimes flying — you have your flying winged ones, your flying — all kinds of the examples of Oneness.

Now, in this evening I want to speak and go on to speak as we were the last time we so met. And to speak of the Oneness that you are. For in truth, you are at all times part of the stream of Divine Consciousness, the stream that goes forth and will renew and nourish every part of the expression and the essence of God. Allness. Oneness.

Now, as you have some of the most learned ones giving forth their homily as it is called, or their sermons, or their messages, where they talk about One — one God and one Christ. And this is true. The essence of you is Oneness. Always has been even before the thought of time and will continue on after the purpose of time has been completed. For that which you are is unborn and yet forever ongoing.

Same as my comment. I pop in and I speak with you. I give you an idea. Perhaps you think, “where did that come from? Oh.” Now you’re getting tuned into, you’re saying, “Must be that Jeshua. He’s always reading my thoughts and popping in.” Yes. You know that one. And this is true. I do that. Whenever there is a space, I come. And I remind you of the feeling of love, the feeling of the smile on the face and the heart that is open. That feeling of, “I am at home here.”

We will have some of that in a time when you come together as a collection of beings. When you are “advancing.” There you go – “advancing”. Yes. We will have some of the music from the most talented one who will be bringing the essence and the feeling of Oneness through the tones of the voice, through the singing. The Oneness. And it is most fun when you use the tones of the voice. And you can perhaps trill it a bit. Any of you in here or on the screen — do you know how to yodel? we will have a yodeling contest.

( Audience member yodels.)

Very good. Do that again, please. Perfect, perfect. You see the talent that we have in this group! Yes. And all of you resonate with that because all of you have lived on the mountain tops where you would call out to other ones on seeming another mountain top. And you would use the tone of the voice to be able to be in Oneness as you always are, whether you are yodeling or not.

But I digress. How did I digress? And all of you do this as you’re speaking with your friends because you will start out talking about one topic. And then, “Oh, yeah, I have to tell you about so and so said to me…” That one comes up quite often, “So and so said to me. And do you know what she said to me? You know what he said? I couldn’t believe it. I was like am I really hearing this for real?”

( Audience member, “And around and around it goes.”)

And around it goes. Exactly. And by the time it comes back to you, it may be something entirely different. Yes.

You are most creative beings which is why you are having a human experience. You have said, “I want to try the human experience.” And maybe if you have been there and done that other times, you have said, “I’m going to do a few variations on the same theme. I’m going to see how it feels to be the comedian. I’m going to tell some jokes and see if anybody laughs.” And if they don’t laugh, then you’re going to do the drama. And you’re going to say, “Did you get that?” “But no, I didn’t get it.” “Oh, my goodness, I have to go back and start over.” Yes. I had that experience a few times with my disciples, my friends, where I would say something that I thought was a bit humorous – you’ve had this experience as well. And they just look at you. Yes. You know that feeling.

So, back to the subject. You are the extension of the One capital “O.” And you have agreed that you would like to take human form for a while and to play with it, and to find what joy there is in being human. Now, other lifetimes, you have come as the cat. And you have said, “Well, this is great but I have to try out all the different laps and see which lap feels most comfy, which one knows how to pet the cat.” Just right, exactly. There is a definite technique to hitting that one spot where it says, “I am at home. It is okay. I will have purr at least for a moment or so. And then we’ll see if there’s anything left in my food dish.” You have to get your priorities straight, of course.

You are at all times — and outside of time as well — the essence of the one Source. Divine, All Knowing, All Powerful, All Loving. When you are in this space of pure love that is your essence. When you are in this space forgetting self but being one with another one, or being one with the idea that brings you up above the human experience — when you are in that ecstasy of Oneness, all thought of separation dissolves. And you are as the stream of consciousness, the heart of love, that is going forth touching every one, being that essence of One.

When you come to the place of wanting to express all that you are, you will take in the human expression the deep breath and releasing all constriction of judgments — not saying how it has to be but just being in the flow of divinity. And there will be a rising up, an increase in what is even being expressed on the human plane or any other plane that you’re working on. Allow yourself to know the exquisiteness of One. Allow yourself to forget human cares, human “shoulds.” You are surrounded by and can choose at any time a “should.” You’ve had plenty of them given to you down through time. But be the one in the deep breath. Allow even the body to be relaxed and one with the essence of life.

This can be done at any time, any stage of life and/or what you call death. It can be done because you are not the body. You are not even the light that you exude. You are the spirit of One — capitol “O.” You are the spirit going forth, having in this day in time the human experience just for the fun of it. And just for, “I’m going to be dramatic about something.” And you say, “I’m going to stand up for that one point I made. Nobody listened to me, but I’m going to repeat it.

They’re going to hear it again from me”. So yes, you do, “I am going to be all that I can be.” And that will surprise you because there is a whole degree/graduation of beingness.

“Oh, my goodness, is this overwhelming? “It can be to the human expression. And yet, it is the source of All. So you can express whatever comes to you as the way that you want to be. And you’ve tried that out from time to time. You’ve tried out, “Well, how’s it gonna feel if I get really mad at that person. And if I say a few words that I shouldn’t use. Oh, uhm. Didn’t have the desired effect.” And then you go back and you say, “Well, I think I’ll just love that one. I will just look deep into their eyes and I will see the Christ.” And there is a melding that happens — a Oneness, a feeling that, “Everything is okay. Everything is Divine. And I express the Divinity.”

And you do. Indeed, each time you take a deep breath you are expressing as you. And then you breathe out the express, you breathe out the Divinity that you are you. In truth, you are free — free to express that which you truly are. You get to play various parts, especially as you have chosen the human form. But in other times you have been the great cat, you have been the butterfly, you have been the lowly worm as it is called. You have been everything that you can imagine. And more. That is where your slogan comes from. “And there is more.” And there is.

Everything that can be expressed is and has been and will be. As you get into that creative mode, and you say, “I AM.” Even as perhaps the judgment is upon you and you are upon the cross, the crucifixion. You rise above it. And you say, “I am having a Christ experience.” That’s what I did. I tried it. And it worked. Much to my satisfaction. Yes.

Beloved ones, the hardest part of the human life is not the physicality as you are finding out. It is the judgment and the thought of judgment and the thought that there could be other than love. And when you fall in love, everything else falls into place and is as agreement. Even the very molecules of the body get into agreement, into formation of Oneness. And so, no matter what you’re going through, whether it be physical, or whether it be the emotions — and they can be even worse than the physical crucifixion — no matter what you are bringing into your experience, know that you are bringing it in to your experience.

No one else has power over you. No one else controls your thoughts and your belief about those thoughts. You are the One. So, you may freely skip home. You may feel as the little child was skipping along the road, on the way to home, and knowing that, “I am loved, I am love. I am all that there is.” And you come up in a certain frequency at that point, where in truth, the boundary of what you say is the body no longer exists for a moment or so. And even longer, the molecules of the body are free to float.

“Oh, but Jeshua that’s a little scary cause how can I get them back? I really, I want to live out the human life. And I want to give some hugs. But if I’m given a hug and I lose my boundaries, uhm where do I go?

How do I get it back?” With one deep breath. There you are. What did you do when you were first born? As you exited the mother, you took a deep breath. What’s the last thing that you do in physicality, when you are laying down the body? Shoosh. You exhale. It is as easy as breathing. Very good.

I suggest in this evening, just before you put the body upon the bed, to take a moment and breathe deeply. Know that you are activating the cells of the body. You are activating everything of memories of what you did that day. How it felt. Who you talked to. Allow yourself to energize in one moment the body. In a good place — not in a place where it says, “Oh I should have said to her…” Not that place, but in the place it says, “it was a very good day. I AM.” Full stop period. “I AM.” And then follow it with, “At Peace.” And you will find that the body then takes the hint and allows you the restful sleep. And the next day you are ready to be up and doing and adventuring. Because you have decreed that life is going to be an adventure. And it is ongoing.

I decreed that I was going to have an adventure of life. So, I did the human birth and the growing up as a small one. And I played with the worms of the dust. I played with the flower petals, I played with the bird that sang in the morning, I played with the bird by the roadside. I played with the furry one. And I knew myself to be at One with whatever I was playing with. You see, when you go to that place of innocence — not knowing yet all of the worldly judgments — when you are at that place of innocence you are one with whatever you behold. And there is no judgement as to, “I am better” or “This is better.” “I AM.” Period. “This IS.” Period. And your take the bird in your hand and it is as an extension of you. And it is truly because you are the one fashioning that which you are looking upon. And you allow

yourself to know, “I AM.” And you take the deep breath and the smile comes upon the face because the heart knows love.

Life can be dramatic. Life can be hard. Some of your brothers and sisters now will be judging where they are in life and saying, “This is hard. I don’t have a roof over my head, I am homeless. I want to be home. I want the physical home.” And yet they’re finding that ones are providing for them a place to be, a caring place — if they see it thus

— and to be able to breathe easy. I did not always and the disciples did not either have the roof over their head. In fact, it was much better, more to our liking to have the stars above. And did we mind the rain because yes, there was rain. Did we get wet? Yes, we got wet. Did we curse the rain? The snow? The sleet? No.

First of all, we knew it wouldn’t do any good. But second of all, we knew — knowing deep within us — that we are creating our reality out of the capital “R” Reality. When you grasp that, “That I am creating out of my true essence.” And you are. Right in this moment. Each word that you hear. Each word that means something to you — and this will vary from person to person. You are creating your lowercase “r” reality out of the capital “R.” That is how powerful you are.

“Wow. Jeshua, I never thought about it that way.” Well, gives you pause for thought. Think about it. You are creating the ideas that you think you hear in sound, the pictures that we are painting together in words. You are creating as we go along. Some hear them and feel at ease. Some hear them and say,” I don’t think that’s my reality. I have to suffer some more.” They may not choose those words. But it can be true if they say, “I know I have to pay for this. I have to pay in drama somehow.” “Nothing,” they say, “Nothing is free. There’s always a price on everything.”

Well, so be it if that is your belief, and you will pay and sometimes pay dearly. But if you feel that your reality is free, your reality is God given from before time began, then you can go with an easy heart — physical and as the expression of heart, the Love that you are.

Breathe love. Exhale love. Smile. Feel love and loved. For truly you are the extension of the One Source having what you call the human experience. Be at ease with it and come home to Love.

So be it.

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