The One: A Quick Reminder of Where We Are

Hello again! In an unexpected message, I’ve been asked to release this generally and everywhere within the next several days. Today was the first opportunity to do so. This conversation took place on the 20th of October. I will get right to it below and ask you to share wherever like-minded souls wander.

I was not given specifics.

Please know that from One’s perspective, as compared to ours, “time” is quite a different thing. Use discernment and trust what resonates.

Thank you for being here. We are the Ones we’ve been waiting for.

Many blessings and much love.



It is the One.

Events transpire for you on your planet right now, that will alter the course of your life. These are hidden from your eyes, as they must be, in order to assure that they can be completed.

They are not all captures. Some of these are rescues. What is being retrieved is not just people. What is being retrieved is also property. Property of the people. This has been stolen and hidden and kept by those who held the power here.

There are many things to which you will now have access. These will alter the course of your life.

Things like free access to energy and highly advanced medical technology are only a start. Methods for food preparation are available that will guarantee an end to hunger. There are advances in virtually every aspect of society. These will astound the senses and uplift as well as simplify your existence. Much has been kept from you, dear human.

You’ve been raised and bred to be work animals for a non-human species. This is the awful truth of it. Once you accept it as truth, everything that you’ve suffered through makes sense.

Religion was a tool used to instill in the population a reason for “suffering”. Many teach the fact that you are born with sin as part of your soul. You are marked before you are able to hold a conscious thought, and this contributes to the way you have accepted the conditions of your slavery. You are taught, very early on, that you are not worthy.

This life has been a stimulus to a remembering. You are here to remember your truth and to realize your core. You are the most brilliant of lights, favored in all of Creation.

You’ve chosen to be here, and your presence is a gift to Gaia as well as a much-needed boost for the race. The bravest, the strongest, the most brilliant; these words tell the truth of you.

You are about to complete this magnificent mission. You all feel it. There is a sense of peace and acceptance now for your role. It is that moment before stepping out onto the stage, when you take a deep breath, and center yourself.

It’s showtime, dear human, it’s showtime.

That is all.

Thank you.

**Channel: Sophia Love


8 Replies to “The One: A Quick Reminder of Where We Are”

  1. Yup

    We have been told many times how to do this and that it is a process. We are the ones we are waiting for and therefore we hold the very carrot in front of our noses. Are we going to bite or not the Universe asks… We are apparently at a culmination point. Good luck to all.

  2. popgoestheweazle

    The “carrot dangling” doesn’t stop (regardless how much knowingness one receives) because that’s how the process unfolds. But when you look at it from the other side “what you are seeking is seeking you” it’s simply how you are constantly being focused in the right direction. To be aware of the carrot and riddles is the perfect alignment to what “you” want. That’s as close as one can get to what can’t be imagined.

  3. Jacques Vincent

    Very well said and i would also state this : It would just be super to stop sending out riddles and assist humanity with the instructions of how these things are so easily done. Im sure tomorrow you will give more guidance.

    in great humility …

  4. Colleen

    Thanks for positive vibes … may I respectfully remind you of how cruel carrot dangling is with this approach of communication… a reminder in a few months of human time.
    Its cruel to constantly state how easy it is to just “ remember who you are” and be a “ powerful Co creator” without the “ how” and further instructions. It would just be super to stop sending out riddles and assist humanity with the instructions of how these things are so easily done. Im sure tomorrow you will give more guidance. Its done. Thank you