Silesha: Iran, Heart Openings, and Executions

A very warm welcome to all of you. You may not know me so let me introduce myself to you.

As my friend and channeler here, whose name is Losha, has been working on her own health and emotional issues over the last few months, I determined that it was the appropriate time to introduce myself to her.

She was a bit unbelieving in the beginning when she learned that I am speaking to her from the 12th Dimension; however, she quickly felt my high-level energy of Unconditional Love (she calls it her Bliss Event!), and she was convinced that I was in fact here to speak with her, and truly from the 12th Dimension. ….

Silesha allowed me to ask her three questions

(1) What will it take for the Iranian rebellion, now inspired by Iranian girls’ refusal to wear the hijab, to be successful in securing a light-filled regime change?

A. As most of you know, this rebellion by name, has been ongoing for many, many years. It has seen many faces come and go…thankfully, many of the “bad” faces have gone, for good. However, there are still more inroads to be made…and these beloved, warrior women are taking over the front lines, so to speak, at this time. It is the beginning of the last rebellion there, however it will still take a bit more time to fully mature.

In the interim, there will be a few more “causes” which will be joining the warrior women, which will become a fierce force to be reckoned with…and those in high government positions will no longer be able to stop them, as it will finally be time for the Light to win, and provide the beautiful people of Iran, a country for them to be proud of, once again.

(2) What is the relationship between the event variously known as the Ring of Fire, Wave of Love, Sign, and Event and Ascension? Are they both heart openings and the latter is permanent, the former temporary?

A. Dear one…a rose by any other name…would still smell as sweet (smile).

I will say that all of those phrases are very similar in concept. Many names have been given for the same concept by many different beings throughout time. The name does not matter so much as the meaning and outcome, both of which are very important in this case.

As you have alluded to, these phrases all refer to heart openings…just at various stages of evolution within each human. Individually, each of you will understand a certain phrase such as those mentioned above, that will make an impact on your heart…and that phrase will be different for each of you…as you humans like to say “whatever works”! That may sound superficial however it is still accurate, in this case…it is whichever phrase/name helps to connect to your heart, and then you have begun the life-long process of ascending into the higher dimensions, where your heart will reign free! It will be most glorious!

I do not intend to sugar coat the emotional work that is needed during the process of ascension…because it is indeed a challenging one…one which each of you agreed to prior to your birth in this lifetime. Knowing that does not make the challenge any easier except that you do know that you have a myriad of angels, archangels, ascended masters, spirit family, and galactic families which are here to assist you in your process…you are never alone, please remember that, dear ones.

You are all so very close to experiencing many more highs than lows in your world…do not give up…you are warriors, angels, truthers, patriots, and lightworkers…and your world needs your innate gifts now, more than ever. I send my Love to each of you… It Is So.

(3) Long lists of executions are circulating on the web. They suggest that mass executions are taking place. If there were, what can we ordinary people do to stop them?

A. Your question regarding en masse executions happening currently… Yes, that is true, and there are indeed two ways to ponder it.

First, as many of you already know, there are great numbers of high-level officials, financiers, media moguls, and celebrities who have been engaging in unspeakable actions upon our most cherished part of the population, the children.

These heinous criminals must be punished for their actions…but more importantly, the part of the earth population which does not yet know of these criminal acts, must learn about them, and also “see” the punishment which comes as the result of committing such crimes.

Now, having said that, I also understand that many Lightworkers’ compassion for mankind in general, do not agree with taking a life, in any situation. That is an admirable trait to have…and I believe one should stand strong for whichever belief they possess, in this case.

It is always part of being for the Highest Good of All, when one does not wish to see anyone die, no matter how despicable their actions. However, your 3D world, generally speaking, is not yet at that level of compassion in this instance. They still need to see justice meted out…then they can begin learning about compassion, as you all begin to come together toward a more positive future.

Baby steps are needed right now, then you may take great strides!

**Channel: Losha