Salusa: Scorpio Wave Effects And Parasitic Disintegration

The efforts of those working in darkness continue as they realize that more Light has entered the Earth, bringing the awakening of what they once had as something fully under control.

In recent weeks, they have unleashed a parasitic wave that has affected those less connected with love.

They are etheric parasites that act disharmonizing and bringing discomfort and mental agitation, awakening aggression and violence.

Lightworkers and Warriors are being called upon to keep their hearts high so as to counteract these attempts to create disharmony and chaos.

It was to be expected that such things would happen, for they know that their last stronghold in the galaxy is slipping through their hands like fine sand between their fingers.

The good news is that the eclipse in Scorpio will bring a wave that will release very deep traumas, – food from these etheric parasitic entities, – for healing, and the waves coming from that event will disintegrate these traumas like an explosion of crystalline plasma, leaving these entities in a state of disintegration, a situation where they will have no more food to sustain themselves.

This wave of Light will extend throughout the end of October until mid-November 2022.

It is also normal for many of you to wonder why such things still happen, and we hasten to say that these events are intended to expand your inner strength and your ability to better deal with your own shadows.

It has been eons of time entangled in these contexts of pain and suffering, and now you can see the considerable increase of Light within you, as well as all around you.

And the Light illuminates what was hidden, to be definitely clean.

The time is approaching when you will no longer be afraid and the old external and internal structures will have collapsed so that the New can manifest.

We know that many of those who work in the Light have found themselves in difficult days lately, but at the same time that they face such challenges, they feel the strength they forgot they had born within them.

It is a time of personal rediscovery, and as all these movements take place, you find yourself completely aligned with the highest plane of your soul.

It is to be expected that many remain in discouragement and extreme fatigue, often turning to dissatisfaction and irritability, as they still cannot understand how these forces act and how they can have greater control over them.

In discouragement, they deny, thus, their own innate capacities and Soul strength capable of solving any problem.

It’s important to keep in mind that none of us see them as poor and disempowered. Quite the opposite!

We see them as masters who have chosen to experience in the lower dimensions and perfect their gifts and mastery of the influences of the lower bodies in those dimensions.

As your linear time passes, you will have greater control and, even if everything seems to be falling apart inside and outside of you, rejoice, because as Jesus said: “Blessed are you, when they revile you and persecute you, and, lying, say all evil against you because of me. Rejoice and be glad, for your reward is great in heaven; for so they persecuted the prophets who were before you (Matthew 5:11,12).”

Keep the Faith and hold on to the Greater Truth that nothing moves without a deep reason for being, and you will all be ready to go beyond what you ever imagined.

The approach of disclosure about our presence has also caused some agitation behind the scenes.

And a chain of events will unfold very soon, so that those who still have some control over the news will have no choice but to definitively open the archives, even more publicly, about our positive intentions with the human species of Earth.

You will see us even more in your skies as time passes.

Our shiny silver ships are already being “polished” with the love of our Earth relatives.

We will be delighted to show ourselves, coming under the clouds of heaven with great power and glory, just as was prophesied of us.

This will be a moment of immense joy and we can say that it will be worth waiting for so long in this dimensional reality.

Keep your hearts calm and at peace, not listening to certain vibrations and information, when the intention is still to keep you in conflict with each other.

Keep in mind the saying: “The dogs bark, but the caravan goes on”.

Here, then, those who still work in darkness only intend to cause chaos in an attempt to delay our arrival, a fact that will be inevitable, since the human race on Earth has already made its choice: the ascension.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and, speaking in detail, you are receiving appropriate updates in your DNA which may cause a certain feeling of fluctuation and dizziness.

Of course, it won’t be long before you can get out of your physical bodies with greater ease, as the current density is starting to subtilize.

You will feel less gravity in your physical bodies, as well as less pressure in your astral bodies, facilitating the “decoupling” of physicality.

Don’t be afraid when you suddenly find yourself floating above your body, especially when you are at the beginning of sleep.

This will be common in the coming months, and is yet another sign that the limitations of the lower dimensions are being discontinued.

We of the Galactic Federation – who make up an infinity of souls from across the Universe and beyond – find ourselves now in positive vibrations for the Earth and leave our love and blessing to you all.

Selatherin A-al Arjaten!
(In Sirian: Because Yes. We Are All One!)

Be in Peace,

Be in the Light!

**Received by Rafael (Neva/Gabriel RL): Gratitude, SaLuSa!


2 Replies to “Salusa: Scorpio Wave Effects And Parasitic Disintegration”

  1. Gerald

    The future is a very exciting place I hope for your arrival soon. I have some strength left but everything is getting tiresome for many. The universe is astonishing in beauty.