All Things Can Be Used For Good

From Your Hostess of Light As a world we are standing knee deep in muck and mire. It is so appropriate for us to be coming up on the 11:11 power days. And I pray with all of my heart and soul that we can rise above what tries to steal our peace and power. Like a lonesome cowboy ride the chaos like one mean bucking bull, to a place of engaging and then taming the runaway energies.  Remember even Tesla himself tried to tame lightening. That is exactly what this next doorway of light is all about. Energy is energy is all of its forms, whether it is a new cell tower, a broadband under your neighborhood ley line, or the fear of running out and the world stopping on its axis, see it as a linking point which amplifies your Light and Heart intention. ALL THINGS CAN BE USED FOR GOOD!

As the season of Holy beginnings and endings is birthed and Scorpio comes out of her cloaked sheath, breathing and stretching her wings of light, finally becoming the beautiful Dove Star of 11:11 she was destined be.  As the seasonal Light begins her descent upon the planet Earth we enter the true Season of Love in all of its forms.  A season born of Timeless Miracles, myths and Magic; A season of light that seeks to be embraced in the hearts of all humans.  This season of light is thick with potential and possibilities; it asks to be set free to form into countless miracles. Miracles that walk and talk.

Light both shortens and lengthens itself on Earth as the 24 hours shifts into a different mode demanding more than before. Many possibilities become invisible of nature cloaked like a hunter in the fall leaves.  Humanity scampers about looking for their personal rabbit hole to hide in, as fear and injustice is broadcast thru the streets of earth.  The very human heart demands your undivided attention; let the seasonal Christ heart awaken with no religion attached.

This light is so tangible and thick it has a shadow; A shadow that comes to teach and redefine itself person to person.  This living light comes to redefine the shadow smoothing the edges, honing us, polishing us, asking us to shine brighter to try harder. Like a decorated Christmas tree in the black forest this holy-day season asks you to stand up for what is Light, to escort miracles down your street, to dine with the angels. To be a Light bringer a light bearer, one who believes; Like the real Santa Claus in disguise collecting donations outside  a grocery.  what a magical experience that would be to see between the True Magic.

**By Gillian MacBeth Louthan