Opening to the Realization of a Higher Dimension

There is a level of energy that we are occupying, but that we are mostly unaware of in our ego-consciousness. In alignment with the energy of our heart, we can be aware of a dimension of loving and joyous encounters and creations. By feeling the quality of this energetic pattern, we can align our awareness with it and have a perspective of acceptance and compassionate understanding, while feeling the frequency of joy and deepest love. This energetic alignment can give us the realization of a higher-frequency realm beyond polarity and time/space, yet having control of time/space in our awareness.

We are all capable of transforming our experiences in our own reality. Everything that we believe is outside of ourselves, however we identify ourselves, is actually a projection of our own energetics, which we hold in our consciousness through our conscious and subconscious mental and emotional processes, utilizing the energetic spectrum of our beliefs. This is how we realize the vibrations of our personal reality, and this is what we can change intentionally, resulting in a different quality of reality for ourselves.

We can find that in the guidance that comes to us through our heart, we begin to know more and think less in our ego-consciousness. By living in emotional alignment with our intuition, we are free to create whatever we envision to enhance all aspects of our lives and the lives of all around us. When we can realize the reality of this state of Being, it fills our lives with its manifestations. Whenever we become aware of negative energy, we can accept it and transform it into light and release it from our awareness by refocusing on what we truly want in our deepest Being. This opens our awareness to a higher-vibratory dimension that we already occupy, but didn’t recognize.

By releasing our fixation on the realm of duality, we can expand our awareness into a different dimension of energetics, one that is supportive of all of life and displays expressions of beauty and wonder. In our realization of who they are, we can become aware of the awareness of all beings, and we can interact from our heart with all who come into our awareness. Our inner radiance strengthens and brightens our aura, increasing our creative manifestations. We can play with all of the creatures and aspects of nature who encounter us.

All of the elements are within our domain. We can play with the water and the clouds and create their imaginary scenarios. We can align with the trees and other plants by opening our awareness to their awareness and knowing them intimately, while sharing their energies with ours. We can especially interact with crystals on their level of vibrations and know their awareness. There is so much that awaits our recognition and realization.

**By Kenneth Schmitt


3 Replies to “Opening to the Realization of a Higher Dimension”

  1. Marilyn

    Thanks guys for sharing your experiences, they are so helpful on this journey!!! Praise God!!! Love, Light!! 🥰

  2. harrrrrie

    Thank you everyone and thank you Denise G for sharing your story about your gift. I can relate to many things you described. I too am an extremely sensitive person and recently discovered I’m an empath. I’m very similar to you. I know things not because it’s something I read or heard, but because the knowledge just pops in my head or I feel it in my chest.
    A few years ago I read Gaia had stated the global warming was 25% man-made and 75% her doing. Gaia wants all of Earth to be temperate and was going to make many changes not only in weather patterns but also in her geology and the shape of the different terrains. I.e., lower mountain ranges, make mini ice ages, start rainfall in desserts, move and widen the Mississippi river, etc. So we are in for some interesting times ahead. I mentioned this not to contradict anyone but I remembered reading it and thought it was of interest to pass on.
    Good luck with your knowledge and I hope you and others will be able to benefit from it.

  3. Denise G

    This resonates and got me to thinking about the “oddities” of Me.
    As an Empath who was pretty wide open psychically in the beginnings of my life here there have always been some things that I have just “known”, of course it wasn’t until 2 years ago I felt the “knowing” and knew what it was consciously but there were some things I always knew and I never understood WHERE those things came from, I just knew them like “God”, I always knew there was only One Creator, that “big question” of Why are we here? I always knew it was for “education “ purposes even though I never understood what but whenever the question came up I always had that answer even though I never knew where it came from.
    Sometimes I would know things, like Climate Change, I’ve always known somehow that it isn’t man made that it’s just our position in the Galaxy at any given time that controls that.
    A bunch of odd little things like that, but the truly “odd” thing about these things is that even when it get like I was reading a script, unsure of where these things were coming from I always knew they were true, whether it “felt” like it or not.
    Always knew something was wrong with the Religions and the things I KNEW were wrong with them and yet I also knew they weren’t “God”.
    Interestingly enough, before 2 years ago I just thought I was stubborn about some things and nobody had proved me wrong yet!😂
    I had “night terrors” as a child about my death, two distinct and separate “dreams”, one I was stabbed to death going into my Apt building in NYC while everyone on the streets and in the building stood by and did nothing other than watch or shut their windows, I was a Black woman in that one. The second was ME now being stabbed to death at a DIFFERENT Apt building, when I was 16 we moved to a house by my new school and the Apt building was right around the corner from where I lived, on the way to my BFs house, I ALWAYS took the long way around, never went anywhere NEAR that building and I finally stopped having BOTH dreams.
    These are the little things of Me I’m discovering are NOT coincidental and I believe we ALL have them if we dig deep enough for them, that thing you always did or said but you never knew the “why” and they’re there for a reason.
    Discovery is always the best part of the process for me, I love the joy and energy of KNOWING something I’ve been focusing on if that makes sense. Lol
    Love and Light to All
    Denise G