The Power of Human Connection Through Prayer and Meditation

In this transmission, my High Council and I would like to share with you the importance of coming together as a community to pray and meditate to help with the ascension process.


The ascension process is the upgrading of frequencies that we can each perceive as we start to consciously awaken to our own process of evolution. When we choose evolution, it means we choose to make an effort to learn and understand ourselves.

We courageously face our shadows, we courageously embrace the path of healing the self, to discover more about our divine light.

When we choose the path of spiritual evolution, it means we are ready to face our fears, to dance with our fears and alchemise them so that we can transcend everything that is holding us back. We can then start to embody more of our unique soul blueprint, of who we truly are beyond our limitations.

We evolve by consciously choosing to do the work on ourselves

To be on the path of evolution is to consciously choose to do the work and when we choose to do the work, we increase our vibration by removing outdated lower fractal reflection frequencies. When we clear, we create more space for crystalline divine light to vibrate within us and all around us. It is easier for us to absorb this light, share it with others and activate our crystalline divine genome.

When we start doing the work consciously, we start vibrating at a higher level of frequency. When we can maintain a certain level of vibration over some time, it means we stabilise into a new frequency. When we stabilise into a new frequency, we are ascending by vibrating at a new higher level of frequency constantly. The more we do the work, the more our frequency increases.

The colour of our aura changes as we ascend

If you are clairvoyant, this can be perceived as a change in the auric field as the more our electrons vibrate at a higher velocity, the bluer light is generated. This is why many ascended masters are pictured with a light blue colour.

It is important to remember the different aspects of the ascension process that must be considered and taken into account if we really want to perceive all angles of our evolution and do work in different areas of our lives.

There is no such thing as ascending alone

We cannot selfishly do the ascension process. If we try to ascend for ourselves, it’s not going to work.

When we evolve spiritually, there will always be a requirement to have crystalline divine connection with other human beings. We simply cannot do it alone. This is why connection is such a fundamental primal code for all on Earth and beyond.

When we chose this life, we chose to practice physical embodiment

This means we also chose to have an interaction with a physical body and other with other physical beings.

Therefore, when we choose to truly evolve, we will have to face challenges around communication and connection with others. It is inevitable!

This can be with our parents, siblings, friends, family, colleagues, partners, our community and the whole of humanity in general.


There is never any limit to the amount of love that we can generate for ourselves and others. This is easy to intellectually understand but we also need to bring this into embodiment. We need to apply it to our everyday life, which can be the challenging part!

We may find it easy and natural to love our children and our parents. But when it comes to loving the neighbour from hell down the road, it is a different story.

When this dynamic happens, I always invite curiosity. This question shows my willingness to continue evolving and ascending on the spiritual path.

I say to myself: 

“I’m really curious to see how I could love this person that I am finding extremely annoying right now.” 

“I’m curious to see how I can accept them living in this shared reality with me.” 

“I want to see how my human could relax and just let these people be.”

Every person here is simply experiencing what they need to experience for a reason. Even if we don’t understand this reason or think they are “good” people.

When you feel that you have completely disconnected from another human being and you want to close your heart to them, I invite you to ask yourself these types of questions.

Practising this will help you to open your heart to the whole of humanity and start to shift your frequency to vibrate at a higher level.

It is possible to love the whole of humanity

Many ascended masters have been able to completely transcend all templates of separation and truly love humanity. They then helped people ascend into higher realms of this reality through this love.

When we choose the ascension process, we are choosing to consciously evolve. When we choose to evolve consciously we are choosing to consciously do the work. This, therefore, means we are consciously choosing to do the work on our relationships with other human beings. Our connection with other human beings is extremely important.


When we gather in a unified field with others to pray and meditate with a shared singular intention, it is much easier to resonate our hearts with the heart of others.

We are shown the worst of humanity as a default

Let’s face it, what we perceive in humanity through the news and often what we hear from others is full of hate and separation. Everything and everyone is so bad. Doom and gloom are all over the place. We always have the worst things that humanity does shoved into our faces daily!

It is rare to see positive, enlightening and inspiring messages about others and in the media.

Group meditations are a divine service to humanity

This is why it is so important to join a gathering where people who are embracing the ascension process share a similar intention of spiritual evolution.

Group meditations and prayers are amazing for this. 

People from all walks of life can gather and simply share a sacred space on a spiritual level, not only for themselves but also for others.

This is always the purpose of group meditations and prayers.

We gather in these circles because we want to help others. We want to share with others.

This comes from a beautiful, shared intention of divine service.


This is why I have created the free monthly collective meditation for all. It is part of the service to humanity of the Golden Age Spiritual Ministry.

On the first Tuesday of every month, we gather at 1.30 pm NZDT on Zoom for an hour.

I have created this because it is extremely important to have a sacred space where people from all over the world can gather together online for an hour to simply sit together. When we gather in these collective meditations, we receive beautiful wisdom channelled from my high council before entering into a meditative state.

In this meditative state, we receive high vibrations which are going to open up our crystalline divine genome.

This will allow our crystalline divine genome to become the main operating system of our current incarnation.

High frequencies come and bathe us with divine loving light. This allows us to feel supported by other humans, even if we don’t know them at all.

This helps us to feel that we are not alone on our journey, because we are connected to others somewhere out there, even if they are on the other side of the world.

We start to realise that we are not the only ones doing the work.

The best part is, this collective meditation is free for all.

Together, we help Mother Gaia to increase her frequency and to feel supported by us. We call in our spirit guides to work with us, our soul families and star families that are present in the field.

We can feel their presence.

By doing this we magnify our connection with our soul, with the earth, with our spirit guides and with source consciousness itself.

When we do this every month, we are blessed and we bless the whole world.

**By Cendrine