The Pleiadian Council: You Will Save Yourselves

The Divine Order

God will not save you, you will do it yourselves. You will ascend on your own and take the necessary steps of development.

God intervenes where you can no longer go on or know how to go on, and God intervenes when events announce themselves which were not foreseen for this earth.

The divine order is not guided by the wishes of those who expect God to take everything from them, nor by the ideas of those who want to exploit this earth to the end and subjugate humanity.

What exists is the divine order – and so every goings-on is destined to an end. You are responsible for your individual and global development steps yourselves and you determine the course of the world. You are now slowly becoming aware of this power of yours. New ways of acting become possible and real self-confidence arises.

The light of the Central Sun

The old rulers stir up fears, but they do not stick anymore, they sow discord, but the effect is missing and they promote division and hatred, but you are moving out of this energy. Despite the world-wide manipulation on all channels, more and more people are freeing themselves and they are beginning to think for themselves.

There is no mistaking it, there is another energy at work here and it is beginning to take over.

It is the light from the CENTRAL SUN that is flowing unimpeded to Earth despite many attempts to block it. Through this you become more subtle, more permeable and more conscious.

The hard energetic walls that separated you from your consciousness are being more and more illuminated and dissolving.

This transformation process is now in full swing and more and more people are opening up to it.

It is a fact that many will be left behind. But it is just as true that a great many can rise – on the day that is coming. Be aware: change comes from you and God is the patron of all life.

Honored and loved are you who are now perfecting yourselves.


**Channel: Jahn J Kassl

**Translation to English by


2 Replies to “The Pleiadian Council: You Will Save Yourselves”

  1. Fred

    I agree with the central sun. We will not completely save ourselves and ride off into the sunset. Understand that the source is in complete control of everything. That means the defeat of darkness requires every source being in the universe.
    The combined efforts of already benevolent beings and of the great awakened whose desire is to become benevolent. The dark ones cannot take the majority of light in the universe. The time must come when we unite.

    1. edgyLORDzxcvb

      “We will not completely save ourselves and ride off into the sunset.”
      “Understand that the source is in complete control of everything. “”
      the article just said we will save ourselves lmao
      central sun, source, whatever that is, is just an aspect of us .. we are it and it is us, just inhabiting a separate individual fractal so it can experience itself !!1
      just as much as we are an aspect of source
      no ONE single individual is the sole author of this divine show !!
      every one of us, from inanimate and animate existence,, from physical and nonphysical existence
      to the Source within us at the CORE OF OUR EXISTENCE and the Source outside of us that is another individual fractal of it
      sure there’s still “Divine Providence” as Franz Bardon would define it ,, but that one mostly works if something is truly “meant” to happen for the sake of the evolution of all of existence !
      but that won’t change the fact that each and everyone of our wills, wants, desires, needs are also the wills, wants, desires and needs of the SOURCE itself because we are its extensions !!!
      therefore, ALL OF US is in complete control of everything, not one, singular “source” outside of yourselves
      so have FAITH in yourselves, that is, have faith in the ultimate existence WITHIN each and every one of you, YOUR “I AM”-NESS, not to an authority “OUTSIDE” of yourselves !!
      each and every one of us has a certain degree of control on how this whole divine show plays out, not just one, singular authority, director or writer !! lol