A Message from Chief Eagle Feather: Sky People

(I am hearing drums. I am sitting on a grassy field in a large circle by a warm crackling fire, surrounded the Native Americans under a starry sky. The drums are loud and rhythmic, there are shirtless braves dancing around the fire, barefoot and smiling, shouting. It is quit loud and very freeing.)

I am Chief Eagle Feather. It is time again to speak. For much change is occurring on your world, just as our ancestors told it to be. As it was and so it is becoming. We see the skies telling their stories. We remember the Sky People in the stories of our ancestors. We remember them coming down and sharing their wisdom. We did not understand at first, but in time we learned to trust them. Our people were visited by the stars in the Pleiades. We were fortunate enough to be bubbled and energetically separated from the others.  We were surrounded and protected by the Great Mother who rules and nurtures all things. The Great Mother is returning. Her energies are felt within the soil under our feet. We feel the rumbling of great change, like a mighty stampede. It cannot be stopped. It can be heard from afar. We know it is coming. We feel it is coming deep in our bones. You too feel the stampede of change.

I am Chief Eagle Feather. I am so named for my higher perspectives, my elevated point of view. When I was young and foolish this was more ego and now it is more experience. We wizen with time and with age! (He is laughing and his happy face is a wreath of wrinkles. His long gray and black hair is heavily decorated in feathers and leather wrappings.) Yes, galaxygirl. I let you see me now here as I left this world. This is the image of my body when it was laid to rest within the grassy fields that I loved. I still love them. The veil is thin now, and we ancestors are sneaking through to give you all a little bit of hope, of joy, of excitement. Can you hear the drums? You see that the drums are beating, beating. There is much energy of change. You can either look into what is coming and see only noise, which I do not recommend, for there is little peace in that. Instead, perhaps take an eagle’s eye perspective? And see the coming change from the divine perspective. The divine height of understanding. We encourage you to hear the music in the noise. It will enliven and encourage you. For the great change is here!

(The drum stops and it is silence. We are in the void, Eagle Feather and I. We are surrounded by nebula and stars in the distance but only inky blackness of space where we are. He is smoking a peace pipe. He offers it to me. It is intricately carved and I see there are constellations on it. The stars are turquoise inlay). These are etched from the stories of my ancestors. We remember the tall ones of light when they landed. They radiated the love of the Mother and so we accepted them. They taught us to plant fish at the base of the corn crops for nitrogen. They helped us cultivate in harsh times so that we never hungered. They helped us in the beginning. And they are helping us now.

The Sky People are returning. It is time. The ancient prophecies are coming full cycle. Everything has cycle. The season, the waters, the animals, the cycle of life and death, all things in this realm are patterns. (He is showing me the seasons changing quickly, massive herds migrating, a baby being born, growing old and dying and becoming a ball of light that then chooses its next experience. He is now showing me the photon belt, and our planetary system is within it heavily now. I am seeing that a massive wall of light is approaching. I am shivering all over. I am seeing that there is massive love in this wall of light. It feels like home. I’m tearing up too much to type. I have so missed this light! And I hear that we are here to anchor it, to be this light, to radiate this light. And I am being shown a dark shell of Gaia, of old earth becoming lit from within as it enters into this light wall. And I can now only see light.)

You see well, galaxygirl. In the void all things are possible for all things are more clear. In the noise that is to come, clarity of mind and of heart will be your greatest gift you can give. For those of you who remember your days as native peoples, remember the warm dirt between your toes, remember your naked body running happily across fields of tall grass. Remember the sky smiling down at you. Remember your planetary Mother. You are here for her. We are here to serve, to lend our light.

I Chief Eagle Feather am speaking. Eagels lose their feathers when they have outgrown them, or lost them in battle. Both are true. Both bring honor. You are bringing honor to us all. You honor the ancestors tonight. Remember when the Sky People land you will remember once again, and the great cycle will have completed, and a new one begins. A new birth always precedes an old death. Creator is all around you. Life in every form and expression. Do not be afraid of the great change. Embrace it into your being and fly high with an eagle’s point of view. All will be made right. The plants will grow again. The waters will be fresh to drink. Humanity will find the love that has been buried within them and like tender green sprouts will grow. I see a new harvest. I see a green earth. I see a new life and I see this now.

I Chief Eagle Feather am speaking. Peace, my friends, peace.

**Channel: Galaxygirl

6 Replies to “A Message from Chief Eagle Feather: Sky People”

  1. Kelly

    Wow! I’ve spent the past couple of days trying to fully translate a vision that I received… it was in full color… me standing in front of a window…gazing up at a night sky filled with stars. HUGE stars. My first impression made me think of the Pleiades. Yet, there were much more than nine. (I’ve learned that normally we see only seven but that there are actually two more which are ‘invisible’ from our usual earthly perspective.) I got such a great feeling from this. It struck me as a message that all was well… no matter what might be popping up. It was simultaneously joyous, calming, and exciting.

    Reading Chief Eagle Feather’s message reminded me of the stars that I was shown. I’m getting the feeling now that these were the same stars which were depicted as being enbedded in Chief Eagle Feather’s pipe in turquoise.

    I’ve also been getting the feeling that there are layers upon layers in info in my stars.

  2. Denise G

    Ok finally finished it and realized something else weirdly, I’ve only ever had recollections from ONE previous life, the one right BEFORE this one, it was a warning to protect me from being stabbed to death AGAIN as a teenager, I relived my previous death in NYC in front of my entire neighborhood as they turned a blind eye and shut their doors almost every night of my life until I saw the second place from my dream IRL and made sure to avoid it like the plague then they went away.
    Now here’s the odd part, I’ve never felt like I had any other lives here, still don’t, though somehow I know I’ve lived so many lives I can’t count them All if that makes sense?
    I know I have lived so many lives I have no energy left! 😂
    So many weird things coming together in a beautiful puzzled mosaic, I LOVE puzzles and mysteries, get caught up in a mystery and can’t stop pulling threads til EVERYONES naked as a jay bird and I know every single thing possible!😆
    Thank you for this message, it really spoke to me oddly, never had something happen quite in this manner before, it’s a weird sensation, almost as if I was reading the words and they were saying multiple things at the same time of that makes sense? I find it unbelievably fascinating and hope it happens again soon, novel experiences are so awesome!!!
    Love and Light to All
    Denise G
    Promise it was the last one this time

  3. Denise G

    OMG! I’ve SEEN this Light TOO!!! I’ve seen it overtake the entire planet and grow and brighten until it makes an infinity loop with the Sun then becomes One big ball of Light!!!
    That amazing feeling that had tears rolling down my face, I MISSED that feeling, it felt like HOME!!!
    Thank you so much, I absolutely LOVE synchronicities!!! Lol
    Denise G

  4. Denise G

    Not sure what happened here but as I started reading this one and it talked of the “sky people” I had a flash of insight, not sure why or the point but just in case there was some reason I don’t understand for it:
    I don’t know why I’ve never seen it this way before when I probably should have considering how much I love looking at this sky BUT it’s the ORIGINAL “TV”! Lol
    The Constellations and their stories, people would gaze upon the sky, searching the stars for stories at night and as simplistic of an idea as that sounds I never saw it that way until reading this and it came in a flash oddly. Strange! Lol
    Anyway, thanks so much, I love these little things when they happen😁
    Love and Light to All,
    Denise G

  5. Futurecornfarmer

    Thank you my source creator and to all of my brothers and sisters. The future is going to be a fun filled utopia. I am very excited for the peace and prosperity coming. Equality for everyone!