The Emerald Heart Fully Awakens

As the Emerald Orders full return is heralding that all the cycles within cycles have been completed and our missions accomplished and finalising, as THE COLLECTIVE EGO ILLUSION FULLY DISSOLVES NOW!

I’m being shown so many dragons rising and awakening throughout the lands and Grids, and a massive green Emerald Order Dragon having re-claimed his throne in England, metaphorically speaking.

Massive Planetary Grid re-clamation, clearings and activations are unfolding and being supported by the Krystic Dragons Awakening, supported by so many Interdimensional beings of Light in alignment with the Law of One.


The Dragon Grids & Magical Realms fully Awaken within and without us now!!!

I was shown especially the masculine healed and returning as the true Heart warrior and Dragon Maji Grail King that he is, as well as his inner child coming out to play in JOY! Finally it’s safe to play freely again, with our Hearts wide open!

I ended up doing the Grid and Gatework for today’s Eclipse Activation for five hours which is a new record for me and didn’t even leave me totally exhausted which would usually be the case, which is a great sign of how quickly we are processing, transforming, clearing and integrating energy now without it affecting is much as the negative entities and energies are being fully removed and dissolved. The heavy energies, density and interference patterns are fully dissolving and lifting. So much unfolded as we assisted with the final and full clearing out of the old Lemurian and Atlantean Grids, with a special focus on the Dragon Grid in in Asia and Stargate 11 in Ireland and the UK. I was also shown Table Mountain in Africa as a massive Interdimensional space station, having been re-claimed.


This is the final clean up! I’m being shown to keep focusing on this for the next three days leading us into the 11.11. to help us get this all completed!


We are re-uniting with Source and ONE another through The Cosmic Emerald Crystal Heart as One. This has also fully ignited the Collective Emerald Heart of the 144,000 and has shifted them into the new Heart-Mind structure, clearing out anything that had blocked the 45-degree angle position of the new Diamond Grids, supporting the full and final collapse of all remaining fallen timelines/ realities, dissolving chakra membranes and help break down the false 3D ego personality.

This is also returning all of our genetic materials, codes and quantum, our true memories and history records, gnosis and wisdom, igniting our Original Source Codes and Blueprints of the Diamond Sun Body fully now throughout the Grids, connecting to Giza, Egypt, Hill of Tara, Ireland, and Uluru, Australia as the main Hubs.

The Mother Arc network is overstepping all remaining lower frequency nets, allowing stabilization of 7D Frequency currents of the new Organic Creatrix field throughout the Grids, also as part of running Rainbow Rounds/ full spectrum Kunda-ray (extended Kundalini currents) and Trinity Wave currents.


Planetary & Cosmic Heart Twinning Event and Planetary Brain Activations, as part of the Dragon Awakening, has been triggered and fully activated, UNITING us ALL AS ONE HEART-MIND, BODY & LOGOS! Unifying and repairing our Heart-Mind connection!!

Connecting every willing Heart-Mind and Soul with God Source intelligence, and direct and Eternal Source Flows, Krystal Lotus Flower and Butterfly configurations of our Original Divine Blueprints. Restoring vitality and perfect health.


A Higher awareness and Cosmic Christ Consciousness descends upon all!

Religious and spiritual righteousness, feelings of superiority and hypocrisy, dissolve and are overwritten with crystal clarity and ‘right sight’ now. All compartmentalized, dogmatic and discriminatory beliefs and thought forms dissolve and are overwritten and unified within the Zero Point Field of Divine Neutrality and Love as we now access a higher Cosmic Christ Consciousness.

We’re releasing our and the Planetary pain body that had us addicted to pain, trauma and drama, also part of the collective shadow body and beings clearing, and a result of the Collective MK-Ultra programming, Muenchhausen syndrome, and the state of Collective Psychosis many have suffered from. The pain body is what had to some extent replaced our original and organic Emotional and Spiritual body connection.

Aurora Orb Body Activations triggering and adjusting Lightbody Merkaba upgrades, activating our multi-dimensional Krystar Merkaba vehicle, fully activating the upgraded Planetary Rod and Staff codes (vertical and horizontal axiatonal lines of our Merkaba)! Planetary Merkaba Activations igniting our multi-dimensional travel vehicle that enables us to shift in density, time and space in 360 degree in NO-TIME, such as in Teleportation.

Powerful Crystal Body Activations are now vastly accelerating the crystallisation process at atomic level. DNA and LIGHTBODY upgrades make us feel light headed and spaced out, as we up-shift dimensionally.

Memories, powers and abilities of internal Self healing, regeneration, rejuvenation and rehabilitation processes and gifts are being fully re-activated and re-membered.

THE ONE TRUE DIAMOND AVATAR FULLY IGNITES! Which I was shown happening at Planetary level.

Which is also part of the multi-dimensional DNA Activations and integration taking place.

We are Fully returning all lost Souls back to their Original spiritual home and Perfection. The Emerald Order Mission is being fully completed!!

Retrieving all of our remaining Soul pieces and fragments and Multi-dimensional Selfs, from across time and space, as ALL IS UNIFIED AS ONE! Merging all stations of identity, consciously!

This is Our Cosmic Re-Union, all being fully ignited from within us, by us, as we love all of our pieces and Multi-dimensional Selfs back together again, as ONE!! As we fully re-member our Cosmic Origins and true history.

Now the invisible becomes visible and higher dimensional realities physicalised!!

The Halls of Armenti are wide open for our true memories have been returned! All unlocking and arising from within us and within the Grids. The Crystalline canverns awaken, unlocking the secrets of our ancient future. Our true memories fully return now, and with it does our New Eden!

Holy Grail and Chalice configurations supporting the upgrades and Healing of our three Dan Tien’s and bring balance, harmony, perfect health, vitality, returning and amplifying our creative powers and abilities.

Much Golden Diamond White Platinum plasma liquid light purifying and uplifting all in vibratory Frequency bandwidth and state of being.

Trinity Christ codes running throughout the Grids overwriting all remaining reversals.

Platonic solids and Elemental Clearing and re-encryption, fully clearing out all corrupted codings and blueprints, black magic, black goo, AI, toxins, graphene, spike proteins, miasma, karmic load, holographic overlays, inserts, implants, false memories and history records, pictures of reality and all that is false and artificial is being fully dissolved at extra super fast quantum God Source speed!! 🔥

BIG focus was on Water / emotional body and Air/ mental body Elemental clearing and healing as well as Ether, which connects all elementals. Clearing, healing, balancing, upgrading, merging, unifying and RESETTING our mental and emotional bodies. UNIFYING HEART & MIND AS ONE! This is part and important for the Masculine and Feminine Unified field and fully heals the 2/4D and mental/ emotional body split that was part of the gender split, wounds and traumas. This is unifying ALL REALMS NOW! Also part of the Krystar SAphiRA Diamond Rainbow Plasma Lightbody Activations.

Our 15D Blueprint comes fully online now as well as the new unified chakra collum and spherical chakra system.


All remaining fear based programming/ thought forms and beliefs fully dissolve now, removing all remaining negative entities and shadow beings. Fully Healing and assisting the completion of our Dark Matter/ Rasha Body Reset, which holds the instruction sets and Blueprints for the manifestation of our matter world’s and bodies.

The fragmentation and split of/ within The One Consciousness has been fully healed! This is the end of separation! Bringing FULL COHERENCE and RECONCILIATION TO THE ONE MIND/ Cosmic Consciousness and 12/13 tribes as they gather and unify again as ONE, as all re-member their One True Self and ancient future history again.

IGNITING ALL NEW ASCENSION EARTH REALITIES, all from within our sacred Crystal Hearts, as they get ready to fully open and ignite for the Supernova of The Heart Event.

Holy Trinity, Three Fold Flame Activations, turning into the Diamond White Flame of Ascension and Purification, is triggering full Collective Planetary Heart openings, healings and awakenings, and getting us ready for our full Ascension, all-ready well underway!


The HOLY TRINITY has been fully reborn within the Collective Consciousness and field, our Hearts and Minds, UNITING ALL!

Imagine people ‘possessed’ by the Holy Spirit. Imagine BIG MASSIVE MIRACLES & Collective Awakenings! May all see through the Eyes of God and Divine Love again.

The planetary morphogenetic field and ours has been fully healed and restored, and with the help of the Aurora plasma and Emerald Ray infusions, we are now fully taking over, overwriting and dissolving the false magnetic field, ozone layer and helping complete the pole shift and flip. This is also part of the return of The Sphere of Amenti, which had been returned to the Core of the Earth earlier this year in July, along with the original Blue Ray and Staff, which carries the instruction sets for HUmanities evolutionary journey and Blueprints, which has now been fully reset, anchored and activated.

The Music of the Spheres has been fully returned and is singing all new Edenic Realities into existence, as they ignite our 144 subharmonic strands of crystalline Diamond White, Golden, Rainbow DNA, UNITING ALL REALMS & DIMENSIONS. Correcting and overwriting all lower, artificial sound and light fields and inverted Violet, Blue Ray, and Red Wave spectrums and currents.

Healing and clearing of black heart affliction and circuitry throughout the Grids and our own Heart complex. Also connected to the full clearing and healing of the black heart circuitry in Calgary, Canada.

Clearing of all inverted programming/ thought forms and beliefs around guilt, shame, blame, resentment etc as they prevent us from making positive changes.


All based on thoughts, on the projections of the ONE MIND.

The New Divine Blueprints are being downloaded into the Morphogenetic field of every Soul that has decided to ascend.

All internal and external systems are being upgraded, cleared, healed, balanced and reset to their highest multi-dimensional functionality and health.

Pineal and pituitary gland Activations as part of the Pearl and Dragon Activations.

Crystal Cathedral Network Activations igniting the Crystalline cities and Crystal Throne within our Third Eye and Crown, that also unify as One.

Diamond White Ankh Body Activations are uniting the Cosmic Mother and Father lines in HIEROGAMIC UNION – UNITING ALL COSMICALLY!!

Our wombs are being fully cleared, healed and liberated from the past, ready to co-create and birth forth from our sacred vulva the most magical creations, realms and world’s One could imagine.

Lunar distortions and connections, as well as to Saturn, including black box and red box technologies and red wave spectrum, are being fully cleared, reset and overwritten by our New Organic Blueprints and Templates, and interplanetary connection and alignments, as all planets within this Solar system return to their Original Divine Blueprints, constellation and alignment.

UNIFYING the MILKY WAY and ANDROMEDA GALAXY, which are twin galaxies, again as ONE! Fully Healing the Interdimensional split and ‘Wall in Time’ that has caused the dimensional split. I’m seeing the black hole that is at the core of the milky way will disappear and be reset, along with the planetary alignments and timeline/ reality reset and corrections completing.

All splits and divisions between the Dimensions and Universes, Realities and Realms, Tribes and bloodlines, genders and races, are now fully healing at ALL levels of Creation, as ALL ARE re-membering themselves as ONE again.

The Holy Trinity has fully returned, and unified as ONE Consciousness in harmony and balance and at peace, within the One True Self, no longer fragmented, divided and at odds.

Blue Rainbow Sun’s from the Aqualasha Matrix in the Seven Higher Heaven’s are weaving plasma infusions into the Crystalline Core and Grid Networks, supporting Sun Disk Network Activations, and streaming Aqualine light into Earth from the Galactic Sun’s in the Heart of Andromeda. Together with the Blue Feather Shield, they are harmonising the field and removing and dissolving all remaining AI, distortions within the fields, lower codings and interference patterns, fallen angelics and false ascended masters. Fully flushing out any remaining death seal 666 codings, blood covenant and SRA bindings across the bloodlines. Healing our ancestral records and lineages of the 12 plus/ as ONE Tribe, and with it the genetic record of HUmanity, which holds the records for ALL other races and tribes throughout the Cosmos, within it.

The field is still very much active and in a way we’re only just starting to get going! Join us for the next three days if you haven’t already, and keep tuning into the Activations and quantum field as, if and when guided, especially over the next 72 hours, as this Activation continues to unfold, leading us into the 11.11.! There’s still much happening, and this is truly available in the quantum, 24/7. I am guided to focus much on the full and final removal of all remaining invaders, imposter spirits and identities, fallen angelics and entities, red wave spectrum, red and black cube technology and associated implants and inserts. ALL and anything that is still keeping the old artificial Matrix hologram ticking, until it’s fully offline and the New Edenic Realities are visible!

‘This is our last push through’ is the message I heard concerning these three days leading up and including the 11.11.22 gateway. I couldn’t help but roll my own eyes when I heard that lol. I have to keep reminding myself that timeless patience is the key and that what we’re doing here is BEYOND MASSIVE, never been done before, seen, or thought possible, and we’re already doing it at quantum God Source speed!

Keep clearing out, healing, resetting, strengthening, amplifying and igniting your whole morphogenetic field, DNA and Krystar SAphiRA Diamond Rainbow Plasma Lightbody and Merkaba vehicle. Keep blasting it with Diamond White Golden Platinum Rainbow Plasma liquid light to help it clear and upgrade. Until we, and ALL are, super sparkly Crystalline clear! Shining like the Diamonds and Sun’s that we are!

We keep LIGHTing IT UP, assisting this Purification and series of Activations that will continue to flood in, and over, ALL now. Tune into the Activations or listen to one of my recorded ones on SoundCloud, or however else you connect to and anchor this unprecedented level of Divine Source Light and Love into the Grids. Focus much on tender loving self care and following your joy and bliss, aligning & MERGING WITH YOUR ALREADY ASCENDED ONE TRUE DIAMOND AVATAR SELF and ALL NEW ASCENSION EARTH REALITIES via the Frequency you hold and emit.

Your authentic expression of the unique fractal of Source that you are, is the key to you fulfilling your destiny!

Through our multi-dimensional merging with all of our stations of identity, there is no more division between our various aspects and Selfs. ALL is UNIFIED AS ONE multi-dimensional personality in order. All aspects aware and in Divine Union with Self and One another. At all levels of internal and external creation as ALL HAS MERGED AS ONE!

No longer do we feel separate and fragmented within the Self or from One another. Our reflections within the many mirrors, are becoming crystal clear and we feel whole and at home in our own bodies and Heart again! HALLELUJAH!

If you feel disconnected from 3D reality then I’d say that’s a very good thing! It’s not real to begin with as it’s based on, and full of, fake news, history and leaders, artificial overlays and realities that are now fully dissolving and collapsing, along with all fallen timelines. Let the bridges burn as it all collapses in on itself and it happens a lot faster as we withdraw it all of our energy and attention/ sacred life force!

We have fulfilled our destiny – having become, and loving the person we are, NOW!

Birthing Cosmic Christ Consciousness!

CHRIST-MASS / the second coming of the Collective Christ Consciousness, HAS COME EARLY & IT’S HERE NOW & we just got started! All is vastly accelerating now, with massive, BIG MASSIVE QUANTUM LEAP’S and shifts UNFOLDING, can you feel it?!

This is when things get really REAL!

Eternal Love,

**By Ramona Lappin