End Time Maddness

After the Plelosi fiascos, the president showing blatant signs of rapid onset dementia, the dems saying one thing doing the opposite concerning masks, lockdowns and social distancing all proving to be ineffective, the pending diesel outage, astronomical gas prices, food prices, supply chain issues, power outages, fast tracking to WW3, the obvious morally, critical thinking research impaired leadership anyone in their right mind have to admit something is wrong with this picture. Appointing inexperienced people not fit for the job such as a gender confused fluffy person in charge of our countries mental and physical health and a plethora of other social misfits are obvious examples of demoralization, a method used by the NWO and global elite to take down freedom loving countries. This extreme demoralization agenda makes one think our present administration has been extremely compromised or on Satan’s or some foreign enemies payroll. What other explanation is there? It has gone beyond a very bad joke to the survival of America.

They are destroying our rights and freedoms, destroyed a prospering economy, and are making decisions ignoring the future impacts playing Nero’s fiddle celebrating the end of America. What is ironic is they accuse everyone of what they are doing or have done, labeling all conservatives as Nazis. They fear losing their rights and freedoms, fear persecution yet are destroying free speech, the right to privacy, the right to a speedy and fair trial, have weaponized the media and agencies, have diminished the right to protect ourselves and our property going full tyrant or Nazi mode. Then they accuse anyone who questions forcing their beliefs on others and taking away their rights and freedoms as being tyrants and Nazis.

This is end time madness, mental illness, mass psychosis, the Stockholm effect, all rolled into one. It is like handing the left an apple telling them it is an orange and anyone who questions you is your enemy. If you tell them it is an apple they come unglued, aggressive, attack you verbally or physically then call you the aggressor. Then they plant the apple seed and blame you later when it doesn’t become an orange tree.

Recently a leftist neighbor posted we cannot have conservative people moving into our neighborhood. We must unite, drive them out, I am telling all my friends and family. We will lose all our rights and be under tyranny. Vote democrat.

This is a classic example of critical thinking, research impaired hypocrisy I have ever seen. Then they bring up the racist card being white Caucasian themselves with their virtual signaling saying if democrats lose we will all be slaves.

News flash the slaves were freed by a Republican named Lincoln, the confederates were mostly democrats, the KKK democrats throughout history democrats have been against equal rights but have somehow brainwashed those of color they are their saviors. The oppressors demand you join them to fight the oppressors, perpetuate the victim role and blame the ones fighting for equal rights and freedom. History has proven this, look at their track record. They want your vote and they want you to remain victims so they can maintain their roles as false saviors diverting funds most of which go in their pockets.

Brilliant people like Candace Owens are calling this out. When they appropriate millions in some cases billions does it ever get to the people it was designated for? Has the crime diminished, the poverty the homeless, the flow of harmful debilitating drugs? The champions to end crime, poverty and separation are living in million dollar houses in gated communities with armed guards. That is where the money went. The democrats have done more to divide us than any other party. Most if left on their own get along fine no matter what race, culture or belief.

Governments go to war, the people if left alone just get on with their own business. Most cooperate and are just working to better themselves, their families and communities. Without all the diversionary tactics, misappropriations of funds etc. crime would go down and prosperity would go up. Common sense.

The problem is common sense goes out the window when you are dealing with the socially engineered, critical thinking and research impaired who base their entire be lie fs on what the lame stream news tells them. Peaceful riots, inflation is good, we have 12 years left before we all die due to global warming as said 20 years ago. In fact the raw data, not adjusted data is proving the planet is cooling. They scream the oceans are rising then you show them Plymouth Rock at high tide above the water and watch them have a melt down. They show starving polar bears when the numbers are up and they are becoming a problem encroaching on nearby villages. Let’s not mention the ice caps growing which put an end to the global warming summit near the north pole. It was cancelled due to the ice being too thick.

We are all for cleaning up the planet but why pay the same people billions that polluted it? Did you know billions of dollars are paid to clean up the nuclear waste to the same people that created the nuclear waste? The same government stopping fuel less generators to run your electric cars and power the grid are overloading and destroying the grid. A grid that depends on coal and diesel to provide power. Now they shut down the drilling and pipelines which fuel the grid, your electric cars, allow the trucks, trains, ships to keep the supply line going. This is criminal short sightedness, or is there another agenda. 21 or 30 maybe.

The global leadership is not your friend in fact they have made it clear they want over 90% of you off the planet. Most of your leadership right down to the local levels are doing their bidding. The 20 million dead and rising with billions of severe side effects from the vaccines which never stopped the spread of the Covid is a classic example. Especially when cheap and simple Ivermectin had a 92 percent efficacy. The food shortages and supply line problems are engineered by the same people. Now watch the trucks, trains and ships stop. Yes all orchestrated by the same people. Yet we sill have the left and rinos pushing the vaccines which are not vaccines and do not protect anyone or stop the virus from spreading according to statistics and the vaccine companies recently released data they tried to bury for 75 years.

They were never designed to stop anything other than your veins from flowing and eventually your heart. They want the masses sick, poor and stupid openly admitting it. As long as the people continue to give their power away to those lacking moral character and allow themselves to toss away their basic common sense this will continue.

Look at your democratic run cities and states. Crime rapidly escalating, poverty rapidly escalating, middle class diminishing soon to be the rich and the impoverished, no middle class. I want you to reason this, when they are done with the poor and middle class they will come after the upper class and rich. Only the ultra-rich 10% will be left. Yet in arrogance so many serve them participating in their own, family and friends demise. This includes a guaranteed future demise for the over 90% if they are successful. Do you think if you are a good little servant and sell out your friends, neighbors and families they will let you live?

The power must return to the people. We were given a Republic and a Constitution along with the Bill of Rights. This democracy the democrats are so fearful of losing is the problem. In a Republic the power resides in the people not the arrogant, entitled, morally challenged elite fully aligned with the global elite because it was never about serving you it was about their own personal power and fortune, humanity and the planet be dammed. And now the masks are coming down. Not just the ineffective useless ones mandated that created bacterial pneumonia what really killed the people during the Spanish flu. The false personas and masks worn by the morally challenged, arrogant, entitled elite that are self serving narcissists in sheep clothing are coming down as well. They cant maintain their false images in light of what is unfolding. Truth is like a pressure cooker, the heat has been turned up and the lid is coming off one way or another. I for one want to be as far as possible when it does.

There is enough for everyone to live a thoroughly loving joyous prosperous life in harmony with each other and nature. The divisions and lack are manufactured. Only when we see beyond the illusions the puppet masters have created will we truly have heaven on Earth. When we understand and live by Universal Law, when we choose our leaders by their spiritual advancement and track record of service to humanity and the Earth holding them accountable to Universal Law, when we take our power and God given rights back this nightmare will continue. The good news is this nightmare is about to end. The curtain is coming down and behind it is a whole new world. A quantum leap in evolution once the war and disease profiteers, the dividers and those creating the manufactured lack implode. Think outside their box. A good example is the grid can be powered by fuel less energy generators, your cars as well, in fact they don’t need tires. We have had anti/counter gravity since the 60’s before that in Germany. These technologies already exist including healing technologies that would seem like magic. All it takes is personal responsibility, stop participating in the manufactured lack, don’t work for or feed the beast. Live according to Universal Law. Make universal peace, brother/sisterly love, individual freedom and prosperity for all a priority. People have allowed a heartless corporate dictorial democracy to invade your Republic, take it back. Go out and vote today!

The latest move with the democrats is to turn a blind eye to death threats by the Ukrainian Administration, Azof Nazis, to journalist who question the war. They seem to support threats from foreign countries on American soil along with extreme censorship.. If you question why we are spending 80 billion dollars on an extremely corrupt country and administration installed by Obama and the deep state without any oversight when America is in serious financial difficulty, you are on the hit list. If you are a former President you get impeached.

What are they hiding? Why have you not heard about the 40+ weaponized bio labs destroyed and children rescued in massive child and sex trafficking operations by the Russian Army? Why are you not hearing about who has been financing these decadent and maniacal operations. The documents are showing they are same people perpetuating the war. The morally and critically thinking research impaired Dems are cheering to continue. They are on a fast track to Sodom and Gomorrah. All I have to say to people like this is thank you for establishing your ignorance and character, you are sure making us look good.

Be safe and be well,

**By James Gilliland