World Economic Forum’s Plan for Mankind and What Comes Next

International Man: The World Economic Forum (WEF) describes its mission as the “international organization for public-private cooperation.”

What do you make of the WEF and the power it wields?

Doug Casey: “International organization for public-private cooperation” is a code phrase for economic fascism—which is to say, the hand-in-glove melding of the political power of the State with the economic power of corporations.

Things like the WEF, and other NGOs (non-governmental organizations), institutes, and think tanks, have proliferated in recent years. They’re almost all destructive parasites on productive society.

Almost all of them are leftist, statist, and collectivist in orientation. They’re typically populated by intellectuals and academics and funded by tax-exempt foundations, usually set up by elderly do-gooders interested in leaving a “legacy.”

The WEF is by far the most successful of the breed. Instead of just cadging donations so intellectuals could hang around and seem prestigious, in 1971, Klaus Schwab formed a club where the rich and powerful could discuss ideas with other members of the overlord class. Political and financial types could find a philosophical home, disguising the quest for money and power with a patina of benevolence. It’s become an amazingly large and powerful organization. They have roughly 800 full-time employees, most of them very highly paid. They have an annual budget of over $300 million. Their balance sheet indicates that the WEF is worth over $1 billion, funded by major corporations who give it millions of dollars, as do various governments. Most of the world’s political leaders and corporations are members.

Schwab was very clever to have put together an organization where the richest, most powerful, and most influential people in the world are charged huge amounts to be introduced to each other and talk about how they can become even richer, more powerful, and more influential.

It seems clear that members of the WEF have to toe the party line or be disinvited. Nobody wants to be excommunicated from the WEF or cut off from association with other rich and powerful people. It’s safe to say that WEF members share a common philosophy, one that’s in line with Schwab’s weltanschauung.

FWIW, I think it’s wrong for public corporations to make political, charitable, or indeed any kind of contributions. A corporation’s raison d’etre is to generate money for its shareholders, not allow management to play big shot. Managements often like to give away shareholders’ money; it costs them nothing, but they reap the prestige of giving. Better that the money be distributed to shareholders so they can dispose of it as they wish. If that were the case, outfits like the WEF would have a lot less money and power. And wouldn’t be in a position to promote the pernicious ideas it does.

For instance, it would appear that Klaus Schwab actually originated, or at least popularized, the term “stakeholder.” Stakeholderism believes that business is obligated to treat employees, customers, local residents, and anyone who claims to be affected by business as if they had some right to what a company produces. People who identify as stakeholders easily develop into mooches and leeches. Schwab was also an early supporter of the ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) and DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) movements. And political correctness in general.

With as much money, power, and influence as the WEF has, it’s easy for them to groom up-and-comers. They created several sub-organizations for people who are under 40 years old—where they can reinforce their beliefs that the world ought to go in a certain way—under the direction of WEF-type people.

Schwab has to be complimented for having built the WEF from nothing and making himself one of the most powerful people in the world. But the WEF is a dangerous and despicable organization. It’s basically what’s known as a self-licking ice cream cone—it serves no useful purpose but to perpetuate itself and its members.

International Man: Yuval Noah Harari is a key adviser to the WEF.

He has risen to fame as reviewers and editors have anointed him as a public intellectual.

What’s your take on the rise of Harari?

Doug Casey: Harari is a perfect example of how, when an organization like the WEF gets in the back of somebody, they can make him rich, famous, and influential. These people all feed each other and scratch each other’s backs.

Harari apparently came from a perfectly average middle-class Israeli family, but I would think that he’s got to be worth at least $50 million, just based upon sales of 30 million copies of his books. He appears to be an ideal court intellectual, living quietly with his husband in a modest suburb of Tel Aviv, promoting the party line.

International Man: Harari has made several disturbing statements, including:

“Covid is critical because this is what convinces people to accept, to legitimize, total biometric surveillance.

We want to stop this pandemic. We need not just to monitor people, we need to monitor what is happening under their skin.

Governments want to know not just where we go or who we meet. Above all, they want to know what is happening under our skin.”

What do you think about this?

Doug Casey: Well, he really wants to transform the world, and it’s kind of clever the way he proposes to do it.

His book Sapiens, which I read about 10 years ago, is a competent enough summation of how humans evolved over the course of the Pleistocene during the last 2.5 million years. It doesn’t make any cosmic breakthroughs but tells a basically correct story. He explains how technology started to take on a life of its own and how we changed the world. And how technology’s now changing us at the rate of Moore’s Law. Fair enough.

The problem lies in his projections of how and where humans will evolve over the years to come. In particular, who will guide that evolution. And if things continue advancing at the rate that they are, it’s likely that machines will integrate with humans.

I see no problem with that. If you voluntarily want to replace body parts with mechanical parts—a new knee, a new heart, be a $6 Million Man—that’s wonderful. Taking it one step further, if you can put a chip in your brain and instantly access all the knowledge on the Internet without going through a computer, that could be even more wonderful, except for the fact the Social Credit System and hackers will have access to your chip.

The problem is that the WEF people think that they know what’s best for the rest of humanity. And they feel it’s for the good of all that they be closely monitored, controlled, and guided. They’ve made statements to the effect that most people are “useless eaters,” which is probably true at this point. Or it will be once everybody gets a Guaranteed Annual Income—enough to keep them sated with avocado toast and vanilla lattes while they watch cat videos at the local Starbucks. They’d really like to do without superfluous humans and just have the elite calling the shots. Humans that remain would amount to serfs. The WEF have said, “You’ll own nothing and be happy.” They’re very bold.

It’s very disturbing how they talk about guiding the advance to the next stage of human evolution. As pessimistic as I am about the current state of the world and where it’s going, I still believe in The Ascent of Man— but I believe it can only happen if individual liberty is maximized. From the point of view of personal freedom, Harari is actually talking about regressing to feudal times. Albeit a kinder and gentler version, where wise solons like Klaus and Yuval are in charge.

As far as I can tell, his values are antithetical to those of Western Civilization. But he’s an effective mouthpiece to convince the hoi polloi that their leaders have their best interests at heart. And I suppose they do. At least the way a farmer has the best interests of his dairy—or beef—cattle at heart.

International Man: Harari has often described a high-tech totalitarian future where a small elite with access to the latest technology evolves into different beings. At the same time, drugs and video games pacify the masses until their eventual extinction.

What are your thoughts about this dystopian future? Is it inevitable?

Doug Casey: Harari projects a certain inevitability to the evolution of technology, and he may actually be right.

I don’t mind change. Rapid technological progress has been accelerating for the last 10,000 years and, with a little luck, will go hyperbolic with the evolution of nanotechnology, computers, biotech, space exploration, robotics, and artificial intelligence. These are all good things.

The question is whether these things will be imposed upon humanity or will they be something that individuals can adopt or not as they choose? To me, this is the essential ethical and moral question.

Harari, and for that matter, the rest of these WEF people, never examine any ethical or moral issues.

For instance, Harari is very big on transgenderism, which he seems to want to make into a political hobby horse—where it’s not just accepted as a psychological aberration, but is almost imposed on society, whether you like it or not.

He’s a vegan. I have no problem with being a vegan. It’s just that he wants to impose his views of the correct way to deal with animals (absolutely including humans) on everybody else. He’s certain that he knows what’s best for everybody else.

I’ve long believed in the arrival of the Singularity, which Ray Kurzweil has discussed in detail. I think it’s a good thing. Technological progress has always been a good thing—whether we’re talking about the invention of gunpowder that allowed the average man to overthrow his medieval rulers, or the printing press, that allowed peasants to access the knowledge of the ruling classes.

But the problem is that the bad guys usually get control of technology first. The powers-that-be use tech to impose their will upon the little people until the cat gets out of the bag.

I’m all for the rapid evolution of technology, even though it’s very dangerous because the power-mongers, the bad guys, and the minions of the State usually get it first.

On the bright side, I suspect that under the influence of Schwab and his muchacho de mantequilla Harari, the WEF will collapse. The snakes in the snake pit will eventually turn on each other. Optimism is warranted because stupid ideas have always come and gone throughout history. Evil is usually vanquished over the long run.

The WEF is promoting destructive ideas in a dangerous time. If you value free thought, free minds, and free markets, recognize the WEF as an enemy.

Editor’s Note: Sociopaths are drawn to the government and international organizations like the World Economic Forum. They seek power and control over others through coercion, taxation and more.

Unfortunately, there’s little any individual can practically do to change the course of these trends in motion.

The best you can and should do is to stay informed so that you can protect yourself in the best way possible, and even profit from the situation.

**By Doug Casey


11 Replies to “World Economic Forum’s Plan for Mankind and What Comes Next”

  1. khann61

    These worms, these cowardly weak parasites are devoid of anything that engenders what is good in a man, namely: fortitude, COURAGE, physical strength and bravery, devotion to family wife and children, morality, good will, fealty, loyalty and fidelity. If they were born in Sparta they would have been tossed of a cliff or perished in the childhood trial Agoge.

    These inveterate weaklings have lots of sick psychopathic fantasies of becoming immortal cyborg Pedophiles. They’re very full of themselves because they are such weak and unworthy of any respect degenerates.

    They’re really not very smart. They have a play book and possibly guidance by some NTI. They’re doomed to fail because God does not favor the weak and duplicitous.

    A great quote I read from Salamov who was imprisoned in Kolyma one of the most brutal gulags in the Soviet Union:

    “I saw what a weighty argument for the intellectual is the most ordinary slap in the face”.

    We will do away with these disgusting two legged bipeds like Schwab and his little twink sidekick Harari, Gates and all their bought and paid for crony politicians.

    And to the Dudebro always responding to me I never said I was waiting around for Pleiadeans to rescue me. I said the opposite. I personally doubt their existence, and if they do exist as described by this one channel whereby their every waking moment centers around their next orgasm be it heterosexual or homosexual, I don’t see them as needed and they should go home.

    1. EDGE

      lol, you called? Then I shall respond.
      “I was waiting around for Pleiadeans to rescue me. I said the opposite.”
      Good, you clarified it finally. You do realize it’s quite easy to interpret your posts as waiting for aliens to go and save the day for humanity, supplemented by your behavior as if you cannot do anything to help in this situation–but you can; every human being is.
      “I personally doubt their existence”
      Who cares? I myself don’t care if they exist or not. Logically speaking, human beings being the ONLY sentient living lifeforms in this vast cosmos would be very arrogant, naive and foolish, so I would try to stay away from that foolishness.
      “…every waking moment centers around their next orgasm…”
      Sex Magick, Tantra. Heard of it?
      I don’t know your background, and if you’re a practitioner of the Occult Arts at all, so I can understand your ignorance, but energies produced from such Divine Unions gifted and intelligently designed by the Divine Source, between fractals of the Divine Source is powerful stuff.
      All things can be used for good (beneficent Sex Magick) and bad (like what the cabal is doing), BECAUSE IT’S A TOOL.
      “I don’t see them as needed and they should go home.”
      I personally don’t care if they are here or they went home. Humanity doesn’t need anyone because they themselves are powerful in their own right BECAUSE THEY ARE SOURCE’S FRACTALS.
      Yet these aliens are still here to help even knowing the scope of our power.
      For all I know they are here–AS A SUPPORT ROLE (not as individuals who would steal humanity’s thunder, save them and solve the problems for them like so many of the people here expect)–because they care, and will provide any assistance needed from various tools, included but not limited to massive spiritual energy batteries from Sex Magick, whether you like it or not; they don’t care, they have their methods and they will use it to its greatest capacity for as much is permissible.
      A decent human being, male or female, will offer help to those who need it, and if they know they have the capabilities to do so. It’s common decency.

      1. khann61

        Dudebro, I did not say that, just chill brah. I said I’m not waiting around for these Plonobos to rescue me. You do realize that probably 50% of these channeling are about Pleiadeans orbiting the Earth detailing all the help they are giving us. You got waaay to triggered there Bro-jangles. Don’t go Bro-chi-min on me.

        1. EDGE

          Cool, now you’re denying. nice.

          You said ” I never said I was waiting around for Pleiadeans to rescue me. I said the opposite.”, dude, I just missed highlighting the “I never said” word on my quote upon copy-pasting your comment and you immediately got to being defensive and denial. You’re better than this, c’mon man.

          I don’t care whether or not you are waiting for these aliens to rescue you. The fact you have time to whine means you have time to actually work on yourself and behaviors.


        2. EDGE

          And you said you’re not waiting for these aliens to rescue you, thats good and all.

          yet you still keep seething and wasting your time, attention, focus and consciousness on this crap.

          instead of using them to become the greatest version of yourself and thus help contribute with the ascension without ragging on about aliens, displaying your ignorance and embarassing yourself

          i keep pointing things out for you dude, just tryna help a bruh out, but you just keep seethin’

          Lmao cant help you no more

          Smh bro. Pity ..

    2. EDGE

      And I mean just look at this comment you have here. I can barely even read it without coming across incessant name-calling every second.

      A true warrior is someone who don’t stoop so low as to utilize name-calling and disrespecting their enemies; they just quietly, calmly, and with full concentration, eliminate the enemy with overwhelming power, as quick as possible, without any hatred for the enemy. Like a Surgeon removing a cancerous tumor from a patient; no hatred and negative thoughts and emotions, just DUTY AND CONCENTRATION.

      A blade forged with Hatred will never be able to end the cycle of Hatred. Fight with a blade forged with unconditional love, containing the intent that you “love” the enemy as an aspect of you, that you want to help them by STOPPING them from committing further acts of atrocity, with overwhelming power.

      They don’t stoop so low as to become the very thing they are trying to destroy, such as exhibiting poor behavior, defeatist attitude, giving in to hatred and rage and being controlled by it (which affects their fighting capability negatively), and utilizing “an eye for an eye” approach; it’s disgusting.

      From what I see, your behavior is someone who don’t realize that this is all a show, that everyone is just taking a part in a grand play of Divine Orchestration, where every participant are co-actors, co-writers, co-directors and co-audiences all at the same time, all the while all of these “participants” are nothing but the Divine Source itself, just splitting itself into many “individuals” in order to take on different roles.

      The Divine Source itself is both Adam and Eve, AND the Serpent who tempted them. It is the Fallen Angels itself and the Angels who did not fall.

      The “individuals” who took the Antagonist role are there to exhibit all the despicable things you can imagine; yet if you fought them using the same despicable things, what does that make you? YOU BECOME THE VERY THING YOU TRIED TO DESTROY, FOOL.

      People here often promote “Unconditional Love” and “Love and Light” yet they cannot show the same to the “enemies” who are nothing but Divine Source itself just taking a different role? Disgusting.

      1. jakesey

        I agree totally. Unconditional love is the most powerful (surgical and precise) force in all Existence. It is true Perfection in operation.

      2. khann61

        Don’t be such a Broflake and get all upset. I give love to the people I love. I give hate and the sword to my enemies.
        If you give love to these creatures they will anhilate you. Kindness to them is weakness. If they’re playing a part then we need to play the part and vanquish them.
        You take care Double-bro-seven.

        1. EDGE

          LMAO dude, do you even martial arts bro?

          A true warrior can annihilate their enemies without hatred and defend themselves just fine, while still being capable of overwhelming the enemies with power and vanquishing them

          It’s like you don’t even understand what I’m trying to say here.

          If you fight the enemies with anger and hatred, you might as well serve your life to them on a silver platter.

          If you cannot treat this whole charade as a martial arts competition and CANNOT fight without being controlled by anger and hatred, please do yourself a favor and stay out of the frontlines

          LMAO you are a walking casualty, you are no warrior.

          Can’t even understand that you cannot fight properly while being angry. SMH

          You are better than this bruh

        2. EDGE

          and this comment of yours just made it more apparent you aren’t fit to join this spiritual war dude

          If you can’t even use your sword to your enemies AND leave hatred and any negative emotional and mental baggage aside, you might as well use that sword on yourself due to how stupid and predictable you will fight

          You are only jeopardizing yourself while fighting these types of enemies that BECOMES STRONGER AND FEEDS on negative emotions and thoughts directed at them, instead of just vanquishing them in a serene, surgical manner without fighting like an angry, uncivilized ape

          But here you are, expressing your ignorance on how this spiritual war is fought

          And what? You thought being “kind” to your enemies means letting your guard down and NOT even attempting to defend yourself and stop THEM from committing more atrocities by vanquishing them?

          Get a grip dude, you’re seething too much and tunnel-visioning to fighr properly.

          For your sake, please, don’t participate in this spiritual war until you do Shadow Work for yourself and actually understand how this Spiritual War is fought.

          Your hatred and negative emotional and mental baggage only serves to empower the enemy that FEEDS on it, you’re not helping to be frank kekmao

          1. khann61

            Okay Broski, I’ve learned my lesson. You’ve taken me to school Broheim. I defer to you and everything you say. You are an awesome bro-light-warrior.

            Maybe I made a typo and forgot to say not, doesn’t matter you have defeated me with your sheer number of words.

            Rock on G.I Bro. You are one bad ass.