Leftists Attack Musk As ‘FAR RIGHT’ For Promising Better Protection On Twitter For Kids Against Pedophiles

Leftists on Twitter expressed anger at Elon Musk and accused him of “amplifying harmful far right voices” after the new owner promised to take action to better protect children on the platform against sexual predators.

Yes, really.

Cracking down on pedos is apparently a bad thing.

Musk made the comment after the French President Emmanuel Macron tweeted, in English, that “We need to better protect our children on social networks and the Internet!”

Macron followed up the initial tweet with a second more detailed post:

Macron then noted that other social media and tech platforms have signed up to a French led scheme titled the Children Online Protection Lab.

The French premier then directly tagged Elon Musk to ask him if Twitter will “protect our children”:

Journalist Ian Miles Cheong then chimed in to suggest that Twitter should expand its Child sexual exploitation unit, and Musk vowed to “take action”

Some leftists were appalled that Musk would even respond to Miles Cheong, because they disagree with some of his political opinions.

Of course, this makes him and Musk by extension ‘far right’:

We have previously covered the disturbing movement on the left to tolerate pedophilia and categorise it as some sort of sexual identity along with the likes of ‘queer,’ ‘pansexual’ and ‘intersex’.

Before Musk was in charge of Twitter, the platform’s moderation team seemed intent on locking the accounts of those who suggested pedophilia is bad.

As we highlighted earlier this week, Musk has received vitriol on Twitter from leftists who are angry that fact checks are now being applied to the likes of Joe Biden and The White House’s accounts.

Musk has also triggered many on the left for introducing a subscription fee for verification, and vowing to more strictly enforce existing rules on impersonation and intent to deceive on the platform.

**By Steve Watson