Operations In Jordan Part 2

On the way to the Dead Sea, Lightwarriors stopped in Bethany (or Al-Magtas in Arabic), where Co-Creators assigned them to carry out two important operations.

Bethany beyond the Jordan (this is full name of the place) is sacred for all Christians. John the Baptist lived here, Jesus Christ was baptized and Elijah the Prophet ascended.

The first thing that Lightwarriors saw when they approached this deserted place was a cruciform pool that served as a baptistery.

It’s the only one in the world in which the flowing water of the Jordan River was used for the ceremony.

Staying by it, the group felt so strong Love flow that their breath was interrupted and tears flowed from the eyes by themselves.

There was the power energy channel from the Pleroma.

Through it, Co-Creators clarified what the team had to do, and revealed some details of the events here 2000 years ago.

At the moment when Jesus entered the baptistery, a direct Ray was projected onto Him from the Pleroma, via which He received part of the Heart-Monadic aspect of His Father. Another part was shared by John the Baptist, who was also its bearer from birth. According to the incarnation terms, Christ could receive these aspects only during baptism on Earth for fulfilling his Mission.

Why Christ was baptized in Bethany, and why did Elijah the Prophet ascended there?

By his lifting up, Elijah created the first Ascension Portal in the history of mankind – a direct channel of Earth to the Highest Eons of the Pleroma. Thanks to this, our planet, nearly killed, then, by parasitic races, was saved. The channel served as an anchor chain and a conduit through which, from the Local Universe to Earth, the extremely necessary Life Energy came. And Christ, at his baptism and subsequent Ascension, strengthened that vehicle.

Using this energy channel, at the request of Pleroma’s Hierarchs, Lightwarriors delivered to them previously discovered new Matrices with aspects of the former Black Co-Creator and Yaltabaoth, with which they hoped to be reborn, if necessary.

Then, via the same Portal, one of the Lightwarrioress, by her Monadic and Causal Radiant body, anchored in Bethany the energies of Amrita, the Goddess of Life. It was a very complex operation that requires, for a short time, full dissolution into each other on the Subtle plane.

The last work of the group on this day was the creation of an additional Ascension channel on the basis of the Portal, operating in this place. Through it, a vibrational boost of the Earth’s Logos frequency will be carried out through the channel to accelerate the Transition to 5D.

Leaving Bethany, Lightwarriors saw a double rainbow shine right above the places of their operations, among the dark clouds. It stroke a deep chords in their heart.

Coordinates of the ops’ points’ at the place of the baptism of Jesus Christ: 31° 50′ 230″ N, 35° 33′ 016″ E, altitude minus 396 m above sea level. At the place of the Elijah the Prophet’s Ascension: 31° 50′ 305″ N, 35° 34′ 015″ E, altitude minus 333 m above sea level.

The site of the next operations was a small village, located among gardens on the northern shore of the Dead Sea, a few kilometers from Bethany.

After the group checked in the Movenpick Dead Sea Hotel, Co-Creators got in touch with them again. They gave a new task and opened up the location of the op.

On the Subtle Plane, the Dead Sea is a huge and deep wound on the body of the planet. It was inflicted a very long time ago, when Archons tried to carry out the sacrifice of Earth. During the ritual, they were going to tear out its Heart (Crystal) and give it to Black Co-Creator. His son Yaltabaoth supervised the op on the spot.

Executing their plan, they delivered a monstrous energy strike from space. Like a giant sharp scalpel, it cut through the body of the planet and the slash entered almost to the core.

At the very last moment, the Absolute intervened, and prevented them from getting to the Crystal. The Earth’s sacrifice was thwarted, but Archons made such attempts repeatedly. They considered it a matter of honor and stopped at nothing, but failed every time.

Their obsession is easily explained: the Earth’s Crystal contained a particle of Pleroma, Perfect Light and Power of the Absolute. They wanted to take possession of it at all costs to increase their power and gain invulnerability.

On this place, Co-Creators built a Portal of Perfect Light. By the energy, directed through it, they treated Earth for a long time, but until now the wound remained open, constantly festering.

This gigantic and deep slash on the body of the Earth continues to increase on the physical plane. A colossal tectonic fault in the crust is growing by about 1 mm per year. And the Dead Sea itself is drying up, and in the near future it may simply not become.

Also, at the bottom of the Dead Sea, in the northern part where its depth is maximum, there are the ruins of infamous Sodom and Gomorrah. On them, Black Co-Creator tested ways to destroy humanity.

For years, his Archons zombified inhabitants of these cities, imposing on them a craving for vices, sins and all kinds of sexual perversions. The fallen Co-Creator personally initiated it on a massive scale.

On a Subtle Plane, these programs have entered the information field, and today they remain active. Sexual perversions remain one of the most monstrous crimes against the Creator, because they destroy Absolute’s Primary Feminine and Masculine Foundations, violating the harmony of the entire Universe.

In Sodom and Gomorrah, the situation reached such an extreme that Black Co-Creator, who launched this experiment, was himself in deep shock at what a Man could turn into. By lowering a Divine Creation below the animal, Hierarch achieved his goals. He saw that humanity could be destroyed very simply – by men’s own hands, sins and vices.

During his Earthly feat, Jesus Christ tried to purify the Earth’s Subtle Plane from the karma of these cities. During his crucifixion, He drew it into self along with the entire karmic field of humanity, but didn’t have time to annihilate. The spear of the Roman centurion Longinus pierced his Heart to save him from torment.

Many saints and prophets have continued the cleansing from karma the planetary field. Lightwarriors also made their modest but important contribution in the Dead Sea.

Studying it by clairvoyance, they discovered a strange phenomenon. On the one hand, salts and minerals dissolved in water, together with the climate, have a beneficial effect, curing many diseases. On the other hand, destructive energy is constantly coming from the bottom, crippling and zombifying the mental body of people.

One healed, and the other mangled up. Physics and energy were unique, but on the mental plane it was a catastrophe. Co-Creators tasked the team to find a destructive source and annihilate it.

The search took several days. Lightwarriors carefully and unsuccessfully scanned the entire bottom, meter by meter. Finally, luck smiled on them. On the Subtle Plane, in the deepest part of the Dead Sea, they found what they were looking for.

The source of the negative radiation was located in another layer of the mental field and worked at the frequencies of the human brain. The spotting was complicated because this zombie device self-activated only at night. It didn’t work during the day and was undetectable. To reach emitter, and during the day, an unpleasant incident “helped”.

At first, Lightwarriors did not feel the effects of this sending transducer. Broad day they felt normal, and after dark they slept well without fear of anything. But the mechanism switched on exactly at these hours, and irradiated everyone, transmitting to the brain destructive programs and codes, and thought forms of self-destruction.

One fine morning, this infernal mixture exploded. For no reason, Lightwarrioress, mentioned above, threw a terrible tantrum to the whole team, accusing them of all mortal sins. As they say, on level ground…

The group was flabbergasted, not knowing what to do. The situation was saved by the team leader. He immediately understood the reasons and, as in Aikido, took advantage of this destructive energy wave.

Its traces have been preserved on a Subtle Plane. After following them, Lightwarrior quickly detected the exact location of the source. He immediately reported this to others, including the culprit of the incident. She had already regained consciousness and could not figure out what had happened to her.

Additional scanning confirmed that there is a huge infrastructure in the mental layer at the bottom of the sea, a Portal about which even Co-Creators didn’t know much. Moreover, it was linked to the Earth’s information field, into which periodically loaded destructive software, codes of evil, violence, aggression, perversions, etc.

For a long time, it was not possible to eliminate the Portal, as no one knew exactly where it was and what it was. To seek it was so dangerous that the Higher Light Hierarchy was forced to accept the state of things, allowing only a partial blocking of the Portal’s waves at the exit. The ultra-high salinity of the Dead Sea served as an insulator, minimizing the output of destructive energy and information.

Having sorted everything out, after consulting with Co-Creators, Lightwarriors began to develop an action plan. Another help for them was a huge sarcophagus on a Subtle Plane, which, in the past, the Hierarchs covered the Dead Sea around the perimeter. This blocked the spread of destructive energy information horizontally.

But the biggest sensation was another discovery of Lightwarriors at the bottom of the sea. It was a Thin-material container with a backup copy of the Black Co-Creator’s Monad. And though he had long passed to the Light Side and returned to the Pleroma, his former aspect remained like a time bomb on the Causal Plane in the depths of the sea.

Since no one knew how and when this “time bomb” may bring any unhappy end, it was decided to proceed immediately to its destruction with all underwater infrastructures.

The first attempt of annihilation by the Perfect Light failed. The Causal-Monadic substance of the backup copy was so heavy-duty that nothing worked.

Nevertheless, the bombing of it by Perfect Light continued, but the maximum that it brought was a small piece, splatted off from the outer energy shell of the capsule. But it was impossible to get to the core. And it wasn’t surprising: the container was made by Black Co-Creator who knew well how to use the Pleroma’s constructional material.

Then, it was decided to go to extreme measures: to create a “superbomb”, structurally representing a copy of the Pleroma’s core. Since the backup container was made of the same substance, Higher Light Hierarchs chose the option of destroying like with like.

For several days, they pumped this Pleromic “bomb” with Perfect Light to an ultra-dense concentration, almost to the energy of the Absolute.

Lightwarriors were also involved. Then, when the bomb was almost ready, it was placed in their Radiant-Monadic Bodies. There, they additionally pumped it with Pleroma’s radiation.

The group endured this process hard. The physical body and nervous system could barely withstand prolonged contact with super-energies, and literally melted from overloads.

At last, the finale came. To complete the op, Lightwarriors, led by Co-Creators, went to sea to carry out the necessary actions. Taking a position exactly above the target, they jointly dropped a “super-bomb” on it. A blinding flash flared up on the Subtle Plane, as explosion of billions of nuclear bombs. The Monad, along with all destructive infrastructure, was completely annihilated.

The exact coordinates of the place of operation: 31° 42′ 998″ N, 35° 34′ 993″ E, altitude minus 426 meters above sea level.

The next day, to restore space and a Subtle Plan over the Dead Sea, in place of the blast, Lightwarriors installed the Highest Causal Matrix of Perfect Light, and, at the request of the Pleiadians, – the Causal Matrix of the Alcyone’s Logos (Alpha Pleiades).

In parallel, the group introduced aspects of the Solar Logos into the Dead Sea. This part of the op Lightwarriors carried out, being opposite Jericho, what was very symbolic.

Once, the Jericho Trumpets helped Joshua’s army destroy this impregnable fortress, surrounded by high double walls. Its ruins still lie at the western tip of this ancient Biblical city.

Millennia later, by the combined efforts of Co-Creators, Higher Light Hierarchy and its ground team, the impregnable infrastructure of the Dark Forces in the same region was destroyed. Now, the Dead Sea and its entire complex is a unique combination of the harmonizing energies of the Pleiades, the Sun and Perfect Light.

**By Lev


2 Replies to “Operations In Jordan Part 2”

  1. Kelly

    I have long felt that ancient destruction took place which created the Dead Sea.

    Lev reported: “For years, his Archons zombified inhabitants of these cities, imposing on them a craving for vices, sins and all kinds of sexual perversions. The fallen Co-Creator personally initiated it on a massive scale.”

    This reminds me of modern attempts of mind control as well as the purposeful alteration of DNA with harmful vaccines, pharmaceuticals, giving harmones of the opposite gender to babies, transgender surgeries, etc.

    The work which Lev reports is filled with blessings to us all. How marvelous that all this is being cleared to make way for 5D!

    My heart is filled with gratitude for the whole team… definitely to Co-Creators and Pleiadian assistors.

  2. Kelly

    Lev reported: “For years, his Archons zombified inhabitants of these cities, imposing on them a craving for vices, sins and all kinds of sexual perversions. The fallen Co-Creator personally initiated it on a massive scale.”