Sixth Consecutive Night of UFO Sightings in the Skies of Rio Grande do Sul, Now in São Leopoldo

Residents of São Leopoldo, in the greater Porto Alegre area, have recorded three mysterious lights moving in the sky: ‘Surreal’. A couple living in the city spotted an unidentified flying object [UFO] in the same week that pilots report sightings of several lights of unknown origin during flights bound for Porto Alegre on five consecutive nights.

Sixth Consecutive Night of UFO Sightings in the Skies of RS, now in São Leopoldo

An unidentified flying object (UFO) aroused a mixture of fear and curiosity in a couple from São Leopoldo. Sales promoter Andrea Lisiane Loh, 40, and her husband recorded a video, last Tuesday night (8), showing mysterious lights moving in the sky. Astonished by the recorded scene, she decided to contact the report and send the recording (see video below).

The UFO sighting was made around 11:45 pm, when Andrea decided to close the garage door of the couple’s house, in the Chácara dos Leões subdivision, in the Santos Dumont neighborhood:

“I stopped to watch the moon, because I love to watch the moon. I noticed a different light. I even thought it was a star, but then I noticed that the light was moving and changing color. I caught my husband’s attention and we started recording with our cell phones,” she describes.

The leopold says she observed three lights, but recorded only one, “the one that was [apparently] closest.” For her, the experience was “surreal.” “I felt strange, I can’t explain what I was seeing. We called a sister-in-law of mine who lives near here, and she also saw the lights in the sky,” she reports. “I confess that if other people in the family hadn’t seen them, I would have thought I was going crazy.”

Andrea says her youngest daughter, who is 5 years old, didn’t sleep at all: “She was scared, thinking… She asked if they were aliens. I confess that I don’t even want to look at the sky today, but I think it would be too much of a coincidence for them to appear [the lights] again. It’s curious. They stayed there, moving, and suddenly they disappeared.

Lights in the skies of RS for the 6th consecutive day

In recent days, pilots from different airlines have reported the sighting of lights of unknown origin during flights bound for Porto Alegre. On Wednesday (9), the phenomenon was observed for the sixth consecutive day.

The reports were made between 10:52 pm and 11:51 pm. Authorities have not yet been able to determine the origin of the lights. According to the ufologist and host of the History Channel’s Inexplicable program, Rafael Amorim, crews of 18 aircraft say they have seen mysterious lights in the sky of the capital since last Friday (4). The researcher does not rule out that this number may have increased.

On the night of November 6, a UFO was filmed in the rural area south of Porto Alegre:

One suspicion, risks Amorim, is that these are apparitions related to “Starlink satellites,” Elon Musk’s in-space telecommunications project. The “satellite train” that was launched by the SpaceX company aroused much curiosity in 2020, at which time “many people reported seeing unidentified flying objects.

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