From 3D To 4D And 5D: Speeding Up Part 2

Our consciousness is run not by the events themselves, but by how they are presented. It often develops by media, sites, bloggers, opinion leaders, etc., who share their “important” point of view.

Each of us who feels sorry for selves or our loved ones in what is happening and wants “world peace” is also vulnerable, as is anyone who attacks Reptilians, Dracos, Nazis, Xi, Biden, Trump, Macron, Putin and so on.

Any attack, rescue and self-pity or for others is a triangle. If we have detected in selves at least one trait, that’s it, consider that we are trapped.

The 3D world is only a testing site for working out our fears and negative programs. At any moment we can change our reactions to events and their moppet shows, and then they will simply bypass us. Or even if they do not bypass, they will occur with minimal impact on us.

Today, it is very important for all of us to stop running away from reality, feeling sorry for ourselves and others, complaining about the authorities or “enemies”. It doesn’t make any sense.

Now it is important to filter our social networks from those who whine, complain, fear, attack, and regret. These are very low vibrations.

If we are calm now or even feel positive about what is happening, then, EVERYTHING IS FINE WITH US! The old “laws” of 3D logic no longer work. We are moving into 4D/5D, where only our thinking will create reality. Even staying in 3D, as we will think, it will happen.

We were already afraid enough, saved enough, and were aggressive enough. It has been going on for the last thousand years. We can see what this has led to. Now it’s important for us to learn how to react differently, and the reality will be different. Only our neutrality and positivity are most needed by the planet right now.

It is according to these states that the 4th Universe is carrying out a sweep. If we are already in 4D or 5D, we can be congratulated: we made the Transition. If not yet, we must continue to work on ourselves, we all have a chance.

When we change our attitude to what is happening, then reality automatically changes, or we will be calmer and easier to live through all the events. The 3D System will simply not be able to hook us anymore – neither with fear, nor with pity, nor with hatred and aggression.

Those who think they will avoid the sifting are mistaken. There will be something else besides viru$, war and cataclysms. We can’t run away from ourselves…

Not only Earth, but the entire Local Universe is moving to a new level, with all its fractals, worlds and dimensions. It is ONE LIVING CELL.

Several great cycles have ended at once – of the Local Universe, the Galaxy, the Solar System and Earth. There is a general cleaning and tidying up everywhere. Therefore, all the spiders with their webs are being removed from our house; many Souls have fallen into their nets.

All aggressive four-legged animals and insects are removed. Toxic and parasitic bipedal predators that feed on our blood, energy, and meat are being erased. There are still a lot of them. Our Souls are taken out if they have greatly degraded and lost the Source’s Spark. Many possessed are also expelled from planet.

During the cleaning, remain only those who can and ready to develop further. Who disconnected from 3D Matrix programs and switched to their own resources, and took responsibility for their lives and upgrading into their hands. Who got rid from egoism, an instrument of separation, and began to restore the integrity first in selves – Spirit-Soul-Consciousness. Who serves for the others’ good.

Our awakening is going very hard. The separation of Light and Darkness on the Subtle Plane continues in the physical world, among people who consciously and unconsciously chose one or another pole. Each wavering Soul is brought every minute to the point of final choice so that it can continue the Transition or stay in 3D. All methods and scenarios are used for it.

These are tests of intelligence, humanity, and consciousness, the selection of living grains of Spirit from dead chaff. This is how the prep of the 4th Universe and its inhabitants is underway.

The deeper we dive into ourselves, the more we look from a height. It means that we cover more levels with our vision, and can keep more dimensions in the field of our attention. Our horizons become much wider. Those, who have chosen a habitual life, see less, but argue more and condemn fiercely than anyone.

We can be tempted by knowledge, spirituality, and development… We need to work on and constantly scan self, and highlight the remaining splinters of selfishness and inner slavery. Not to bite the bait of the 3D System.

This System has outlived itself, is collapsing, and it’s time to understand that we can die under the rubble. Therefore, we are pushed under the ass, pressed and shaken by Solar storms, so that we wake up, at last.

Many of us still think that nothing depends on them. But, it was they who gave selves such a status – of a slave. This is their free choice. It means that in this person left only the inner chaos, stagnation, submission and apathy.

Everyone has their own reality. We should keep our spaces clean so that everything in them is harmonious, since we have taken responsibility. This is the best protection against parasites.

It is cleaned where there is a lot of toxicity. Many people are internally and externally deeply involved in wars – media, political, economic and territorial. All their attention is in the negativity, and who will keep their spaces clean? There are no accidents in war. It’s not random Souls that are attracted to such events and scenarios.

Earth is also experiencing extreme pain, as we are. Gaia is tired. She is as alive as we are, and shakes off parasites without pity. And others are shaken so that they woke up and joined her in the Transition to 5D.

Before our eyes, the world has completely changed. Its principles, laws, techniques, practices, information and everything acquired – neither bad nor good, simply doesn’t exist. Not anymore.

Everything that we knew, what we relied on, what we used, should be left in the past. Some of us get scared from these words, someone is at a loss, someone is interested, and easily and freely goes further, unburdened by the lived experience.

We are all closely connected not only with each other, but also with the planet, and it depends on us how fast and harmonious the Transition will be. Due to our extremely strong dragging, Co-Creators are forced to constantly adjust the scenario. Operations on the physical and Subtle Plane do not stop. Many changes have been made in advance, reducing pressures, and write-off of karmic debts… So much has been done and is doing, if we could unlive our past.

Many live by inertia. Even if it seems that it is not us, most likely we are also in on them, too. We still hold onto the past in various forms: traditions, omens, “they do this, they don’t do that”…

Strange attitudes for incomprehensible reasons are thoughtlessly copied by generations, digging into the bygone times, blaming moms and dads and others, picking past lives, shaking the family in attempts to improve something in the present, arrange a personal life, and unknown for what. Just because there is one, and we absolutely need it.

If we hold on to some rules and canons, follow established traditions, signs, beliefs and rituals, are fixated on our past grievances /reactions /experiences, live in a narrowly limited framework, we can be congratulated: we are deep in a mess as the world around us.

Of course, there is an inalienable freedom of will and choice, to receive any experience that we need, not lived and not fully assimilated. But let’s be clear. This planet is undergoing changes. The conditions on it have changed dramatically, irrevocably and are no longer suitable for passing through many variants of our Earthly experience.

If we didn’t have enough lessons of the past, in third dimension, we have not learned and are not sated with life in 3D laws and world order, we will go through it again in other places. Here, there are no more suitable conditions for that. The choice is ours.

The opportunities of the new world have become larger, and everything has become much easier to work with. It’s enough to start acting the way we want.

That’s it? Is it that simple? And where are the piles of difficulties that we are so used to? We have so many problems…

Forget about our problems, which we have been so carefully cherished, how to live properly, and what everyone will think about it. The transformation of any programs takes place by changing us, here and now, and not by digging up the past.

We no longer choose weak-willed parasites, psychopaths, alcoholics and drug addicts to be with. We don’t think we should live by someone else’s rules. We do not prefer suffering, but finally listen to ourselves and do what brings us joy, happiness, love, what fills us, what is interesting and pleasant to us, despite what others think and how they react to it.

It is their right to think and react. It is not for us to deprive them of this right. It is not for us to be responsible for their choice. We choose and build everything now. THIS is our responsibility, our creation, and we should think about IT, and not about the opinions of others on this score.

Awareness, choice, creation is what transforms us, the world around us and everything that was behind us, whether we know about it or not. This life and the past, all our genealogy, failures and everything that we learned about ourselves and hangs on us as heavy burden, is changing in the present.

It is not necessary to know about this for our transformation here and now. Responsibility for our life is now only ours. No one and nothing dominates or influences us anymore. Be aware of this.

Our passed away relatives are Souls who have been living somewhere for a long time, going through their experience and have no influence on us anymore.

When we communicate ostensibly with them, in fact, most of us get into the lower astral, and its inhabitants were waiting for us there. Thus, we weaken our field, do not allow ourselves to transform, and even feed this structure, forcibly maintaining it here, dragging it along, poisoning the new world, bringing dissonance, chaos and erosion in it.

Imagine that we have just been born. We don’t know anyone or anything about ourselves. We have no problems, no setups of how to do and not do, information about our genealogy, our screw-ups, debts, and problems – there are none, there is nothing.

Start living like this. Clean, empty, and free from any info, that we previously dominated us. We wanted to be free and get rid of problems. We were given this unique opportunity.

Forget about everything. Begin showing ourselves as we have not known yet, listening to selves, not relying on anything else but selves. Now is the ideal time to sweep all detritus aside and kick off our new life.

**By Lev