Sananda: Do Not Become Disheartened by the Illusion Playing Itself Out

I am Sananda. I come to be with you at this time to continue to give you hope. To continue to provide further understandings of all that is happening in your lives, and all of the lives of the collective consciousness of man throughout the planet. For this is that time that you have heard about for so long now, that has been predicted for so long, the Great Changeover that is in process now.

Do not become disheartened by things that you are seeing within the illusion. Because as you have heard many times, it is simply that: it is an illusion. It is a show, a movie, that is playing out, if you see it that way.

And if you see it that way, you can continue to go on with your lives, not being held down in the quagmire, in the muck, of the third-dimensional illusionary expression. For you are beyond that now.

We have told you, you are no longer in the third-dimensional expression, except when you let yourselves be there. You let yourselves become disheartened. And you let yourself become discouraged, disillusioned.

But when you find yourself in the fourth dimension, and even fifth dimension, then all that is happening external to you has very little meaning to you in your life. That is where you need to continue to be: in the higher expression of the fourth and fifth dimensions.

And when you can be in that fifth-dimensional expression, you feel the bliss. You feel the letting go process where you can literally go with the flow, as you have heard many times. Just go with the flow of creation, of life, of love. Just go with it.

And If you do that, when you do that, you will continue to find yourselves flying high, soaring into the heavens with your own being. Because you will no longer be held back. Held back by the hatred, held back by the old programming of fear, of jealousy, and all of the other various emotions that can beseech you in the third-dimensional illusionary expression. That is not where you want to be now.

Of course, certain moments of your life, the old programming will come up. And when it comes up, become aware of it, as just that: memories holding programming that continues to move you in certain directions, continues to move your ego to assert itself. Because it can still continue to maintain control.

But as you know, you are taking control of your ego more and more. And when you do that, your ego will step aside, and will let the higher levels of yourself come forward. That is where you are all headed now, all working toward. All being trained to be ready to accept the changes within yourself.

And there are many, many changes that are happening within all of you now.

Yes, there are changes outside of yourself in the external world, certainly, but there are so many changes that are happening within you, within your DNA processes, with your DNA reconnecting to bring about much more change within you. And in doing so, without you even knowing it most of the time. But there are those moments, whether in your dream state or your waking state, that you become aware, more fully aware that you are so much more than just this physical body, this consciousness within a physical body. Because it is your consciousness first, and then your physical form.

Continue now, each and every day, moving forward now, even each and every moment, moving forward with your various thought processes. Keep thinking in positive fashion, knowing that everything is indeed working out for the greater good of all of the collective consciousness of man.

And as everything continues on, you are going to find what we have said many times, nothing can stop what is coming. You will fully learn the full ramifications of that, and why we have been saying this. Why you have been hearing it from so many different sources. Because, my brothers and sisters, now indeed is the time to be ready for it.

I am Sananda, and I leave you now in peace, and love, and oneness. That you would continue to fully more and more realize who you are, what you are here for, and how you can continue to move everything forward in a positive fashion.

**Channel: James McConnell

**Source 1 2

8 Replies to “Sananda: Do Not Become Disheartened by the Illusion Playing Itself Out”

  1. Chickenlegs

    There is another Sananda around talking about the Earth axis major tilt and the need to be ready to be teleported up at short notice. Will the real Sananda please clarify!

    1. Emma

      It is for you to discern.
      If a message creates fear in you, it is for sure not Sananda / Jesus.
      Divine messages are pure love, and they dont want anything from us, and they dont command anything from us.

  2. Holistic

    How do we deal with the actions of trying to punish the culprits of the chaos? Does this not keep us in the lower third dimension?

    1. Adrienne Smith

      I will tell you how we must strive to deal with those psychopaths who are planning utter dystopia for humanity.
      We must witness the upcoming arrests, incarcerations and deaths WITHOUT MALICE. That is all.

      We understand that as a collective, we are dreaming up this impossible separation together and that the evil ones personify our own hidden darkness.
      We see them as actors on a stage, just like us, except they are playing the villains. Remember: a more enlightened society COULD NOT manifest such darkness as this.

      AND, if we can rise above the battleground, we can even see how they have assisted us in our own spiritual growth and human evolution.

      Please do not mistake what I am saying.
      These people need to be taken out of society!
      They need to be stripped of their power & locked up.
      Perhaps they even need to be executed.
      I am not a proponent of capital punishment, but these are extreme cases, so I leave it to the good and noble White Hats to handle it as they see fit.

      Again, our part is to watch it all go down without adding our hatred, but with profound gratitude that these people are then given to God. This is not a 3-D approach.

  3. Denise G

    All I know is that today I turn 54 years old and THIS is the most AMAZING time of my life!!! I Am happy and LAUGHING every single DAY which is miraculous when you consider the last two decades of my life honestly, it was literally the complete OPPOSITE of that, so yeah most amazing time of my 54 years!
    It was 2 years ago to the DAY that I became “Consciously Awake” after releasing my last long held deepest fear, Death.
    My I Am in All of wonderful and quite genius wisdom had created a game on the first Final Destination DVD many years ago, The Death Clock.
    It was a simple algorithm really, it asked set questions in relation to all areas of life, diet, health, smoking, hobbies, that kinda thing, nothing specific, anyway, the entire family of course HAD to play it.
    Depending upon your answer it would generate a future date of your “death”, month, day, and year. You could actually change the date by changing your answers, at least for everyone ELSE you could!😂
    When it came to ME? No matter HOW I changed my answer the Month and DAY were ALWAYS the exact same, the ONLY thing that would change would be the YEAR.
    November 18, ????
    Now uou have to understand that there’s was NO kind of identifiable information given, just the same questions for everyone who played and for everyone ELSE Month day and year would be completely different each time, but never for me.
    Needless to say that freaked me out and it stuck with me, ESPECIALLY on my BIRTHDAY, today, November 18!!!😂🤣😂
    Long story shorter, I Am “triggered” it 2 years ago, the day BEFORE my Bday I ended up in a lockdown psych ward convinced I was going to burned to death on my bday the next day, I had released All other fears except that one.
    When I woke up ON my birthday the next day I suddenly “knew” it wasn’t my DEATH it had been warning of but my Awakening. You see She had ALSO been been hitting me up with 11:18 on the clock twice a day for months before.
    Sneaky I Am!😂
    Anyway, most amazing birthday EVER today!
    Love and Light to All
    Denise G

    1. Denise G

      I realized how poorly I worded that!!! 😂
      My I Am did NOT “create” the Game of the Death Clock, it came on the DVD Bonus section, I meant She created the perfect “trigger” for me
      I had begun getting the 11:18 message a decade ago but the last 5 years it started increasing in intensity until I could no longer explain away how often I was seeing it DAILY.
      She laid All of the synchronicities throughout my life but THAT one was genius no matter how you look at it!😂

  4. khann61

    I resonate with this message. And as Roy Potter on YouTube says “Prep, pray and stay out of the way”