The Hathors: The Light Grid is Lighting Up

We are here to celebrate and acknowledge you for your conscious and energetic work. We would like to address the upcoming events taking place around your planet and taking place in the consciousness of humanity.

There is a wave, an energy wave, a frequency wave that is building as more humans realize that their thoughts and feelings are shifting the current environment.

It is especially important they are realizing that their combined focus and intention is truly drawing out a new reality and unfolding. You are entering the stage of global awakening and it is rippling out touching others. Humanity is close to the edge of change. The paradox of this planet must be held in a neutral awareness while expanding into all possibilities.

This is the time; this is the shift. The matrix, the grid is lighting up becoming energized in a new form. It started one conscious awakening at a time. These are gathering, coming together, holding a pattern for upliftment, and awakening. You are the stewards of change.

The energy of change is sweeping the planet in a fresh vibration and a high frequency. The gatherings are becoming large in number; the hearts and minds of many are joining, knowing their power and knowing their intent for good. You are realizing that you are manifesting and working with energy. We applaud you, we support you and we join you in your purpose.

We would like to offer perhaps a new point of view here. Consider for a moment that twenty percent of your reality is physical and eighty percent is pure energy. Most humans dwell in the twenty percent which seems to require most of your attention. Yet you create the physical reality from the eighty percent of your pure energy as a divine being. Everything on your planet has been created from this field of pure energy, the quantum field.

This field of pure creative energy responds to your vibrations, words, emotions. It is always reflecting what you are offering or projecting. Most humans project into this field of energy from their limited patterns and beliefs. Most humans use their divine creative ability upside down and backwards. They focus on what they do not want, what do not like, what they do not have and they just create more of the same, from that limited awareness. It is important for you to be the energy of what you want to attract.

The human appears solid. However, as we have said before, to us you are waves of energy and light. These waves of energy and light are always intermingling and intersecting. This is not something that is visible to most humans. These waves of energy and light carry information and carry emotional frequency. We call this your energy signature.

When two people meet they might appear to be speaking about the weather, however on the subtle energetic levels there is an enormous exchange of information and the flavor and frequency of emotions. This exchange happens with everyone. Imagine that the conversation is complete and the two people continue on their way, each one now has a touch of the others energy signature, the other’s emotional state.

It will depend on the closeness of the contact, the length of the contact and the personal connection with the other human, as to how strong the energy and emotional exchange will be. These factors contribute to how mild or intense the impact or influence the other’s energy and emotional field will affect the other.

There are many things to consider here, as we are stepping into a large piece of information regarding how humans really relate and share who they are.

Let us give you a simple example; imagine that you have an emotional issue of rejection. This is something from childhood and you have personally worked on this issue and feel that you have emotionally cleared this energy signature from your field. You have done a great job, however there is just a small tinge of this pattern still within your energy matrix. You connect and spend time with another and they happen to have a large energy charge they carry about being rejected. Guess what gets triggered in your own field, that small remaining tinge of your own personal sense of rejection.

You leave the encounter slightly off balance, slightly affected by the now activated tinge of rejection. This can and will affect your emotional state of mind to the degree of your own personal unfinished emotional work.

These emotional exchanges occur with everyone you meet and encounter. Different emotions, memories, beliefs and behavior patterns are activated by others who carry a similar frequency or vibration in their energy signature or energy matrix.

This is why when you meet an angry person you usually respond with anger. When you meet a happy, joyful person you are uplifted, when the exchange triggers your fear about something you walk away from the encounter feeling your personal fears.

This is all occurring on the subtle unspoken and unseen energy/emotional exchange.

Everyone is sensitive to these exchanges however over time humans have learned to shut down their awareness of what is being triggered and activated by the other in any exchange or encounter.

When humans have shut down this guidance system, they might not even realize that an old emotional experience has been activated and is running through their system. They will leave the encounter not feeling so good. Or they will begin to think of old past memories and experiences. They rehash the old events over and over. This is an emotional and energetic loop.

This is one of the main reasons people live in the past recalling their old regrets, sorrows, fears, or embarrassments. These are constantly being activated by those they meet. This is the twenty percent of your physical reality.

The unfinished emotional energy patterns and unfinished emotional energy experiences are like red flags. They are like magnets; they attract others who carry the same unfinished emotional baggage. These recurring events often happen in families who still carry old energetic patterns; when they come together, they reactivate these old issues.

Think about depression as pressing down old emotions that you do not want to feel.

The key that moves you out of this cycle is to do your emotional and energetic housecleaning, process your own old energetic residue. There are many books, and techniques available that offer suggestions on how to accomplish and clear your energy matrix and emotional memories.

Remember that emotions are energy in motion.

You can go back to the painful memory and allow yourself to truly feel the pain without repression. Express the emotion with sound or movement or whatever will shift the stale emotions. You can make it your intention to forgive yourself and others. This is your main work to accomplish, to get clear, to get emotionally clear, to transform your energy field and signature.

Another important part of the emotional exchange between humans is to make sure that your own energy field is clear and also that you are vibrating at a high pure frequency that is created by your joy, gratitude and appreciation. These emotions become your energy reflector of the lower and denser emotional vibrations of rejection, fear, sorrow, and anger.

If your energy matrix carries a strong vibration, it will not be influenced by the other’s energy matrix in any encounter. The goal is to practice radiating the purest frequency of gratitude and appreciation. If you notice that some old emotional experience has been activated by another, do your work, transform the stale energy and emotional pattern while it is in your consciousness.

Next time you will not be so triggered, eventually that emotional memory will be dissipated.

This is most important for all those who are awakening to their sensitivity. Clear and clean your energy field with intention, breath, sound, music, dance, and nature. The important thing to remember as humans expand into their multidimensional self, they will need to be mindful of keeping their own personal energy and emotional matrix clear, and strong.

You will need to clear and clean this matrix much like you shower the physical body in order to keep it clean. Shower your energy body with light, with intention, with love and acceptance, joy and gratitude. Practice saying to yourself, “All energy that does not belong to me I send back blessed and transformed. I call my own energy back blessed and transformed.” This will assist you in staying in your own pure conscious energy signature.

Remember that you are connected and a part of the incredible field of energy of this planet. What you do, say, think or feel is adding to the collective field of energy. Step into your power and use this awareness to truly transform all that is occurring in your life and the world around you.

Your planet is a web of energy, a field of energy connecting everyone and everything. There is always more we could share however we invite you to practice this knowledge as divine beings of energy who happen to have a physical body. Stay in the eighty percent of who you are as pure energy. Know that you are under the law of Divine Protection. the ‘team’


“We would like to offer perhaps a new point of view here. Consider for a moment that twenty percent of your reality is physical and eighty percent is pure energy. Most humans dwell in the twenty percent which seems to require most of your attention. Yet you create the physical reality from the eighty percent of your pure energy as a divine being. Everything on your planet has been created from this field of pure energy, the quantum field.” the ‘team’

**Channel: Peggy Black


2 Replies to “The Hathors: The Light Grid is Lighting Up”

  1. Denise G

    I’m actually trying to work through the aspect that there has been truth and reality in my dreams
    Years ago one of my recurring ones was that I was an Eternal Being linked to this planet that All Souls flowed through in this beautiful green flowing River that travelled through me, All Souls passed through me coming and going, for the planet to exist and the life, I had to exist.
    In the beginning the people feared and hated me, abused me but I couldn’t return their hate and anger so I was shunned by All humanity.
    After eons of this I decided to go “to ground”, I went deep into the Earth and went to “sleep”, a stasis, until the “noise” of the modern era “woke” me.
    The Alpha and the Omega has ALWAYS been another in this world of Duality and somehow I now know this “dream” is important.
    Love and Light to All
    Denise G