In my Soul Readings since last year, it is being transmitted, that the future is not predictable anymore, for souls.

So I asked why.

I am guided to share this with you for this goes very deep.

I am told that old timelines have been severed from the new. At the moment multidimensional timelines are opening simultaneously:

The 5th, the 7th, the 9th and even higher.

Every soul is unique and uniquely ascends and each uniquely goes through the transfiguration process.

All is paced, as the soul is ready to go through the various stages of transfiguration, each one according to how much they can handle. If it would happen too quickly, the physical body would simply disintegrate, as it cannot hold form in the much higher, and faster vibrational frequency bands of the 5th and higher dimensions.

Now every soul now is creating its own pace, and its own way of transfiguration, as every thought creates, every word creates, every action and non action. You literally now are in this present moment creating the future you.

Yet with multi dimensionality and multiple levels of dimensional frequency bands, your future self can at any moment choose to shift into a different gear, either choose to experience the 5th in totality or evolve and ascend even higher into the 7th etc. Have a lightbody form or transcend form.

The truth is that no one truly knows how life will manifest after 2032.

To me this is very exciting, for what this all means is that as you attain mastery, true mastery, you create as a master.

Yet the master cocreates within Divine Laws.

As One.

A true master can span dimensions, and is not bound by physicality, can bilocate, be in multi Universes at once, can teleport, can be visible and invisible.

What is indeed now opening up for us, goes beyond anything we can even imagine.

Therefore, in the here and now you are already creating the future you, in whatever form you choose to do so. And that future can change in an eyewink.

Herein lies hidden the mystery, yet also the miracle!

Let those who have eyes, see.

Let those who ears, listen.

Let those who know, know.


**By Judith Kusel